5 Definite Signs That He Wants To Sleep With You

There can be some obvious signs and some not so obvious signs that he wants to have sex. However, it is usually the latter that is the case. Why do so many guys put on a poker face? This is usually because the subject of sex is so delicate, especially if it’s a first date or if you just met the person. Only some guys are comfortable and confident enough to show another guy that, yes, they want to head to bed. Most guys, though, are just too scared. Fortunately, there are a number of invisible clues that will let you know if he wants to get it on – even if he doesn’t say anything at all.

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Here are 5 definite signs that he wants to sleep with you…

  1. Laughing at your jokes. Okay, your jokes aren’t that funny – or are they? You might think you are hilarious, but if you meet a guy and he can’t stop laughing at literally every little thing you have to say, chances are that he wants to bone. So what can you do to test out the theory? Just come up with a few lame jokes and see if he laughs uncontrollably. If he does, all you have to do is make the move.
  2. Overly touchy-feely. Does he keep reaching across the dinner table to stroke your arm or touch your face? Does he stand really close with his knees against your legs when you flirt with him? This is one of the more obvious signs that he wants to get it on. If you can’t notice that he wants to sleep with you as he gives you little back massages, caresses your arms and thighs, or stands so close that you might as well kiss, you might be completely clueless. Moreover, this is the fun part – touch him back, because he is asking for it.
  3.  Body language. There are a number of body language cues that you can look for to know whether or not he wants to have sex. For instance, lots of clenching – the best way to look for this is in his jaw when he is not talking. If he keeps biting down or flexing his jaw muscles, it means he is thinking of only one thing. Also, if you notice that his whole body is a little tighter than usual, it means that he is trying to control his body language for expressing too much. But too late – because he already has.
  4. He talks a lot about sex. And you pretty much have it in the bag if he keeps talking about the dirty deed. If you are on a date or flirting with a guy and he keeps asking you questions about sex – what you are into, what your fantasies are, what some of your wildest sex stories are – it means that he pretty much wants to bend you over right there at the table and give you another story to tell. What you should do – if you like him – is indulge him. Talking about sex can be, well, sexy. It can also make you more and more turned on – to the point where you might let him bend you over the table.
  5. You just feel it. Sometimes you just know that he wants to have sex with you. Two gay guys can share pheromones – just like any other member of weirder than weird human species. Even if he doesn’t clench up, talk about sex or show any sign that he wants to get it on, chances are that he absolutely does. So, all you have to do is test the theory by giving him a few signs – maybe he’ll be more obvious about it.

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Lastly, there are, of course, other signs – signs that are more blatant – but if you really don’t have a clue, be sure to pay closer attention and maybe even tune into a few of your psychic abilities. Chances are that you’ll be able to pick up a signal or two – now it’s just a short car or cab ride back to your bed and a hot night of passion.

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