5 Stages Of A Gay Relationship

Ah, the gay relationship – the great, gay unicorn that only prances in your life once or twice until you start thinking to yourself: “What am I doing!?” It is true, gay relationships seem ridiculous – at least when you are young and there are so many delicious options. Yet, once and a while you might meet a guy and say: “Hey, I’d like to spend everyday with this person.” When it happens, it really happens and there is no way of stopping it – kind of like a runaway train. At first a week goes by, and then a few months – and months turn into a year, and then two years, and five, and six, and so on. Sometimes it happens – sometimes – and it always seems that there are clearly defined stages of every part of the relationship, because gay couples never really expect their relationships to last – especially in the years, especially for a lifetime. But, you have to admit, it is beautiful when it does happens.

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Here are the five stages of a gay relationship…

  1. The first year of a gay relationship is like realizing you might be trapped in an elevator with a complete stranger and there is literally no way out. During the first year of the relationship you are trying to figure out how it all works out. You fuck a lot – hoping that somewhere in all the hot, passionate, sweaty sex that there will be an answer. However, after endless fucking, you find nothing – just more questions. But as this happens, you slowly start becoming a couple – a singular unit. You start finishing each other’s sentences. Like zygotes separated at inception you start to see each other in each other’s face. Then you start becoming vulnerable and showing each other everything – the bad and the good. This might just last.
  2. The second year is realizing that you’ve known the answer for months: you are in love and it’s time to make a home together. Who will wear the apron? Who cares, maybe the both of you. You become a power couple. Your shared love and income takes over. You are an unstoppable duo. Nothing is too challenging. Yet, through all this power couple shit, you start to realize that you have been fucking less and now you only “make love” once or twice a week. The honeymoon phase is over and you have no idea how long it’s been since it ended. It’s like waking up in the movie theater and realizing that everyone is gone and the credits are rolling. But just as you realize you’ve missed the ending, you don’t care, because you are happy it’s just you two alone, in the theater – just you two against the whole wide crazy world.
  3. Then the terrible third year comes along. It’s a testy one. You spend many nights on the couch looking at the dark trees swaying outside the window wondering where it all went wrong – did it go wrong? But as you realize this, you realize that maybe your relationship needs a change. Three years is a long time. Enough to grow a mustache over and over again until you realize you aren’t the mustache type. Then you realize you need to be alone for a while. You spend a few weeks apart, but then realize you were meant to be together. You realize that all you were missing is a sense of independence. The co-dependence has gotten to you and your relationship. So, you agree to get back together – only on the terms that “you can be your own people.” Sure, maybe you’ve sucked a few dicks while he was away, but his dick will always taste the sweetest.
  4. When you hit year four, five, six, seven – it’s all the same, but vastly different. You have new experiences, but you are connected with the soul at this point. Even when you are a thousand miles away, your souls are still firmly attached. You know that he will be waiting whenever you come home from work. You know that he will always be there for you. You know that you’ve been through it all. You have the perfect combination of being dependent on each other combined with being able to tell each other that you need a space. You know that when you wake up, his face will be the first thing you see and just imagining that it isn’t is enough to make you sick or cry.
  5. During year 10 and beyond – all the way up to year 20 – you have reached a sense that you have made it to the end of the universe – the very end – the unimaginably distant end of the universe. However, instead of turning back, you are happy to simply float there – holding hands in the pitch blackness of everything. You can imagine the way his lips feel even when he is not there – like feeling that wobbling feeling a few hours after you get off a boat. It’s not bliss – it’s more than bliss. It’s something experienced by only the lucky few. But you feel more than lucky – you feel a feeling that you’ve never felt before: a combination of luck and bliss.

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When it comes down to it, you’ll be lucky to find a long-term relationship – one that lasts through the ages. However, when it does come along, you might want to seize it. Maybe the key to romantic happiness is to not scoff at opportunities, but to embrace them.

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