5 Things That Give You That Morning After Yuck Feeling

Every one of us has had that moment: you peel open your eyes and look around and realize you went home with that guy the night before. You’re in a completely unfamiliar place and the room décor suggests that you are not in the same age demographic. Then, as your eyes start to get adjusted to the light, you start to feel something that is familiar: anxiety and awkwardness. As you grip your hands on the sheets and look around, you start to think of the fastest and most efficient getaway. Yet, it isn’t usually just the mere fact that you are in an unfamiliar place that it is so awkward, but a number of other factors too.

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Here are 5 things that give you that morning after yuck feeling…

  1. He lives with his parents. There is nothing worse than waking up the morning after and realizing that he lives with his parents. You don’t know it at first, because you think the posters of hot guys on the wall are just a weird gag, but then you get called out to breakfast by his mom. At first you think she is his roommate – maybe a little too old to be a roommate – but then you meet his dad, his little brother, and his grandma. All of a sudden it hits you: he still lives with his parents. Luckily he is of age, but still – what 33-year old guy lives with his parents?
  2. Ah, the mess! There is nothing worse than waking up in a messy apartment, but if you wake up with a bit of a fuzzy memory from the night before in a stranger’s apartment, the mess can be even worse. At first it’s the smell – you think a neighbor is cooking some gross food, but then you see a stack of empty plates on a desk, empty beer cans and gross, dirty underwear all over the place. You think to yourself: how could you let yourself go home with such a gross guy! How could you debase yourself! Not only that, but all those cans on the floor can make it really hard to escape.
  3. You see a wedding photo. There is no better way to get that morning after yuck feeling than seeing a photo of the guy you slept with in the embrace of his wife – in their wedding photo. You didn’t know he was married and you sure as hell hope that she isn’t home – or coming home. All you can think of is the nasty standoff that would happen if she caught you in his bed. Yet, it makes it almost worse once you find out she is away for the weekend, but you know that she will never know her husband’s dirty, little secret.
  4. Past the check out time. This is a unique situation that can happen all the time. You wake up in a guy’s hotel room, but he is nowhere to be seen and there are three maids cleaning up and hotel manager telling you to get out. This is no way to wake up in the morning. It is also the best way to get the cringing, yucky feeling that you’ve been used and abused. Plus, why didn’t you wake up earlier? Now you have to pay the overcharge bill with that Toblerone you stole from the minibar.
  5. You wake up ridiculously early. You know when you wake up super early the next morning after partying all night and you want to curse your internal clock for doing so? It can be even worse if this happens when you wake up with that guy you went home with. He is snoring, it’s still kind of dark out, and you can sort of hear those morning birds. You also know that it will be ridiculously freezing outside and your car will feel like the inside of a refrigerator. This is one of the worst feelings in the world. Yet, you can always go back to your place and get a few more hours of sleep in.

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So, there you have 5 of the most common morning after scenarios that give you that churning stomach feeling. It is not a sign that you’ve hit rock bottom, it’s a sign that you should take a better inventory of where you do your partying and exactly what your limits are. Maybe set an alarm once a while. Who knows, maybe you don’t even want to get yourself in these situations in the first place. But you know you always will, because in the end they are so much fun.

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