5 Tips On How To Be A Happy Bottom

Being a bottom can sometimes feel like you are a piece of future – a piece of furniture that continually gets pounded in the ass. After a while, this can get really tiring. While he is up there having the time of his life, you are down there like a fallen tree trunk sweating and hoping the experience ends soon. However, there are many ways to make the experience of being a bottom more exciting.

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Here are five tips on how to be a happy bottom…

1. Find a way to pleasure yourself. Being a bottom is perfect, because while his cock is in your ass, your cock is just flopping around. So, you may want to think about jacking yourself off or giving your self a little pleasure while he is doing his thing on top of you.

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2. Use a cock sleeve. There are tons of different cock sleeves and sheathes that you can use while he is fucking you from behind. You can think of it like a three-way conga line without the third person. Instead of having your cock flap around in the wind, you could be jacking yourself off with a pleasure sleeve until you cum too.

3. Switch up your positions. Most gay couples think the bottom has to be on the bottom and the top has to be on the top – that’s basic gay physics, right? Well, this is actually wrong. Just because you are a “bottom” it doesn’t mean you have to physically be on the bottom. You can actually switch into a cowboy-like position and mix it up.

4. You rule the show. Another misconception is that bottoms are the less dominant ones, but this is a big fat myth. The truth is that the bottom can speak up whenever he wants. If you are sick of him pounding away up there, you can always tell him to slow down. If you want him to speed up, just tell him so. Sometimes you just have to open your mouth and ask for what you want.

5. Use lots of lube. Lubrication is critical as a bottom. Specifically, you want to use silicone lubricant, because this will feel the best and the lubricating power will last the longest. You can think of his cock like a piston and your asshole like an engine – with a little oil, the whole system will work more efficiently.

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Lastly, the bottom is a fundamental part of the sexual equation – kind of like the common denominator. Without the bottom, the whole sexual experience wouldn’t be possible, so it’s okay to demand satisfaction. At least Mick Jagger got something right. In the end, the key to being a happy bottom is to figure out what makes you comfortable and then go for it.

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