9 Of The Coolest And The Best Gay Bars in Atlanta

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9 Of The Coolest And The Best Gay Bars in Atlanta

Hello muh ATLiens! Where you going tonight? I’m here to proved you with some wonderful suggestions for where you should shake that sweet ass tonight. Atlanta is a town that is pretty big, but the neighborhood bars seem to be the real stars. I’m going to list my top ten places and the things that make them must-see. Par-Tay On!

Below are the 9 of the coolest and one of the best gay bars in Atlanta!

1. Blake’s on the Park - Midtown (prime)

This Midtown mainstay has been around for for longer than I have, I think. It caters to young and old with a preppy yet inclusive vibe. Grab a book or a porno from one of the local bookstores and stroll Atlanta’s largest park before and make a day of it. The walls are mirrored. If you like to show off or watch the dancing beauties, this is an ideal spot. It is loud and vivacious. Drinks aren’t cheap so learn your free drink skills and put them to use. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elton John showed up.

2. The Atlanta Eagle  - Midtown

Into leather? That’s okay, I’m not either. But, I am a bit of a voyeur and it was a ton of fun to watch these guys live out their fantasies. The clientele is on the older side, think cigar daddies and leather chaps. Love those assless leather chaps. An older gay friend took me here on my twenty-first birthday just for the experience. And although I’ll probably never return, I did get the “Atlanta Initiation.” It was an unforgettable vc  experience. They pulled my pants and undies down and shaved my rear. Yep. Don’t tell them it is you’re first visit or you might get the same.

3. Friends on Ponce - Midtown

Another establishment, Friends is a dive bar that has stood the test of time. It is one of the quieter bars and has pool tables and other games. If you’re looking for a night out with friends, this is an absolutely fabulous spot. Oddly, I seem to go home with a guy or pick on up at this place nearly every time. I think it is the laid back atmosphere and cheap drinks. The bartenders here are great and if you order a liquor drink, watch yourself. They pour them very heavily.

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4. Jungle – Cheshire Bridge/ North Atlanta

Cheshire Bridge Rd. Is peppered with sex shops and seedy diners. Jungle stands out, slightly. It is a dark, loud and full of fierce dancers. If you remember that iconic gay bar scene from Teen Wolf (MTV Show), you’ll recognize this party playhouse. Shirts are off and man, the men are fine here. Expect to come out dripping with sweat as you dance into the morning hours. Their shots are fun and you’ll have the most stereotypical gay bar experience Atlanta has to offer.

5. Burkhart’s Pub – Midtown/Poncey Highlands

Okay, you need to see a drag show once in your life. This place has the best one in town. Although, I experienced a break-up here once, I still love this fun neighborhood bar. The queens are out and the pride is strong. This spot has two floors, but stays absolutely packed on the weekends.

6. Joe’s on Juniper – Midtown

This might not count as a “gay bar” per se, but they do serve drinks. It is more a restaurant the stays open really late. So grab a drink and a bite after a night out. They have trivia nights and other events like game watch parties. The service is friendly and the food is great. You might not go hunk hunting here, but it is a great place to chill with friends and get a freaking incredible sandwich.

7. Club Chaparral – Buford Highway/North Atlanta

Try something outside the bubble. I used to wait tables at a popular restaurant just north of the Fox Theatre. There was a gay busboy who was the fucking hottest guy that worked their. He was from Mexico and asked me out to a Latino Bar on a Friday night. There is both gay and straight (Mostly gay) intermingling in this mariachi fueled dance hall. Although there was a slight language barrier, I had an incredible time and enjoyed some the least expensive drinks I’ve ever got in the city. If you yearn for a different experience, go here and learn to dance to that syncopated rhythm.

8. Woofs – Buckhead

Although it is in a fancy zip code, Woofs is as laid back as they get. It is dark as night at all hours and has an inexpensive bar. Enjoy sports and buds with your boys. It is Atlanta’s only dedicated gay sports bar. With large TV’s always playing some game or match. The clients are mostly older men, but it is a very communal experience and I really enjoy that. If I don’t feel like dancing or caring about what I’m going to wear, this is a go to.

9. Mary’s – East Atlanta

I saved the best for last. Mary’s is the most fun, loudest, queerest and just all around coolest gay bar in all of Atlanta (maybe the U.S.?). I’ve never loved one bar as much as I love this one. I’ve lived in a few cities and traveled and have never found a better one. The walls are covered in vintage porn and posters. Their theme seems to be ‘I don’t give a shit.’ The bartenders are great and the back patio has picnic tables for you to chill at. The crowd is usually alternative but with a mix of young and old. There is a small bar in the attic that is the upstairs that has a bathroom with a VERY revealing door. With a small dance floor, you’re smashed against other singing dancing folks just having the time of your life. Ever heard of Butt magazine? They sell copies behind the downstairs bar. The atmosphere is positively electric, every time. I can’t really explain it. Do yourself a favor and take the hike out East and hit the best gay bar ever!

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