A Few Non-Typical Ways To Meet Guys

Cruising has gotten such a bad name for itself over the years. I mean, what’s so bad about meeting a guy, having sex with him and then shaking your two sweaty hands together to say goodbye without even know each other’s names? Almost everything under the sun had been said about gay dating. How much more whining can we do? The thing is – for most gay men it is incredibly easy to find hookups, but what if you want to meet a guy that you can spend more than a few nights with? What if you want to meet a nice guy – yeah, I know – and get to know his name for once? I know that getting to know a guy’s name while he is sucking your dick is a luxury, but isn’t that what life is about: being luxurious? As a gay man in the modern world, I know that love might be out there…. lurking just under the surface.

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Here are a few non-typical ways to meet guys…

  1. Go clubbing. No, not night clubbing – we do enough of that. In many major cities and even small communities there are lots of private gay social clubs to attend. This is a great place to meet guys – nice guys – who might be looking for something a little more than a rusty trombone. All you have to do is a little Internet searching and find something in the town you live in. If you live in some kind of podunk, backwards town, it might be harder to find a club that isn’t 5 stories underground in a bunker, but in all cities – no matter how backwards it is politically – you should be able to find your fellow gay brethren. Just have a little hope.
  2. Are you a “giver” or a “receiver”? Hopefully you are the ladder because you can meet a ton of gay guys at local charity events and auctions. What did you think I was talking about? Us gays fucking love, charity and we’ll stand and fight for anything, especially our own kind. If there is a party that is celebrating a cause with a chance that there might be sequins and fur boas, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll be there in style. However, the charity auctions – either straight or gay – are great places to meet guys. And because they are charity auctions, the guys usually have a least heart and hopefully a big swinging cock.
  3. Weddings. Yuck, I know, obvious right? What am I thinking? But weddings are a great place to meet other gays and even guys who don’t even know they are gay yet. Here’s the real shocker, though, the more religious the wedding the better. Perhaps it’s all the spirituality, but Jewish weddings, Catholic weddings, Buddhist weddings – anything with an ‘ic, ‘ish’ or ‘ist’ at the end of it – is sure to be a great place to pick up super hot guys.
  4. Next, two words: sweaty pecs. How hot are guys when they are literally drenched in sweat at the gym? This one might sound as obvious as a wedding, but you can really meet cute guys who REALLY care about their bodies at some of these places. My theory is that the more bending there is, the better your chances. So that means yoga, Pilates, and anywhere else you can get your bends on.
  5. I know fag hags get a bad rap too, but they can be a huge source of gay fun. So I recommend tagging along to wherever your fag hag friend goes – college parties (yum frat boys), the ice cream shop, at discount retail shop, the taxidermist – wherever! The key is to broaden your horizons. If you don’t want to spend your life alone or keep having one night stands with slightly chubby 30-something year olds who are in “marketing” it is time to mix it up. If the dating pool is getting smaller and smaller and too full of semen, it is time to find a new pool.

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At the end of the big gay rainbow there will be a guy waiting for you. He’ll have cute rosy butt cheeks and make your delicious muffins. However, in order to get to your own big gay rainbow, you have to find it first. When you do find it, you’ll realize that it was inside you all along.

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