Sex Toys for Gay Couples Who Don’t like Anal Sex

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Not all gay couples enjoy anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay couples do not engage in anal sex regularly.

Oral sex and hand jobs make up the majority of bedroom play for most gay couples. If gay anal sex isn’t your jam, let me introduce you to some sex toys that might be better suited for your enjoyment.

The Mood Thrill Stroker
This male masturbator is great to use with your partner. The Mood Thrill male Stroker makes masturbating and a good old fashioned hand job out of this world. This penis sleeves offers three different internal textures for varied sensation. Lube him up and slide this on his penis. He’ll love the way the massage beads feel on his cock. This sex toy is waterproof so you can use it in the bath or the shower. This male sex toy is just too fun!

The Butt Banger
If your man is not putting out, you can opt for this excellent male stroker. This male masturbator takes the idea of a “pocket pussy” and puts a gay spin on it. It feels just like anal topping a bottom. You’ll never find a tighter hole for your member. This sex toy was made with gay men in mind and features a beautifully shaped bottom to dip your dick in. This sex toy is equipped with a realistic set of cock and balls that massage the scrotum as you jack off. You can use this toy to masturbate yourself or slide it on your man. You’ll both enjoy wanking with this sex toy.

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Kevin Warhol Mouth Fleshjack
Are you one of those guys who isn’t into anal at all? Like, the thought of it grosses you out? This skips the backdoor option and offers you oral stimulation. The Kevin Warhol Fleshjack aka fleshlight is an amazing male stroker. The entrance for your cock is shaped like porn star Kevin Warhol’s beautiful mouth. This oral stroker feels just like your getting head. Lube him up and then jerk him off with this amazing sex toy.

The Extreme Sling
Although this sex furniture is marketed as bondage gear, it’s actually very liberating. This sex sling is a comfortable solution to giving and getting the best oral sex of your life. A sex swing will allow you to lay down and really take his cock. Open wide! This sex sling is great for really feeding your man some dick. You’ll love how comfortable and versatile the different oral sex positions can be.

There you have it! The best sex toys for gay couples who aren’t into anal. Anal sex isn’t for everybody and there’s nothing wrong with disliking it. Thankfully has a plethora of sex toys that will let you have a ton of fun with any butt stuff. Visit today and use promo code GAYFRAT for a 50% Discount on your sex toy plus Free Discreet Shipping if you spend $20 or more. They have everything from lube to male strokers and even sex swings! You and your next sexual partner will love the amazing male sex toys they have to offer.

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Quick Tips on Gay Kissing: A Gay Kiss Advice

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Ever walk down the street and see two gay men kissing? Wondering how you might pull of such a sensual gay kiss? The bros at The GayFrat got ya covered. We’ve got the best kissing tips and tricks to make you the most desired mouth on campus.

Now, there’s really no wrong or right way to make out with a dude. You kind of just go all in and hope he’s feeling what you’re putting down. Kissing is a subjective art and you’ll need to size up your man before giving him a big gay kiss. Do you think he likes it wet? Do you think he likes tongue? Hard and heavy or gentle and light? These might be some questions running through your head before you kiss him.

gay kiss, gay kissing, gay men kissing, gay guys kissing, gay boys kissing, guys kissing guys

First things first, a successful gay kiss relies on some basic components. Of course the lips are key here. You’ll want to practice that pucker. Start by kissing the back of your hand. Move your lips and give a slight suck as you experiment. What feels good to you? What turns your hand on? That’s the goal here. Try and think of a favorite song as you practice. Get into the rhythm and kiss to the beat of that tune in your head.

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Secondly, you’ll want to use some tongue. Personally, we don’t like a ton of it. Your frat bros have come to a consensus on this. Just a little flick of the tongue here and there will go a long way. Most gays don’t enjoy a tongue shoved down their throats. Our advice is to not go too deep with the tongue and use it sparingly. Again, practice on the back of the hand for best results.

Finally, kissing isn’t just about the mouth. You’ve got to put your back into it, literally. You’ll want to use your whole body. You want to deliver as much pleasure as possible so give him a nice bear hug. Or, you might use your hands to caress his sides as you’re smooching. You might want to give his ass a nice grab too. Just see how intense things are getting and let body language be your guide. Another fun one, is to grab the back of his neck and even do some light hair pulling. Press your chest into his when you kiss. You’ll bring the heat this way. Your hearts pounding against one another will be a turn-on for sure.

Remember keep that song in your mind as you kiss. Bump and grind to the beat of it. That will help you and your gay lover get into a rhythm. A kiss is a lot like dancing in this way. You want to get in sync and move to the beat.

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These are our quick tips for gay kissing. You really can’t screw up a kiss. Just be confident. Listen to your gut and do what feels right in the moment. Gay kissing isn’t something to be afraid of. Gay boys kissing each other has been around forever. Find a friend, and you two can practice kissing together. Why not? It might even lead to some really sexy times bro!

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Why We Love Gay Sex (And You Should, Too!)

gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

We at The Gay Frat love gay sex. Gay sex is better than straight sex because we know how to get down and dirty. Unlike our straight counterparts, we are more likely to embrace kinky sex or engage in a fetish. This openness to new and exciting opportunities in the sack, makes gay sex less traditional and vanilla. Screw that! We don’t want that boring-ass stuff! Life’s too short to not make the most of the sex we have. The gays understand this and incorporate all sorts of fun stuff into their sexy time.

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gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

Here’s our top three reasons to love gay sex.

  1. Fetishes: Oh hey, feet! Oh hi, butt! Hi there, tickles! As far as gay fetishes go, there’s something for everyone. From enjoying multiple facials to engaging in some tickle torture, gay sex has always incorporated a variety of fetishes. When the straight people are blah! The gays are ah-ha! We don’t shy away from engaging in the fetishes that truly get us off. There are clubs, community groups and online forums exploring and fostering all of our deepest desires. Our most newly discovered fetish is wedgies. Yes, there are tons of gay men that love giving and getting wedgies. And, more power to them! Most gays aren’t going to discourage any of it. That’s just how we roll when it comes to gay sex.
  2. Kinky Sex: We love kinky gay sex! The more deviant the sex, the better. Although it’s not for everyone, it’s fun to explore how deep you want to go. Gay kinks can be as innocent as a slap on the ass while having sex or venture into some darker desires. BDSM, bondage, anonymous sex are all aspects of the gay sex experience and you can find safe ways to engage in all. Gay guys aren’t afraid to explore their wild side and let their freak flags fly. Leather bars, glory holes, as well as a myriad of apps to choose from, all allow you to explore the fringes of gay sex.
  3. Gay Sex Toys: We didn’t want to lump sex toys in with kinks or fetishes. They deserve a category all their own. Most of the sex toys marketed to straight people are based on gender. Meaning, this sex toy is for men OR this sex toy is for women. Because sex is between two men (usually), sex toys for gay men tend to be more fluid and allow for a completely different experience. We get the butt plugs, the prostate milkers, the anal beads, the cockring/anal plug duo! The gays are winning at gay sex toys. And, gay men are more likely than straight ones to purchase a sex toy. Open minds and bums, keep that gay sex game on point!

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We love gay sex! And, not just for functionality. We could have talked about how good men are at giving a blowjob or how great anal sex is. We could have gushed about how much better a hand job from another guy feels. Instead, we decided to focus a bit on the queerer aspects of gay sex. The acts and products that are operating a bit out of the mainstream. The “weirder” aspects of gay sex are what make it so lovely and so different. We at The Gay Frat get turned on by our kinky brothers, get wet for a fetish and thirst for gay sex toys.

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College Gay Survey: What will Gays be Like in 100 Years?

gays be like, college gay, gay survey, gay, gay college

We’re looking to the future here at The Gay Frat. We spoke with over 20 college gays and asked them: “What will gay life be like in 100 years?” We got a lot of responses!

gays be like, college gay, gay survey, gay, gay college

Here are our favorite answers from our gay survey:

  1. All STD’s will be cured, so we’ll no longer need to use condoms when we f*ck. We particularly liked this one. No more embarrassing trips to the gas station to buy your rubbers. Is it us, or does the cashier always throw shade? We’ve taken to ordering condoms online from, but…
  2. We’ll all be having VR (virtual reality) sex. Interesting. It is only a matter of time until a tech giant cracks the code for some sexy, VR, dicking down. Could you imagine having gay sex with those weird goggles on? On second thought, we might not endorse this.
  3. Gays will be 100% accepted in society. No more shame or stigma. That’s a nice thought. Gays be like… “optimism.”
  4. We’ll have an app on our phones or special x-ray vision sunglasses to see through other guys clothes. After the previous hopeful prediction, we’re back to technology making us more pervy. This really would take “people watching” to a whole new level. Imagine hanging out at a male fashion show with this tech. So many sexy male models. You could literally undress them with your eyes.
  5. We’ll invent cake that makes your body ripped. Like, you eat the cake, and then you have a six pack and your arms are huge. Sing us up! This was a creative answer and we’re all about eating cake instead of going to the gym. Would you miss those gym showers, though? Gay Dilemma. We could call it BeefCake, but tastes like Chocolate Cake.
  6. We’ll elect the first openly gay politician to the presidency. “I’m with HIM.” How great would that be? Could you imagine the amount of rainbow flags that would be sold for the inauguration?
  7. Sex robots will be a thing. We’ll all be gaying it up with robots. Like a happy version of Westworld, we might be having the best gay sex of our lives with (drum roll) machines. I want to take this opportunity to shout out the freakishly realistic male strokers at If you haven’t felt one of those cyberskin strokers, you’re missing out.
  8. Specialty beer with male enhancement properties will be sold on tap at all gay bars. If gay bars are still a thing, because hey, we might all have our own sexbot, I’d totally try this out! Drink a beer then get a boner. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. The future is bright.
  9. Gays will form colonies to thrive in. No straights allowed. Hmmm. We thought gayborhoods like Chelsea or the Castro already did that. I suppose we could go further. Can we claim the Florida Keys for ourselves? All of us just walking around nude, eating our BeefCake (but tastes like chocolate cake), and getting ripped. I’ll take two pina coladas please.
  10. Gays will have taken over the world, outnumbering straight people. We’ll be the ones in charge! Well, this is a fun thought. We’re just wondering what dramatic thing would happen to make us outnumber straight people? We’re sure Tim Cook, Lee Daniels and Matt Bomer are the masterminds.

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These gay college students had a lot to offer on the future of gays. If their predictions hold true, in 100 years we’ll be in charge of everything including the government and some gay colonies. We’ll drink beer to get horny and eat cake to get sexy. We’ll have gay sex slave robots to boss around (or to boss us around). We’ll be able to see anyone we want nude with x-ray vision. Oh, and no more condoms and STD’s. Oh what a world that would be!

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The Sexy Spring Break: Tips To Make Your Break Bro-Tastic

spring break, sexy spring break, frat spring break, gay spring break, gay toys, gay sex toys, gay frat

‘Sup Pledges! It’s that time of year and you deserve a break. Got plans for this year’s spring break? You bet your balls you do! Whether you’re getting some sun in Cancun or maxin’ and relaxin’ at home, I’ve got some tips to make your break bro-tastic.

Hit and Run in Some Place Fun

Alright, there’s no better time to have a quickie in a new locale. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a dark parking lot, a bathroom stall, under a boardwalk, under a bridge, under the moon, under anything really. Be sure to bring a friend and make the most of the experience. You can’t beat having sex in a public place and being a bit voyeuristic. If you haven’t done it before, use this spring break to cross it off of your bucket list.

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spring break
Flag Swimsuit Brief

Bring a Friend

Let’s face it, friends with benefits are the best friends. Be sure to invite your favorite along for the vacation. Choose the right guy, you don’t want a needy-Nick all up in your business for a week. Establish the terms before the trip and make sure you’re on the same page. This way, if you don’t score a guy one night you’ll always have a fall back. It sounds cold, but I’m being real. You’ll want to have your cake and eat it too.

Grab Some Gear

If you’re going to go swimming, you’re most definitely going to need a hot, new swimsuit. Here’s my favorite – Flag Swimsuit Brief. America, the beautiful – amiright? Suit up and lure those boys your way. No one’s gonna be able to resist your cute little butt in a pair like this.

Perfect Your Playlist

Jammy-jams! Crank that noise. Whether you’re driving to the beach or taking it easy poolside, you’ll want to stock your phone with all of the best party anthems. Setting the tone for your day or night is easy. Popular dance hits and frat favorites are a must. Anything with a solid beat will do. The sexier the better! Get your bros going wild with the perfect playlist. Oh, and you if you have some time, go ahead and dance to them in front of the mirror. You’re going to want to look your best out there. Bring them boys to the yard!

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Safari Survival Kit, condom, condoms
Safari Survival Kit

Stock Essentials

So, you’re going to be catching a lot of dicks this spring break. Trust me! You’ll want to be prepared. That means packing a stockpile of condoms and lube. Here’s a great collection you can share with your bros – Safari Survival Kit. Always remember to play safe! Further, you’re gonna want to keep a little lube around. With all the partying and mischief you’re getting into you might not have time to make it to your bedroom. This is a smaller size bottle that will fit in your pocket – A&E Anal Lube 1 oz. Brilliant, I know.

There you have it my frat bros! Some tips and tricks to keep it #SexyAF this spring break. No need to leave your frat house or campus, you can exercise these tips anywhere! I hope you have all the fun this SB! Party safely my pledges!

Attention gay frats! Here’s something that would make your spring break even more bro-tastic.

Shop for your favorite gay sex toys at and at checkout, use the special offer code GAYFRAT and enjoy 50% OFF on almost any single item on site plus, if you spend $20 or more, you’ll get Free Discreet Shipping on your entire order!

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The Difference Between Straight Hot and Gay Hot

gay hot, straight hot

Hi Bros! So this is a thing. There is a distinct difference between “gay hot” and “straight hot.”

Some men who are gay get hit on by straight women and are often lacking attention from their gay bros. Some straight men get hit on by gay guys all day, but can’t score with a lady. Now, I think we can all agree that there are some seriously hot straight guys out there. But, our little gaydars ping them as straight. Aw, too bad, right? Straight hot is when a gay guy is attractive to both straight men and women. The women want to have his babies the men want to look more like him. And, ironically some gay guys can’t tell they’d go to bat with them (And by go to bat, I mean screwing). Gay hot is when a straight guy attracts gay men. Is it their body language? Is it their physique? This might forever remain a mystery dude. Well, I guess I can try to figure in some factors that may be contributing to this phenomenon.

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What are some things we pick up on that signals that a man is gay?

Maybe his body – he may be statuesque or super thin; or maybe these gay hot guys dress like one of our gay sub-sects. Maybe the gay hot straight guy is wearing excessively tight fitting clothes. Maybe he has a goatee and smokes cigars like a leather daddy might. Will we ever truly know? Alas, there is an entire group of straight men who are forever being hit on by gay men. Poor guys, maybe they should just hook up with the next hot gay guy that tries. Am I right?

gay hot, straight hot

As far as straight hot guys go, perhaps they’re missing a certain twinkle in their eyes. Maybe they dress a bit too sloppily in a sports jersey and baseball cap. Is their hair poorly styled? Maybe they drive a minivan or enjoy their favorite pair of dad-jeans. I kind of feel sorry for these guys, if they’re missing out on the gay attention they truly deserve. Here’s a novel idea. The straight hot gay guy should play to his straight hot strengths. He’d be clever to help a gay guy live out a popular fantasy. Pretend that the gay guy has persuaded him to try having some gay sex for the first time. That’s right! Let that toppy-flag fly and treat a gay to his first “turning.”

Could this be a myth? I asked around and I got some interesting responses. I posed a simple question: “Is there such a thing as straight hot?”

I’m lucky to have some really thoughtful buds. All of them responded with a resounding “Yes.” Their explanations were slightly varied, but for the most part they chalked it up to the “The Male Gayze.” It is an idea that gay men view men very differently than straight men. We, gay dudes, have extreme body image standards that many of our straight dude counterparts do not. When straight guys look at a guy, their gaze lands firstly on their muscles and secondly their face. If the guy appears to be ripped and his face is fairly symmetrical this constitutes straight hot. Gay guys employing their “gayze,” tend to let their eyes land not only on the muscles of the torso and the handsomeness of a man’s face. Our appraisal includes the groin, thighs and buttocks (yum!). Beyond the physical here seems to be a psychological aspect to straight hot versus gay hot. For decades gay guys have let media (porn, TV, movies, news) shape the way we visually expect gay guys to look. Shows like Queer as Folk and Looking offer a narrow view of what gay dudes look like. Think of those go-go dancers in the club. Mostly white, tall and muscular. When we think of gay hot guys, it is a familiar image that pops into mind. Straight guys have been depicted a bit truer to life. There are a vast set of body types that go beyond the comic book, superhero body type. The straight guy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes in our media. That doesn’t mean that gay guys of color and different body types aren’t there. It just speaks to an underrepresentation of them. So when straight guys identify a guy as hot, their drawing from a different set of images and ideas. Gay men seem to have a more hard-coded definition of hotness.

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There you have it. The difference between what makes that hot, gay guy delicious to you.

Straight dudes are coming from a completely different place. Straight dudes probably think Peyton Manning is a babe. While we, the gays, prefer Mr. Tom Brady.

Get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Discreet Shipping, if you spend $20 or more with coupon code GAYFRAT!

Thanks for reading bros! Onward and upward super dongs!

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