Must Try Gay Sex Positions For Gay Men

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Hello boys! I’m here to discuss my favorite thing on earth, gay sex!

Straight sex is so boring and so vanilla. When it comes to sex, the gays do it best! Getting tired of being in the same old sex positions? Wanting some new ideas for ways to have more pleasurable sex? I’ve got the gay sex positions that will tie you in knots, my friends. From the classic ‘69’ to ‘Bumper Cars,’ I’ve got some positions you’ve probably heard of that are tried and true and some fresh ones that’ll be new to you. You and your booty will thank me.

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  1. 69 – Oh, 69. You lovely, lovely gay sex position. We’ve all heard of this classic. It involves you performing oral sex while receiving oral. For mutual satisfaction, you really can’t beat this position. But, there are a variety of variations on this position that you can perform to switch it up! The gold standard 69 involves you straddling your man’s face and you leaning down to blow him. Now, this can go a couple of different ways! You both can perform blow jobs on one another either by laying side by side or one on top of the other. You can ask him to give you a rim job while you suck him off or vise a versa. But, if you’re on a bed my all time favorite 69 sex position is the double rim job. You sit on his face and then pull his legs back exposing his beautiful bum to you. You can both eat each other out at the same time. And, once you try it, you’ll never 69 any other way. There is a reason the 69 has remained in the gay sex position cannon for so long. If you’ve never tried any of these variations, time to start!
  2. Bent Spoons – Okay, bent spoons is an awesome sex position for you to get your hole thoroughly filled. It is a weird name, but I promise you this gay sex position will be one of your go-to’s. For the purposes of explanation, let’s assume that you are the bottom. What you do is start out in Reverse Cowboy so that you’re on top, but facing away from your partner. Once he’s deep inside you, bend your knees up toward your chest and then place your feet on his thighs. That will be fun for a few thrusts, but the natural progression will lead to your partner grabbing your legs behind the knees and lifting you up a bit. This will allow him to drill you deeper and you’ll be really bouncy. You can kick your legs in the air and feel weightless as you’re being screwed. Also, if you’d like to get a good look at your partner, you can lean back into his chest and turn to give him a nice smooch. This gay sex position sounds weird, but trust me, it’s fabulous! I love this position.
  3. The Bully – This gay sex position requires some upper body strength and some stamina. The Bully is really great if you’re with a smaller guy that you can pick up. Let’s assume for explanation purposes you’re the top this time around. To get into this sex position, I recommend starting out on a couch or chair. Have your partner face away from you as you penetrate him. Make sure he stays on his knees and doesn’t collapse forward or anything like that. Give him a big bear hug around his chest, making sure your arms go under his. Then, like the name implies, you want to pick him up! Make sure you stay deep inside him as you stabilize your stance. Then, you just lift your partner up and let gravity do the rest. You’ll love the feeling of him sliding back down onto you. Not only will this hit your partner’s prostate like crazy, you’ll also get the added benefit of watching his penis flop up and down as you lift and lower him. In addition to all that bully fun, you’ll also get a heck of a work out in your core, your arms and your thighs! If you ever wondered what sex positions are great for your physique, this one’s a real exercise! This is a power top’s dream sex position so if you like to feel dominant, this position is just the one for you.
  4. Deep Impact – Okay, you’ve been having awesome gay sex. If you’re a top, you know that the highest compliment you can receive during sex is to make your partner orgasm without the use of his or your hands. When you see that hands-free orgasm, you know you’ve really done an excellent job. If you’re a bottom, you too know that the most awesome orgasms come from intense p-spot stimulation. If you want to provide the best prostate stimulation possible, here is the perfect gay sex position for it. Deep Impact kind of gives this sex position away, the description is in the name! This sex position allows for the deepest, most intense anal penetration and prostate pounding. Let’s assume that your a top again, just to make the explanation easier. You can do this on a couch or on a bed. If you’re on a bed, stand up off of the bed and position yourself close to it with your legs at shoulders length apart. Grab your partner’s legs and pull him to the edge of the bed. Make sure he is on his back and facing you. Now, lift him up by his thighs and press them back towards his face. His knees should be next to his ears, if you’ve got him folded up just right. Now, insert your penis into him at angle so that it hits his spot. Usually, this is achieved by pressing down at the base of your penis so that your penis isn’t poking him at a direct right angle. This position causes your partner’s bottom to spread letting you go really deep. You’ll both be pleased, but this sex position really benefits the bottom.
  5. Drumroll… I’ve saved the best for last, BUMPER CARS! Yes, bumper cars is my all time favorite sex position. I just love all that bouncing fun this sex position lets you have. Okay, so to achieve this position, you and your partner will both need to be laying face down and away from one another. Let’s assume you’re the top again, lay down on top of your partner with your hips on top of his. Like I said, face down and away from one another. If you’ve done this right, you should be looking at the back of his legs and feet and he should be seeing the same. Now, spread your man’s cheeks beneath you and insert yourself. Let the bumping begin! You’ll be giving him a lot of direct prostate stimulation as you bounce up and down. And, if your partner has a bubble butt, you can just bounce of that booty for days! This is a really fun sex position that is great to get things started as you won’t be penetrating as deep as other sex positions like deep impact or the bully.

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There you have my friends! The best gay sex positions I’ve ever tried.

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Please leave me some comments and let me know your thoughts and any favorites you might have! Happy humping!

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Older Gay Men vs. Young Gay Men

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This is a college frat website, so a majority of the readers are young gay men. However, I have been noticing that a lot of older gay men have been checking out the site too – probably to look at all the fine young men talking about sex. It’s true, sometimes I get a little horny just writing this stuff. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to write an article about some of the differences between young gay men and older gay men. This is important, because in the world of gay dating, there have been a lot of situations where a younger gay man will fall for an older man’s charms.

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Is it the money? Is it the experience? What do gay men have that younger gay men don’t have?

I once dated an older gay man and I was surprised to learn wasn’t experienced at all. In fact, I realized that I was more experienced sexually than he was. He was so inexperienced that I had to show him the basics of going down on a guy. Anal sex was a chore, because he didn’t even know if he was a top or bottom. This curious predicament went against everything I knew about older gay men.

Was he a virgin? Was he in the closet for so long that he just didn’t know what he was doing? What I have found in some of my research is that older gay men are more inexperienced because they come from a different generation. This is especially the case for some silver haired foxes – these older gay men were gay in an era where you could lose your job if you flicked your wrist the wrong way. A lot of younger gay men are more experienced, because more tolerance has basically given them a head start. You can definitely put me in this demographic.

So, what was up with this older gay man that I was dating? What I learned is that he was actually married and he never really came out of the closet. In fact, he had never had gay sex before. It explained why he would look at my cock like it was some complicated tool he had to figure out. Also, anal sex was tortuous for him and me, because he really didn’t know what he was doing. Now this guy is fully embracing the fact that he is gay and he still lives with his wife, but only because they are used to it and she supports him. We still fuck on occasion.

Another really big difference between younger gay men and older gay men is that older gay men have their shit together…

They have a solid job and they are making that scratch in a serious way. It’s like when you hit forty-five, you immediately have a job with a salary. Plus, a lot of older gay men are more experienced. They have been around the block a few times, in more ways than one, so you can expect that sex will be a lot hotter.

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In the end, dating older gay men can be fun, but you have to know what you are getting yourself into. You don’t want to hook up with an older guy just because he has money – you want to hook up with him because you like him. It’s true that older gay guys have a certain confidence that makes them really hot, so if you do get into a relationship with an older guy just for the sex, make sure that the feeling is mutual. Remember: older gay men still have feelings.

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Secrets of Anal Sex

anal sex, good hygiene, anal sex techniques, anal sex experience, secrets of anal sex

Anal sex is one of those things that is talked about, but in the end no one really knows what they are talking about. It’s not like the butthole is a big secret – it isn’t – but people like to create such a mystery surrounding anal sex that it becomes a big mystery. In this article, I want to reveal some of the biggest secrets of anal sex, so that you can rest a little easier. First and foremost, though, you have to understand that the butthole isn’t that complicated, so you don’t have to fear the butthole.

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Here are some of the biggest secrets of anal sex…

1. Understand how the anus works and you’ll pretty much know how to figure out how the whole anal sex thing works. Basically, the anus is the end of a long channel that stars in your mouth and ends at your butthole – yes, it is where poop comes out. The anus only has so much insertable area and inside the anus, if you’re a man, is a little prostate gland that when stimulated, provides erotic pleasure – hence the reason why anal sex feels so damn good.

anal sex, good hygiene, anal sex techniques, anal sex experience, secrets of anal sex2. Cleaning out your butthole is vital before anal sex. Good hygiene is incredibly important before anal sex. Because the anus is covered in fecal germs – sorry to get completely gross – you want to wash that bad boy real good. If you want to make the anal sex experience more enjoyable, you want to get rid of all the nasties in and around the hair. When you are washing out the butthole, try to really get in there and scrub.

3. Take a big shit before anal sex. Sorry to get gross – again – but when you are talking about anal sex, it is hard to not get a little gross. Because the butthole is where poop comes out of, it is also where poop can get stuck. The last thing you want is to be in bed with a guy and have an accident while he is pounding away at your backdoor. So, before anal sex, simply make a bowel movement to clean out the chamber. Don’t worry, its okay to have dinner – the chamber won’t be full again for another six or so hours.

4. Practice your handjob, blowjob and anal sex techniques and you will eventually get better at what you do. When you first start out in the world of anal sex, you won’t necessarily be the best in bed. It can be awkward at first – with plenty of fumbling. Don’t worry – the more you have sex and the more you perfect your anal sex techniques, the better you will be.

5. Anal sex is not scary. This is perhaps one of the biggest secrets of anal sex. Once you do it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. Trust me, anal sex is fun and – if done right – the anal sex experience can make you really fulfilled; both physically and emotionally.

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Lastly, there aren’t really any secrets of sex – mostly myths and other misconceptions. However, if   you want to have a fun and engaging anal sex experience, you want to make sure to maintain good hygiene and make sure you anus is always sparkling clean. In the end, you never know whom you’ll take home.

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Things You Need To Know About Gay Bondage Sex

gay bondage sex, gay bondage, bondage sex, submission, domination

A lot of people are confused about gay bondage. They think gay bondage sex is perverted, weird or satanic. Well, the truth is that bondage sex can actually be really fun. Sometimes, it can be nice to get tied down, blindfolded and fucked into submission. The whole idea surrounding gay bondage is submission, domination and release – it is like playing an erotic game, which makes it a really fun way to spice things up in the bedroom. If you have been with your man for a long time and things are getting a little boring in the bedroom, you may want to try out a little bondage sex.

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Here are some things you need to know about gay bondage sex…

First, you want to find out if you are more dominant or submissive. This will help you discover your roles. If you are more submissive, you are going to have fun and you won’t really get turned on in a dominant role. The same goes, if you are a more dominant person. So, find out where you stand and what your role is. You can talk with your partner about it or you can start playing around in the bedroom to find out where you fit in.

To start playing around in the bedroom, you are going to need some hot tools. Gay bondage sex is all about having some instruments of erotic pleasure on hand. For instance, you’ll need a whip and you’ll need a blindfold. Those are the two essentials. You can even go for the Sex and Mischief Restraint Kit, which comes with two ankle and wrist cuffs, a collar, a leash and a blindfold. Once you have some tools on hand, you can start experimenting. Through this experimentation, you will find out if you like to dominate or if you like to be the one tied to the bed, blindfolded and whipped.

gay bondage sex, gay bondage, bondage sex, submission, domination

Next, you need to have a safe word. In fact, safety is critical for any sexual scenario, but when it comes to gay bondage, you want to be extra careful. You don’t want anyone to feel like they are trapped. You also don’t want anyone to feel like they doing anything against their will. So, be sure to have a safe word – it can be anything. Your safe word will be like a key. Once you say the safe word, your partner will unhook you and you’ll be able to take a break. When you first practice with bondage sex, you may get a little claustrophobic or anxious – and that is perfectly fine.

As the dominant one, you need to know how important your role is in a gay bondage scenario. If you have someone tied to the bed, cuffed and blindfolded, you have a lot of power, so you want to be respectful and not abuse that power. Basically, you have the power to unhook someone when that person says the agreed upon safe word, so you don’t want to wait or mess around. Basically, the submissive one really has no power in certain situations, so it is up to you to make that person to feel safe. When it comes to gay bondage sex, trust is incredibly important.

gay bondage sex, gay bondage, bondage sex, submission, domination

Also, if you want to take the whole gay bondage sex thing up a few notches, you may want to practice with some true bondage gear. For instance, you can play around with a leather mask for some extreme bondage fun.  You could also go for the Shock Therapy Electro Sex kit, which offers little electrical pulses to really tease and titillate. You can also try the Colt Stallion Tail Butt Plug, which is a butt plug that comes equipped with a long horses tail, so you can really play around in the bedroom – nothing wrong with a little role-playing.

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Lastly, gay bondage sex can be a really fun way to make your bedroom fantasies really come to life. It is also a great way to spice up your bedroom activities with your partner. When it comes down to it, bondage sex doesn’t need to be as extreme as popular culture makes it out to be. You can very easily start slow and then work your way up to the more extreme stuff. In the end, as long you have a safe word, you’ll have an incredibly fun time. Where’s the fun in sex if you can’t get a little dangerous sometimes?

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Gay Dating Tips and Tricks

gay dating, tips and tricks, go on a date, gay dating community

The gay dating circuit can seem like a jungle and every time you get in the water, you can either be eaten alive by alligators or you can make it out alive. In the world of gay dating, there are some obvious do’s and don’t. Plus, your objectives should always evolve depending on whether you simply want to get laid or if you actually want to have a companion.

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Here are some gay dating tips and tricks you need to know…

1. Stay away from baggage. Dating a guy with baggage will never be any fun. There are many ways to tell if a guy has baggage or not. For one, you can ask him where he works. If he tells you that he doesn’t have a job, you probably want to move on, because a guy without a job is not someone that you should be wasting your time with. Plus, anyone without a job is probably a little crazy.

2. Always clean up before a date. You never want to go on a date if you haven’t taken a shower and thoroughly cleaned your asshole. You also want to brush your teeth and clean your pits. The last thing you want is to take a guy home and then be in that awkward situation where he wants to eat your asshole, but you have to keep pushing him away. If you cleaned your asshole before, you can let him eat away – bring on the dessert!

3. Never assume he is paying. Just because a guy asks you out, you never want to assume that he is paying for the meal. It will just present one of those awkward situations where you get the bill and you are both staring at it in silence. The most diplomatic thing to do is to grab the bill first. With this swift move of confidence, you’ll have him swooping in with his credit card too.

4. Never have more than one drink on the first date and never have less than four on your third date. This is a little rule I have created for myself that works wonderfully in the gay dating community. I only have one drink on my first date, because I’ll be lubricated enough to chat and be social, but not lubricated enough to fuck and give myself away too soon. With four drinks on the third date – who gives a fuck.

5. Bring a condom. In the gay dating world, it is crazy if you venture out without a condom. This is a little bit like entering a radioactive zone without a mask. Who knows if you’ll need it – but you want to keep a condom or two on you just in case. You don’t want to be in one of those situations where you are fooling around, but have to run ten blocks away to get a condom. By the time you get back, he’ll probably have fallen asleep.

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In the end, gay dating can be fun – provided that you have all the right moves gay dating tricks. Just make sure to know: stay away from emotional baggage, clean your butthole, always whip yours out first (your credit card), never have more than one drink on the first date and always bring a condom. With these wise words, you’ll have a great time.

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5 Stages Of A Gay Relationship

5 Stages Of A Gay Relationship

Ah, the gay relationship – the great, gay unicorn that only prances in your life once or twice until you start thinking to yourself: “What am I doing!?” It is true, gay relationships seem ridiculous – at least when you are young and there are so many delicious options. Yet, once and a while you might meet a guy and say: “Hey, I’d like to spend everyday with this person.” When it happens, it really happens and there is no way of stopping it – kind of like a runaway train. At first a week goes by, and then a few months – and months turn into a year, and then two years, and five, and six, and so on. Sometimes it happens – sometimes – and it always seems that there are clearly defined stages of every part of the relationship, because gay couples never really expect their relationships to last – especially in the years, especially for a lifetime. But, you have to admit, it is beautiful when it does happens.

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Here are the five stages of a gay relationship…

  1. The first year of a gay relationship is like realizing you might be trapped in an elevator with a complete stranger and there is literally no way out. During the first year of the relationship you are trying to figure out how it all works out. You fuck a lot – hoping that somewhere in all the hot, passionate, sweaty sex that there will be an answer. However, after endless fucking, you find nothing – just more questions. But as this happens, you slowly start becoming a couple – a singular unit. You start finishing each other’s sentences. Like zygotes separated at inception you start to see each other in each other’s face. Then you start becoming vulnerable and showing each other everything – the bad and the good. This might just last.
  2. The second year is realizing that you’ve known the answer for months: you are in love and it’s time to make a home together. Who will wear the apron? Who cares, maybe the both of you. You become a power couple. Your shared love and income takes over. You are an unstoppable duo. Nothing is too challenging. Yet, through all this power couple shit, you start to realize that you have been fucking less and now you only “make love” once or twice a week. The honeymoon phase is over and you have no idea how long it’s been since it ended. It’s like waking up in the movie theater and realizing that everyone is gone and the credits are rolling. But just as you realize you’ve missed the ending, you don’t care, because you are happy it’s just you two alone, in the theater – just you two against the whole wide crazy world.
  3. Then the terrible third year comes along. It’s a testy one. You spend many nights on the couch looking at the dark trees swaying outside the window wondering where it all went wrong – did it go wrong? But as you realize this, you realize that maybe your relationship needs a change. Three years is a long time. Enough to grow a mustache over and over again until you realize you aren’t the mustache type. Then you realize you need to be alone for a while. You spend a few weeks apart, but then realize you were meant to be together. You realize that all you were missing is a sense of independence. The co-dependence has gotten to you and your relationship. So, you agree to get back together – only on the terms that “you can be your own people.” Sure, maybe you’ve sucked a few dicks while he was away, but his dick will always taste the sweetest.
  4. When you hit year four, five, six, seven – it’s all the same, but vastly different. You have new experiences, but you are connected with the soul at this point. Even when you are a thousand miles away, your souls are still firmly attached. You know that he will be waiting whenever you come home from work. You know that he will always be there for you. You know that you’ve been through it all. You have the perfect combination of being dependent on each other combined with being able to tell each other that you need a space. You know that when you wake up, his face will be the first thing you see and just imagining that it isn’t is enough to make you sick or cry.
  5. During year 10 and beyond – all the way up to year 20 – you have reached a sense that you have made it to the end of the universe – the very end – the unimaginably distant end of the universe. However, instead of turning back, you are happy to simply float there – holding hands in the pitch blackness of everything. You can imagine the way his lips feel even when he is not there – like feeling that wobbling feeling a few hours after you get off a boat. It’s not bliss – it’s more than bliss. It’s something experienced by only the lucky few. But you feel more than lucky – you feel a feeling that you’ve never felt before: a combination of luck and bliss.

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When it comes down to it, you’ll be lucky to find a long-term relationship – one that lasts through the ages. However, when it does come along, you might want to seize it. Maybe the key to romantic happiness is to not scoff at opportunities, but to embrace them.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Genital Piercings

Your Ultimate Guide To Genital Piercings

There is something amazingly hot about a rock hard cock with a glinting silver barbell through the foreskin. There is not only something hot about looking at it, but a guy with a pierced cock can feel so good when its base deep inside your butt. Maybe it’s the feeling of the piercing against the prostate, or maybe it’s something more mysterious – something we haven’t discovered yet. Whatever it is, it feels fucking incredible. Indeed, piercings are extreme, but among the rainbow crowd, they are quite popular – and I’m talking mainly about genital piercings. In fact, there are more ways than one to pierce a cock – many more ways. Reading this article might make you say ouch, but at the end you’ll admit to yourself that you were more turned on than anything.

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Here is your ultimate guide to genital piercings

Prince Albert. Okay, this is the most common genital piercing, but most people don’t have any idea what it is. This is where the penis head is pierced through the urethra and out the side. You can attach a ring or a wand like ring, which is called a prince’s wand. When you get a Prince Albert piercing, you want to make sure the ring isn’t too thin, or else you can actually cut your penis head in half, which isn’t fun. Also, you want to pierce just around the frenulum, then the piercing won’t be too painful – whatever that means. The best part about this piercing is that it only takes a couple of days to heal.

The Apadravya. This amazing piercing is actually mentioned in the ancient sexual guidebook known as the Kama Sutra. The piercing goes clean through the penis head – from the top to the bottom. You usually wear a barbell like piercing, which can make sex feel incredible. Also, because this piercing goes through the glands, it can make sex for the person wearing the piercing feel really incredible too. However, this piercing is not for the faint of heart – it can hurt a lot, so you have to have a high pain threshold. Also, it takes up to six months to heal.

The Ampallang. This is basically the horizon version of the Apadravya. Instead of going through the top of the penis head, this piercing goes through the side. It has many of the same benefits and downsides – it is painful as hell, but feels incredible during sex. Healing time is about six months. In addition, you can combine the Ampallang and Apadravya to create what is known as a Magic Cross. You can also place the Ampallang through the shaft of the penis.

The Dydoe. This piercing is mainly reserved for the circumcised guys out there. Basically the piercing includes two rings in the ridge of the head of the penis – on the outside – and it goes up and under the head and through the glands. With this piercing you usually use two barbells, but you can use rings. Also, multiple Dydoe piercings are called a King’s Crown, because you can think of it like a crown worn around your penis head. If you get this same piercing, but made deep into the glands, it’s called a Zephyr.

Frenum piercing. This piercing is through the frenum, which is on the underside of the penis – right under the head. This piercing is always horizontal and mostly done with a barbell. Some people pierce up and down their frenum, which is called a Frenum Ladder. This piercing, because it doesn’t go through the glands, has a relatively short heal time of two to three weeks.

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If you do decide to get any one of these piercings, make sure that you are completely healed before you have sex. Not only can it be painful to have sex if your piercing is not fully healed, but it can also spread some nasty diseases. Cleanliness is everything when you are healing from any of the above piercings. In fact, while you are healing, you might want to stay away from sex altogether. Yet, when you are all healed, sex will feel so incredible. If you aren’t the piercing type, now you’ll know what to look after – you might even have something to talk about.

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5 Definite Signs That He Wants To Sleep With You

5 Definite Signs That He Wants To Sleep With You

There can be some obvious signs and some not so obvious signs that he wants to have sex. However, it is usually the latter that is the case. Why do so many guys put on a poker face? This is usually because the subject of sex is so delicate, especially if it’s a first date or if you just met the person. Only some guys are comfortable and confident enough to show another guy that, yes, they want to head to bed. Most guys, though, are just too scared. Fortunately, there are a number of invisible clues that will let you know if he wants to get it on – even if he doesn’t say anything at all.

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Here are 5 definite signs that he wants to sleep with you…

  1. Laughing at your jokes. Okay, your jokes aren’t that funny – or are they? You might think you are hilarious, but if you meet a guy and he can’t stop laughing at literally every little thing you have to say, chances are that he wants to bone. So what can you do to test out the theory? Just come up with a few lame jokes and see if he laughs uncontrollably. If he does, all you have to do is make the move.
  2. Overly touchy-feely. Does he keep reaching across the dinner table to stroke your arm or touch your face? Does he stand really close with his knees against your legs when you flirt with him? This is one of the more obvious signs that he wants to get it on. If you can’t notice that he wants to sleep with you as he gives you little back massages, caresses your arms and thighs, or stands so close that you might as well kiss, you might be completely clueless. Moreover, this is the fun part – touch him back, because he is asking for it.
  3.  Body language. There are a number of body language cues that you can look for to know whether or not he wants to have sex. For instance, lots of clenching – the best way to look for this is in his jaw when he is not talking. If he keeps biting down or flexing his jaw muscles, it means he is thinking of only one thing. Also, if you notice that his whole body is a little tighter than usual, it means that he is trying to control his body language for expressing too much. But too late – because he already has.
  4. He talks a lot about sex. And you pretty much have it in the bag if he keeps talking about the dirty deed. If you are on a date or flirting with a guy and he keeps asking you questions about sex – what you are into, what your fantasies are, what some of your wildest sex stories are – it means that he pretty much wants to bend you over right there at the table and give you another story to tell. What you should do – if you like him – is indulge him. Talking about sex can be, well, sexy. It can also make you more and more turned on – to the point where you might let him bend you over the table.
  5. You just feel it. Sometimes you just know that he wants to have sex with you. Two gay guys can share pheromones – just like any other member of weirder than weird human species. Even if he doesn’t clench up, talk about sex or show any sign that he wants to get it on, chances are that he absolutely does. So, all you have to do is test the theory by giving him a few signs – maybe he’ll be more obvious about it.

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Lastly, there are, of course, other signs – signs that are more blatant – but if you really don’t have a clue, be sure to pay closer attention and maybe even tune into a few of your psychic abilities. Chances are that you’ll be able to pick up a signal or two – now it’s just a short car or cab ride back to your bed and a hot night of passion.

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Should You Bang On A First Date?

Should You Bang On A First Date

Banging on a first date is a little bit like buying the first car you see on the lot. You drive it home and realize that you’ve got misfiring spark plugs and a loose gas cap. Okay, maybe dating is nothing like buying a car, but you can apply the same principles. You have to take a test drive before you make the commitment. Or do you? Is doing something on an impulse really that bad? Society seems to have no problem with impulse buys, but a lot of problems with impulse fucks. In the end, it seems the risks can be just as dangerous, or possibly fruitful.

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So, should you bang on the first date?

So, you are on a first date. Your first thoughts are usually more superficial. He has a cute ass. He has a great body. His chest hair is so hot. His lips are smoldering. He has amazing eyebrows. Of course you want to fuck him. You want to bend him over right then and there – right over the bread and butter. But then your common sense starts to kick in. If you fuck him now, how will he perceive you? How will you perceive him? These are just preliminary thoughts that you should be having before you even consider going back to his or yours.

However, things start to get a little tricky when you actually like the person – in a romantic way. This is where you have to put more thought into the implications of rushing into things. If you are on a date and the guy you are with is both attractive and smart, and you get along, you have to think about how you would feel if you gave yourself to him on the first date. Sometimes it is more special to wait – more romantic.  Sometimes you want to go on adventures together and then passionately fall into bed together and make love – not fuck.

Yet, you have to think of yourself in another way. What if he likes you too? If you fuck him, will he feel used and start to build up resentment? Some guys can definitely feel this way and it is a surefire way to destroy what could turn into something really good. If this is the case, you should wait. Yet, if you both really like each other, and you know the fire is there, you should definitely talk about those feelings. You need to both be on the same page before your emotions completely take over.

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At the end of the day, relationships are a lot like cars. You can keep leasing affordable midsized sedans that take you to and fro, and wherever else you need to go, but eventually you want something you can be proud to drive out of the garage. Sometimes you get older and you want something a little more reliable. Maybe you don’t want to constantly keep breaking up with guys and hunting for hot rebound sex – that consistent, hunky greased tow-truck that always comes to the rescue when you are on the side of the road. But then again, what if you’ve just met the one? Then is it okay to fuck on the first date?  When it comes down to it, you just have to use your own intuition. Life is a series of car wrecks, blowjobs, missed connections and bounced checks. If you just keep chugging along, your heart will lead you where you need to go.

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When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

Being gay is a funny thing. I guess that’s why they call it being “queer.” Not because homosexuality is wrong, but because gay guys are so fucking awkward and weird. After what happened last night I can barely trust that anyone is straight. I’m pretty sure that we men are so desperate for a connection and a hole to put our dicks in that we are willing to do almost anything – even if it takes sleeping with a best friend. Anyways, I had this friend – let’s call him Steve – and I’ve known him since my first year of college. He was the jock in the movie, sleeping with multiple women every week, plays sports and loves drinking beer while watching more sports. He is the typical guys guy – maybe even the ultimate guy.

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Over the years we became closer and closer, despite the fact that I am a raging homo and he is a straight male. At first I thought it was because he was using me to get women – like I was some kind of pet to attract the hottest women at the party or the club. At least I always thought this in college, because he did bang a lot of my closest friends – who happen to be girls. However over a few years we started to grow a close camaraderie.  Despite his manliness, for some reason I was the person he would cry to if he got into a fight with a girlfriend or lost his job. It was sort of like I was his confession booth – Steve would tell me everything and anything. He knew I wouldn’t tell a soul.

After college we ended up moving to the same city. He got a job in finance and I did my thing. We didn’t talk or spend as a much time with each other as we did before. Maybe it was because we grew apart or maybe he didn’t want to be so closely associated with a gay man. After all, in the macho world of finance, having a gay friend can be misconstrued. In college you can be friends with anyone you want. However, we still had dinner once and a while. He would introduce me to his girlfriends and I would introduce him to my boyfriend du jour. There were a few times when I would even go shopping with Steve’s lady friends. It was almost like I was bonding with Steve again, but by proxy.

That is when the unexpected happened. Steve looked straight into my eyes – just his gaze alone punched me in the gut with nervous butterflies – and told me: “I love you and I’ve loved you since the moment we met. I’ve never been so in love with anyone before and I need you.” It was a shocker, but it wasn’t entirely surprising. There were hints, like the time he massaged my back in the dorms or the time I was convinced that he was checking out my butt. Now I knew for certain. After he told me I started crying uncontrollably. But the reason why I was crying was a little different. I loved him too, but I wasn’t harboring such a burdensome secret. I also knew that things between Steve and I would never work out. He needed to spend multiple years exploring himself and coming out of the closet – that is a long process that you can’t do in your first relationship with a man. Coming out of the closet is like discovering Atlantis – you visit the whole lost city before you move on.

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After Steve told me his dark secret, I held him in my arms. We then took a bath together – naked. It felt good to hold his naked trembling body in my arms. I’ve never seen him so vulnerable, but now his shell was gone – perhaps forever. That night we made love – all night long. It was a beautiful experience, because I felt multiple years of repressed passion in every single one of his thrusts. Afterwards we lay there naked for hours. I told him how much I love him, but that we couldn’t be together, because he needed to explore Atlantis. He was confused at first, but understood exactly what I meant. We spooned for a little while and in the morning he was gone. I haven’t spoken with him since.

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