How To Have Tons Of Sex In Your Dorm And Not Get Caught

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You’re in college; you’re hot and ready to have the time of your life. You’re eager to screw all those hot dudes around campus. That guy you keep seeing eyeing your package at the gym, that hot nerd at the library who nibbles his pencil when you walk by, that footballer who has an ass that just don’t stop—what do all of these guys need? A good dicking down from you my friend. With all those eager men out there, you want to bury your bone in as many dudes as possible, right? There’s just one thing: you live in a dorm with a roommate. Can you say major cockblock? I know you moved out and thought that you’d be hooking up with guys left and right now that you’re mom and dad aren’t around. But, the reality is hooking up with a dude in a dorm is hard. I’ve got some expert tips (trust, I get dick like a pro) to help you make the most of a sticky situation.

First things first, are you out?

Have you come out to your roommate or other guys in your dorm? I’m not judging either way, but there are some aspects to being out that make gay sex easier. If you’re out to your roommate you won’t have to do any explaining if you accidentally get caught boning a guy. He’ll get it and it might be awkward, but it will lessen the shock. I recommend you coming out to your roomie if you feel comfortable enough. You never know, he might be bi-curious. College is the time to experiment! If you haven’t come out yet, that’s okay. You can always just use the friend excuse. Say to your roommate, “This is my friend from Chemistry. We’ve got an exam to study for. Can we have the room for about an hour?” That’ll get the room all freed up for you. Let’s just hope your roommate doesn’t walk in on you two doing the dirty.

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Timing is everything… Schedule some sexy time!

I know us gays like to have spontaneous sex, who doesn’t actually? It’s always way more fun to meet a random guy and hookup. But, if you have the option, scheduling with your roommate actually works out well. Let’s say you find a dude that want to bang your brains out later in the afternoon. Just see if you can arrange to have the dorm room all to yourself. You can be as vague or specific as you want, depending on how close you are with your roomie. Option 1: “I have a friend coming over later. Do you mind if I have the room for a little bit this afternoon?” Option 2: “This guy wants to bang my brains out. I want my brains banged out. Don’t you want me to be happy? Please don’t be around this afternoon.” Okay, so I admit that second option was more of a joke, but you get the point?

Scheduling isn’t just a matter of working this out in advance. It’s a good idea to know your roommate’s class schedule. You can duck into your room while he’s in class and get your ass reamed. He’ll never be the wiser. I do suggest you have a code tho. Which brings me to my next tip.

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All men should have a code.

This one is as old a trick as any. Dorm rooms and other shared spaces are finders-keepers and you and your roommate should understand this. It’s sort of a first-come-first-serve thing. If you have got a hot date and you get that hunk of man meat back to your dorm and your roommate’s not there. You better take advantage. I hang a sock on the outside door handle to let my roommate know I’m gagging on some cock or getting dick, in general. If he sees the sock on the handle, he should know the room is off limits. Be courteous and quick. You don’t want to keep your pal locked out all night. Also, respect his time if you come home to see a sock on the door. He respected your space, now you have to do the same.

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Finally, sneaking as a last resort

If you can avoid bringing a dude over while your roommate’s around you absolutely should. No one wants to hear you getting screwed while their trying to sleep. But, sometime you get a bit drink-y and you just need to fuck. Here’s the best way to sneak in and get a quickie. Take off as much of your clothing in the hall outside your dorm room as possible. If no one is around, strip naked. Bundle your clothes up and quietly open the door. If you’re roommate’s asleep, tiptoe over to the bed and don’t you dare laugh or talk. Gingerly climb into bed and spoon with your dude. No fancy doggy style or raunchy sex is allowed. You’ve got to keep quiet. Unwrap the condom(s) under the blanket and sheets to help muffle any sounds. If you absolutely need lube, be sure to use a lube with a pump, so it won’t make any squirting noises (this is my fav – Swiss Navy Waterbased Lube). Be quick and QUIET. No dirty talk or moaning. No matter how good it feels, do your best to not wake your roommate. You came a ton and you’re hearts begin to normalize. Now, don’t let that dude fall asleep. Kick him out. You can catch up later. Never let a guy stay the night. Dorm rooms are small enough; you don’t need another body taking up space in the morning.

Those are my top tips for hooking up in a dorm room. We all want tons of college sex!

I feel ya. Just be sure to communicate with your roommate and only sneak a guy in while your roommate is asleep, once or twice. It’s not cool. It’s hard enough finding the right time and place to hook up with guys. But, as gay men we have a couple of other obstacles to complicate the situation. I hope I’ve helped you figure out the best way to get your dick wet. Oh and did I mention, you can use these tips for jerking off. Yeah! You can schedule some alone time with your favorite giant dildo or to use your beloved stroker. Just make sure to hide your sex toys from your roomie. You don’t want him getting any ideas 😉 Onward and upward fratters!

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Some Rules On Gay College and Gay Flirting Tips

There are many, many men that one will meet in college… if they are open minded that is. Close fraternity brothers, gay professors, and of course just other hot homosexuals will be crawling all over the college campus… knowing how to flirt, and with whom to flirt with is going to be the key to reaching all your sexual potential in college.

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First, let’s review some basic rules to gay college and some gay flirting tips:

1. Flirting should only be initiated if there is at least a 70% chance that the individual you are flirting with is also a homosexual (or at least bi-curious).

If you are unsure of the individual’s sexual orientation but still wish to attempt flirting, you should at least be confident that it will be well received in the event that he is not interested. Coming on too strong to a straight guy can be a pretty nasty event… so I have heard…

2. Flirting should only be initiated if the environment calls for it.

Many people have strong feelings about public displays of affection, and this includes flirting. If you start flirting with a guy who is discreet, private, or reserved while in a public place could end up backfiring. This rule is especially important if you are a ‘touchy’ person, as many people are uncomfortable being affectionate in public.

3. Flirting should be buffered by friendly conversation.

While most gays are fluent in flirting, it may be difficult for one to realize when their flirting has become too much. To avoid being over-flirty, you should space out your charming pickup lines with general friendly conversation. Nothing is as unsexy as someone coming on too strong and too fast…

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gay flirting4. Examine how the flirty behavior is being received.

Body language is key to understanding if your flirty comments and moves are flying smooth, or crashing and burning. Since you don’t want to embarrass yourself, or waste your own time flirting with someone not interested, it is important to make observations (without looking like you are). Leaving the conversation ‘open’ for them to flirt back, or respond on the spot can help to determine what they are thinking and how they are feeling. If you aren’t feeling any interest being reciprocated, it is a good idea to steer the conversation into a friendly place while you get to know the person.

5. You MUST know your audience!

Not knowing who you are flirting with could be potential for a gay flirting disaster. You don’t have to have a deep conversation with someone to get an idea of ‘who’ they are. Simple cues and clues will help you determine if the individual you are flirting with is a good match. Look at what they are wearing, their posture and the way they interact with others, and if you think a little flirting could go a long way… go for it!

So now that we have examined the five rules to gay flirting, we can examine the way to flirt with each type of college guy you will encounter.

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The Bi-Curious Frat Boy

You will encounter several ‘curious’ guys while in college: classmates, frat guys, and even your professors. Common curiosity aside, each of these men should be approached differently…

The bi-curious frat boy is a tricky type to flirt with, as most are discreet and uncomfortable with the romantic aspect of homosexuality. This type is more sex-driven, but don’t expect cuddles afterwards… hooking up with a bi-curious fraternity guy will probably leave you with a stimulated prostate, but not an overnight bedfellow.

The Flamboyant Freshman

There is something about college that brings out the flame within gay freshman… not all, but many. College is known for being the time where people ‘come into themselves,’ so transitions of this sort are to be expected…
The flamboyant freshman is often more romantically driven than the masculine-acting gay. This known, flirting is typically welcomed, and public displays of affection are fair-game.

The Straight Acting Gay Jock

Similar to the bi-curious frat guy, this type of college gay will be hard to gauge when it comes to flirting… The straight acting gay jocks can be found usually around the on-campus gyms, and on the club sport teams. With this type of gay, it is a case-by-case basis, with some being entirely comfortable with PDA and others being very against it. Simply chat with him and pay attention to his body language. If you notice his eyes looking at your eyes or lips, he is probably interested and you are safe to fire up the flirting.

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The Gay Professor

If you don’t have a hang up on hooking up with an authority figure, this type of gay could really be quite a ‘learning’ experience (both in and out of the bedroom). Most universities discourage faculty and student relations… but then again, when did rules ever stop us gays?

If you are open to dating a professor, you should probably seek one that doesn’t teach any of the classes you will, have or are currently taking. Professors will not be open to any public displays of affection; however, gay professors can inspire some of the most interesting date conversation…

Flirting should be subtle and smart with this type of campus gay, as most have a taste for witty and clever charm.

While each gay college student’s journey will be unique, this article should give you an idea as to the types of homosexuals you may expect to encounter on campus. And if you do feel ready to put your gay flirting skills to the test, the rules to flirting will act as a great guide to landing your next pickup line. Make the most of your gay college experience, and be sure to remember: college is what you make of it… so why not make it great?

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The Ultimate Guide To Gay Chat Rooms

Gay Chat Sites

A gay chat room can often be like a cyber sex paradise. Plus, you can be anyone that you want to be. How cool is that? You can be ripped and cut Gary from Florida and no one would have any idea. Even if you turn on your webcam, you can have it pointed straight at your hard dripping cock and they would have no idea that you have a few extra pounds around your muffin top. However, there are some rules for gay chat rooms that you need to know.

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Here is your ultimate guide to gay chat rooms.

  1. Never ever use your real name – the Internet is full of weirdos. Anyone can tell you that the Internet is a place for total wackos. Just ask anybody in the gay community and they can tell you about a few chat room dates that have turned into total nightmares when the guy turned out to be six inches shorter and a hundred pounds heavier. If you use your real name in a chat room, you could have a few of these chubby stalkers on your hands.
  2. Make sure that you have excellent lighting – you don’t want to look like you are stuck in 1997. These days, the cameras on computers are pretty high quality and high definition. However, if you don’t have proper lighting, the camera can make you look like a pixellated mess. This is why you want to open your blinds – sunshine is the best for a private video chats.
  3. Get your emoticon game on lock down – you will be using a lot of them as code for different dirty sexual things. These days, people use emoticons as much as they use actual words. Also, in a recent study, they found that people who use emoticons are having way more sex than people who don’t. This is why you want to practice using them. These days, keyboards have a lot of emoticons, so you may want to brush up on what you’ve got in your library, because it could mean the different between getting some and not getting some.

    Gay Social Networking - A Gay Guy Chatting with Tablet
    A gay guy chatting with tablet
  4. Do your research about a certain guy before you meet him in public. Before you meet a guy in public, you want to do your research about him. The last thing you want is to meet a guy that seemed nice in a chat room site, but is actually an axe murderer in public. As you get towards the meeting date, you want to be sure to get his name. You can do a simple Google search to make sure he is not on any Top Ten Most Wanted Lists.
  5. Always get a dick pic. On top of everything, you also want to get a dick pic. When it comes down to it, the whole package could be perfect, but you want to get a glimpse of what he has hiding in his pants, because it could be something you are not into. If you are a power bottom that likes to be destroyed by a ten-inch dong, the last thing you want is to be disappointed when he pulls out a two-inch dreidel. In the end, asking for a dick pic should be no big deal – if it is, you may have the wrong guy.

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Some Things You Need To Know About Gay Cruising

Gay Cruising Spots

Gay cruising originated as a code word for looking for sex. In the old days, gay people had to use code words for everything, like gay sex was some kind of spy organization. Today, a cruising spot is essentially a place where guys go to hook up with men. Traditionally, the usual place for this was in a park or forest, like the famous ‘meat rack’ in Fire Island. When it comes to gay cruising spots, this place was a mecca – you could literally whip out your cock and have it sucked right then and there.

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Here are some things you need to know about gay cruising.

  1. The first thing you need to know is that gay cruising can be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the spot. When it comes down to it, gay cruising must be done in a place that you feel familiar in. If you aren’t familiar with the location, you may want to get out of there. In this day and age, gay cruise spots must be well lit and safe.
  2. Also, you need to bring protection with you at all time. If you don’t have a condom – or five – with you, you may as well stay home. Gay cruising is all about the sex, so if you go there without a condom, you are basically risking your life and your wellbeing. It is not so hard to visit a liquor store and pick up some condoms on your way to a gay cruise spot.
  3. You can leave whenever you feel uncomfortable – just use your words. When you are at a gay cruise spot, you want to own it. What this means is that you need to feel comfortable. If you don’t, you may want to leave. If you are with a guy at a gay cruise spot and you get a weird vibe, it is perfectly okay to say that you want to leave and don’t feel comfort. To not make it awkward, you want to be polite and say that something came up.

    Smiling Gay Couple Lying on Bed Looking at Each Other
    Smiling gay couple lying on bed looking at each other
  4. Be comfortable and be yourself – you are there to explore your sexuality. When you are checking out different gay cruising spots, you want to be sure that you don’t pretend to be someone else. This is not the 50s – you don’t need to hide. If you feel insecure, you may want to figure out why and try to work it out. If the gay cruising thing is new to you, that may be the reason. Just remember: you are there to get some dick or to get dicked, so it will be fun if you let it be.
  5. Never take any substances that may make your judgment impaired. On top of everything, you also want to stay away from any substances that may impair your judgment. If you are someplace new and strange, you don’t want to have anything clouding your ability to make smart decisions. In the end, visiting a gay cruising spot is all about being clear headed.

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Watching Gay Porn Videos: Good or Bad?

gay porn, gay porn videos, porn videos, porn video

A lot of people will tell you that masturbating is bad. Some will say that you will burn in hell or that you’ll grow hair on your palms. If those people knew that I like to masturbate to guys ramming me in the asshole as sweat soaks the bed, they would probably tell me that I am going to be an eternally burning hairball in the lowest pits of hell. The truth is that masturbation isn’t bad – nor is watching gay porn. When it comes down to it, gay porn videos can actually enhance the masturbatory experience.

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I can understand why some people may think that watching porn videos is bad – there is a lot of raunchy stuff in some of those videos. In some of those videos, you are going to see people getting fucked in the asshole with giant dildos – really giant dildos. As a result, you are going to see lots of liquids coming out from multiple orifices. Hell, I’ve seen one video where two guys were on a seesaw – every time one guy came down, he would be reamed with a giant dildo. For this reason, I can see why people would think that gay porn videos were bad.

There is also the notion that gay porn can change people’s views on sex. Some people say that porn has perverted the way they have sex in real life – expectations are higher and as a result they feel let down when the experience doesn’t meet their fantasy. Other people, though, feel like watching porn videos can make them lust after an imaginary ideal – to the point where real guys don’t even seem desirable. Of course, these are extreme views – not all guys feel this way when they watch gay porn.

Also, there is an issue of moderation. Everything in life must be done in moderation, or else it can get a little extreme and life will seem too out of control. For instance, you can’t go out night after night dancing – as amazing as that sounds – eventually you will crash. This is why watching gay porn must be done in moderation. You don’t need to watch gay porn videos every single day – every couple of days will probably be fine and healthy. Watching them every day or multiple times a day may start to get unhealthy.

Moreover, stretching out your periods of watching gay porn can be great too, because it can make it fresh and new and exciting. It can actually get pretty boring and depressing to watch gay porn every single day. If you watch once, twice or even three times a week, it can give you something to look forward to at the end of the day. It’s kind of like when you don’t have sex for a long time and then have sex – your orgasm is more intense and the overall feeling of sex is more exciting and more erotic.

Whenever I masturbate to gay porn, I always set limits for myself. I always tell myself when I can and can’t watch gay porn videos. When it comes down to it, limits are important – next to doing things in moderation, giving yourself limitations can allow you to live a more organized and well balanced lifestyle. In fact, if you don’t give yourself limits, moderation will be impossible. There is also a good chance that you will turn into a porn video addict, which is never a good thing. Porn addition is a real affliction, but if you have clear guidelines for how you watch porn, your porn watching won’t turn into a bad habit.

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In the end, watching gay porn is not a bad thing – just like masturbation is not a bad thing…

All you have to remember is that porn is a great tool to use when masturbating, but it is not to be used as stuffing to fill the hole in your heart or soul – get a therapist if you want to fix your problems. When it comes down to it, porn is fun if you do it in moderation and with some limits in place – or else it will either be boring or it will take over your life, which is something you definitely don’t want.

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Various Types Of Gay Guys You’ll Meet On The Scene

types of gay guys, types of gay, types of gay people, gay guys, gay guy

When you are out in the wild (that’s gay talk for when you are out clubbing and cruising for dudes) you are going to meet and see a lot of different types of gay guys. Sometimes, going out on a Thursday (that’s every gay man’s secret party night) and Friday night can feel a little bit like stepping out on to the Yellow Brick Road. Except this road isn’t yellow, it’s rainbow – and instead of lions and tigers and bears, it’s twinks, wolfs and bears…oh my! Why is it important to know what types of gay men are out there? – Mainly because you want to know what you are working with when you are horny and looking for some dick.

Here are the various types of gay guys you will meet on the scene.

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Wolves. When it comes to all the types of gay people out there, wolves are often the sexiest and most sexual. What is a wolf? A wolf is sort of like a bear, except not as big and intimidating. They always have some chest hair and a little facial hair and they are usually ripped. Not like Hulk ripped, but toned and strong and hot. Be careful with wolves, because when they are hungry – you may just get your head bitten off.

Bears. Out of all the gay guys out there, you’ll see a lot of bears on a Friday night – they are usually fishing for hot young guys to hook up with. A bear is physically intimidating, but when you get them in bed, they are serious cuddle bunnies. Plus, they will be able to ensconce your entire body with their bear bodies. When it comes down to it, bears can be hot and they can be confident, but you shouldn’t be looking for a relationship with a bear – they aren’t looking either.

Cubs. Cubs are somewhere in between a wolf and a bear. Out of all the types of gay men that you will meet in the wild, cubs tend to be the cutest. They usually have some form of facial hair and they have a lot of body hair. Plus, they aren’t that fat or toned – they really are cute little cubs. Cubs are also really fun to cuddle with, especially on a Saturday morning after a hot one-night stand.

Chub. Out of all the gay guys out there, chubs often have it the hardest. Plus, you aren’t likely to see a chub out in the wild – mostly because they are too self-conscious about their weight. Although there are a few brave and beautiful chubs that will come out and they can be really fun to party with – you have to have a taste for excess to look like that. Plus, there is a whole community of guys that are really into chubs – they people are, of course, called chub chasers or chubby chasers. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s someone’s cup of tea, so don’t hate!

Twunks. A twunk is sort of like a twink – they could almost be the same category – but a twunk is a guy who is youngish, slightly toned, but totally hairless. These guys can be hot, because their soft bodies are so supple and delicious. Probably the most famous twunk out there is Justin Bieber – although he ebbs and flows between a twunk and a twink. If you meet a gay guy who is a twunk and he is in to you, you are in luck, because twunks are amazing in bed – they really know how to move.

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As you can see, there are a lot of gay guys on the scene. If you are out in the wild, it can help to know what all the different types of gay guys are…

As a connoisseur of the erotic and nightlife and fun, I found that knowing how to spot the differences between gay guys can really help. Not only can it give you something to expect, but also it makes it easier to know what to say. The next time you go out, be sure to keep your eye open, because there is a good chance that you’ll run into one or more of the above types of gay guys.

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The Best Gay Sex Toys of the Season

best gay sex toys, gay sex toys, gay toys, gay sex toy, gay toy

One of the hardest parts of finding the best gay sex toys is that new toys are being released all the time, so there are soooo many choices.This can be a blessing and a curse – it’s a curse because you always want more and more, but it’s a blessing because with such a large stash of gay toys, boredom is a thing of the past in the bedroom. What can I say, this boy likes his toys, which is why I want to share with you some my favorite newly released gay sex toys.

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Master Series Remote Control Penis. When it comes to gay sex toys, you don’t have a whole lot of variety with vibrating dildos. It seems like women get all the fun in that department, but what about us gay boys? Well, this amazing vibrating penis – which is a deep dark sexy black color – will not only feel incredible as it inches inside your anal cavity, you can also switch on the vibration setting for a whole new level of orgasmic fun. The best part about this dildo: it comes with a remote control, which makes it a great gay sex toy for a date or to spice it up in the bedroom with your partner.

Hung 12.5. The number in this gay sex toy should give away the fact that this bad boy is huge. I’m telling you – this thing is HUGE. However, it is still totally manageable and it feels incredible. I was never one to experiment with large dildos before, but when I tried this bad boy out, I was an instant convert. Plus, it is super realistic looking – perfect for those fantasies where you are getting rammed in the ass by a sexy black cock.

Tantas Anaconda Silicone. One of my favorite types of gay sex toys is an anal plug, so when I found a gay toy that combined the wondrous beauty of a butt plug and a dildo, I was instantly smitten. This is definitely one of those gay sex toys that you need a copilot to operate. It’s long, thick and hard – and it has a handle, so you can have your hot boy toy ram it in and hot of your asshole while you yank on your cock. Trust me, you’ll have an orgasm so incredible that you’ll wake up and think it was all a dream.

“One of the hardest parts of finding the best gay sex toys is that new toys are being released all the time, so there are soooo many choices…”

Rascal the Thug. I just love the name of this gay sex toy – it sounds so dirty, so naughty. Maybe the name alone was the reason why I opted to try out this incredible gay sex toy. Not only is this gay toy perfect for anal stimulation with a partner, it is also perfect for some hands free stimulation as well. It is one of the only toys that comes with an interlocking system, so you can mount it anywhere and get off without anyone looking. Plus, it is made out of the unique FleshPhalix material, which feels just like real skin.

Orifice Penetration Device. What can I say about this amazing device? – This is one of the first gay sex toys that incorporates three incredible functions in a single package. You can use it to give yourself some extra penis girth, you can use it to masturbate with and you can use it to open up your partners, ahem, orifice, for a more comfortable anal sex experience. I have been waiting for a gay toy like this for a while and now it’s here and I couldn’t be happier. The only problem is that I may have to get a new one – I’ve used it so many times, I’m afraid I’ve worn it out.

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In the end, some of the best sex toys are released on a seasonal basis. Every time I see a new gay sex toy, I immediately buy it, because I know it will probably be amazing. Whether you like dildos, butt plugs or penis enhancers, there is sure to be something that strikes your fancy. Regardless, though, it’s just nice to know that I can keep adding to my arsenal of sex toys – it’s fun to have a special tool for every special occasion; even if that special occasion is just a little solo time to myself.

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Gay Hookups Dos and Don’ts

gay hookups, gay hookup

In the world of gay hookups, there are some definitive dos and don’ts. Of course, this article is for all those guys out there that are on the serious dating scene and are hooking up on a nightly basis. Don’t worry, no one is judging – there is a good chance that you are on a path to exploring who you are sexually. The only thing is that you need to play your cards right – if you don’t, not only can you go home empty handed, but you may start to develop a reputation. The last thing you want is to poison your own well.

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Here are some basic gay hookup dos and don’ts…

Don’t come off like a jerk and pretend like you are someone else. This is a gay hookup cardinal sin. If you act like you are all that and just can’t walk the walk, it will be embarrassing for you. Also, don’t make things up, lie or exaggerate. Not one person likes a guy who exaggerates and lies – people can see right through you.

Do be yourself. When it comes to gay hookups, you always want to be yourself. If you are quirky, be quirky. If you have a weird talent, you should show that talent off. Many gay guys don’t realize that being themselves – no matter how awkward and weird – is actually a turn on.

Don’t set your sights too high. Another important gay hook up don’t is to not have lofty expectations. You know when you get really hungry and all you want is something juicy and delicious to eat – you create this meal in your mind and you convince yourself that it is going to be the greatest thing you ever tasted – but then you go the restaurant and the meal is just sort of eh, whatever. Well, this is what it is sort of like with gay hook ups – you just have to go with the flow and not build it up too much in your mind.

Do have a great time. Too many guys go into a gay hook up scenario with the idea that they will have a bad time – kind of like the opposite of setting your sights and expectations too high. This is why you want to focus on having a good time. It’s easy to be negative, so you have to work hard at having a great time – you may even want to pretend. Eventually you will convince yourself. If the date is bad, at least you had fun and didn’t waste your time.

Don’t be shy about what you want. It’s not cute to be shy about what you want. Gay hook ups are way more fun when a guy knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. Open communication will be important, because it will let your date know how you expect to be treated and you will earn more respect.

Do be open. There is a good chance that you will be in a situation where a guy will be telling you what he likes in bed. It is gay hookup 101 to listen and to be open to everything he has to say. If you cut him off in the middle of saying something you think is out of control, you will look close-minded and the entire mood will be ruined. If he does say something you don’t like, you should talk about it and find someplace to meet in the middle. There is a chance you might like it.

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In the end, gay hook ups can be fun, but only if you work your hardest to avoid all the above don’ts. If you stick to the dos, a gay hook up can be an amazing, strange experience that you’ll wake up and appreciate. Even if the gay hook up is a one night stand, at least you can tell yourself that you tried. Sure, some guys can be jerks, but for every jerk, there is an amazing guy who will be great in bed, which will make the whole journey worth it!

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Must Have Gay Sex Toys At

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If you haven’t visited lately, you probably don’t know that there are a lot of fun new gay sex toys in the shop. Don’t worry – there are still a bunch of classic gay toys that you can get your hands on too. When it comes to gay adult sex toys, you have a lot of options. In this article, I want to break down some of the best gay toys. Some of these gay sex toys are perfect for a little solo fun and some are perfect for a hot, spicy night with your man in the bedroom – or whatever room in the house that you like to get it on in.

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Here are some must have gay sex toys at…

1. The Colt Anal Trainer Kit. Ever gay man needs at least one butt plug in their arse–nal. Out of all the gay adult toys, butt plugs make everything so much more fun. You see, guys have a little g-spot of their own, which can be found in the prostate. The prostate is located right inside the entrance of the anus. With these amazing butt plugs, you’ll have three different sizes to choose from. Plus, if you are an anal sex newbie, these gay toys will make sure to get you ready for any man – from a hunky stallion to the average Joe.

2. The Bam Realistic Supercock. Sometimes it can be fun to pretend you are getting fucked in the ass with an unimaginably large cock. Well, with this bad boy of a dildo, you can make your fantasy a reality – sort of. This delicious, veiny chocolately super cock is a whopping 10 inches, so you are going to be in for some serious fun. This dildo is perfect for a solo fun and for some partner fun too, especially if you have a double bottom scenario. Just be careful with this super cock dildo – its size is pretty intimidating.

3. The Hung 12.5. Okay, let me first say that this dildo is insane. If you are the kind of guy that really likes his man to be on the enormous side – like Tyrannosaurus Rex enormous – this dildo is for you. Like its name suggests, this dildo is a shocking 12 and a half inches long and three inches of girth. You also have a nice set of realistic balls, so if you are feeling really ballsey, you can go balls deep with this bad boy and really feel your prostate tingle. Trust me, you’ll squeeze a load out so big you won’t know what to do with yourself.

4. The Triple Erection System. Sometimes, you don’t really feel like squeezing one out right away – sometimes you want to keep goingsimply because it feels so good. However, what happens if you feel like you have to cum – this can really get in the way when you are trying to go at it all night long. This is why I love this cock ring system. Cock rings are great because they slightly constrict blood flow in your erection. This can effectively keep the blood inside your cock to keep it harder for longer. Also, it will send a little message to your brain telling it to hold off on climaxing. With this erection system, you get three different cock rings for three different erotic sensations.

5. The Big Man Masturbator. When it comes to gay sex toys, you need at least one masturbator. Out of all the gay adult toys, a masturbator can be fun for sex with a partner as well. With this masturbator, you put your cock inside and ride it until you cum. It is also clear, so you can see your cum blast out. This masturbator also has little suction cups inside of it that will really amp up the pleasure. Trust me, if you are looking for gay adult sex toys that will feel just like you are getting a hot blow job, this masturbator will definitely do the trick.

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In the end, every gay man should have a secret drawer full of adult toys – a gay man just isn’t complete without them. Sure, anal sex and hand jobs are fun – don’t get me wrong – but having some gay sex toys can make the experience so much more thrilling and pleasurable. Gay adult toys are intended and designed to give you earth shattering orgasms. Just think of these gay toys as your secret weapon to make your sex life more adventurous and exciting. Who knows, you may not even want to leave your bedroom.

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Guide to Gay Threesomes

gay threesomes, gay threesome

A gay threesome is a little bit like a cocktail. You have the vermouth or tonic, you have the bitters or aromatics and then you have the liquor – be it vodka, rum, whiskey or bourbon. If you add the wrong ingredient or not enough of one ingredient, the whole thing will either make you want to vomit or you’ll have a great cocktail. It’s one of those “either or” situations. A gay threesome can sort of be like that. So, if you have been dreaming of gay threesomes lately, you need to know where to start, how to set one up and what to do when you are in the middle of one. A gay threesome is not something you can just throw together.

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Here is your guide to gay threesomes…

The very first thing you need to know about gay threesomes is that there are some physics involved. Just think about it: some guys are bottoms and some guys are tops. What happens if you are in a situation where you have three bottoms? It’s an unlikely situation, but it can be pretty damn if you don’t have any sex toys on hand so everyone can get off. If you really want to make it work, though, you’ll need at least one bottom – or else the whole gay threesome will be a wreck. So, keep this in mind the next time you find yourself find yourself naked in bed with three hot guys.

Now, what happens if you don’t plan the threesome? Yes, gay threesomes can be unplanned. Imagine being out one night with a guy that you aren’t that serious with – then you meet another guy. Then you all start dancing and then kissing and then you are all so horny that you ready to get it on in the bathroom. If you are in this situation, you will need a bedroom stat. Ideally, you want to head back to your house. This is where you can have the most control. You can also tell the guys to leave if things get weird. You don’t want to be trapped in some other guy’s house, especially if you start to get that ax murderer vibe.

gay threesomes, gay threesome

Okay, so if you find yourself at a club or out at a party and you meet two other guys – what happens if they ask you to go their house? First, you have to know for sure that they are kosher – and I don’t be circumcised. You don’t want to go back to some guy’s dirty drug den. If the guys seem cool and not like total psychos – you can probably be confident in knowing that you will have a good time. If you get a bad vibe, you want to find a way to politely leave the conversation. A gay threesome can be terrible if you don’t really want to be doing it.

Next, once you are actually in bed with two guys, you want to start things slow. You don’t want to rush into a gay threesome. Ideally, you want to let it simmer and then steam. You don’t want the water to boil right away. This is especially the case if you don’t really know the guys you are in bed with. So, be sure to fool around, get sufficiently turned on, suck each other off, and play with some toys – butt plugs can be really fun to use during foreplay.

And finally, when you are finally ready to go for it, you want to be sure to let it happen naturally. You don’t want to force yourself into any scenario or position where you are uncomfortable. Gay threesomes should not be uncomfortable. Ideally, you want to let things take their course. If he grabs your cock – maybe you should spin him around and fuck him in the ass. If he yells at you to go harder, you can go harder. As you can see, communication is important.

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In the end, a gay threesome can be incredibly fun – if you know what kind of setting to create. If you are confident in your sexuality, you should be able to handle a threesome scenario. Some people just can’t handle all the variables involved. However, if you let things flow and you take your time, a gay threesome can be a memorable sexual experience. At the end of the day, gay threesomes don’t happen all the time, so the most important thing is to enjoy it.

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