Biggest Fear

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Biggest Fear

My biggest fear:

Sex involves some extent of trust. Be it for this person to actually not have crabs, or simply for them to ‘be gentle down there.’ You have at least believe that they will respect your demands and satisfy you adequately before you stick yourself in any part of them, or allow any part of you to become an ‘insert.’

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So with that in mind, you should know that I was always the ‘what if’ child. The worrier. I still am to an extent, in the sense that I deeply explore every outcome before choosing well… anything. Sex included.

The thought implanted itself in my rather scattered brain while I was watching the movie Teeth.

To the few of you unfamiliar the quick synopsis is: this girl has a ‘toothed’ vagina and every boy she has sex with has his penis ripped off.

Other than the movie reaffirming my ‘being gay,’ it got me thinking about teeth… And inadvertently, blowjobs.

The boys having sex with this girl in the movie didn’t know that she was well… toothed down there. And I think it would be safe to say that if they were aware of the fact that perhaps they would not have ‘stuck it in.’

However, oral sex is a totally different story. We are sticking ourselves into a smallish hole complete with a full set of teeth. Teeth that could easily remove penises from where they are rightly and naturally mounted.

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It is this, among many health factors that make glory-holes unfathomable for me. You are sticking possibly the most sensitive and important part of your body into this hole with absolutely no idea as to what is on the other side. I could be literally anything, and that is horrifying.

Food for thought: Be careful where you stick your stick.


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