Must Try Gay Sex Positions For Gay Men

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Hello boys! I’m here to discuss my favorite thing on earth, gay sex!

Straight sex is so boring and so vanilla. When it comes to sex, the gays do it best! Getting tired of being in the same old sex positions? Wanting some new ideas for ways to have more pleasurable sex? I’ve got the gay sex positions that will tie you in knots, my friends. From the classic ‘69’ to ‘Bumper Cars,’ I’ve got some positions you’ve probably heard of that are tried and true and some fresh ones that’ll be new to you. You and your booty will thank me.

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  1. 69 – Oh, 69. You lovely, lovely gay sex position. We’ve all heard of this classic. It involves you performing oral sex while receiving oral. For mutual satisfaction, you really can’t beat this position. But, there are a variety of variations on this position that you can perform to switch it up! The gold standard 69 involves you straddling your man’s face and you leaning down to blow him. Now, this can go a couple of different ways! You both can perform blow jobs on one another either by laying side by side or one on top of the other. You can ask him to give you a rim job while you suck him off or vise a versa. But, if you’re on a bed my all time favorite 69 sex position is the double rim job. You sit on his face and then pull his legs back exposing his beautiful bum to you. You can both eat each other out at the same time. And, once you try it, you’ll never 69 any other way. There is a reason the 69 has remained in the gay sex position cannon for so long. If you’ve never tried any of these variations, time to start!
  2. Bent Spoons – Okay, bent spoons is an awesome sex position for you to get your hole thoroughly filled. It is a weird name, but I promise you this gay sex position will be one of your go-to’s. For the purposes of explanation, let’s assume that you are the bottom. What you do is start out in Reverse Cowboy so that you’re on top, but facing away from your partner. Once he’s deep inside you, bend your knees up toward your chest and then place your feet on his thighs. That will be fun for a few thrusts, but the natural progression will lead to your partner grabbing your legs behind the knees and lifting you up a bit. This will allow him to drill you deeper and you’ll be really bouncy. You can kick your legs in the air and feel weightless as you’re being screwed. Also, if you’d like to get a good look at your partner, you can lean back into his chest and turn to give him a nice smooch. This gay sex position sounds weird, but trust me, it’s fabulous! I love this position.
  3. The Bully – This gay sex position requires some upper body strength and some stamina. The Bully is really great if you’re with a smaller guy that you can pick up. Let’s assume for explanation purposes you’re the top this time around. To get into this sex position, I recommend starting out on a couch or chair. Have your partner face away from you as you penetrate him. Make sure he stays on his knees and doesn’t collapse forward or anything like that. Give him a big bear hug around his chest, making sure your arms go under his. Then, like the name implies, you want to pick him up! Make sure you stay deep inside him as you stabilize your stance. Then, you just lift your partner up and let gravity do the rest. You’ll love the feeling of him sliding back down onto you. Not only will this hit your partner’s prostate like crazy, you’ll also get the added benefit of watching his penis flop up and down as you lift and lower him. In addition to all that bully fun, you’ll also get a heck of a work out in your core, your arms and your thighs! If you ever wondered what sex positions are great for your physique, this one’s a real exercise! This is a power top’s dream sex position so if you like to feel dominant, this position is just the one for you.
  4. Deep Impact – Okay, you’ve been having awesome gay sex. If you’re a top, you know that the highest compliment you can receive during sex is to make your partner orgasm without the use of his or your hands. When you see that hands-free orgasm, you know you’ve really done an excellent job. If you’re a bottom, you too know that the most awesome orgasms come from intense p-spot stimulation. If you want to provide the best prostate stimulation possible, here is the perfect gay sex position for it. Deep Impact kind of gives this sex position away, the description is in the name! This sex position allows for the deepest, most intense anal penetration and prostate pounding. Let’s assume that your a top again, just to make the explanation easier. You can do this on a couch or on a bed. If you’re on a bed, stand up off of the bed and position yourself close to it with your legs at shoulders length apart. Grab your partner’s legs and pull him to the edge of the bed. Make sure he is on his back and facing you. Now, lift him up by his thighs and press them back towards his face. His knees should be next to his ears, if you’ve got him folded up just right. Now, insert your penis into him at angle so that it hits his spot. Usually, this is achieved by pressing down at the base of your penis so that your penis isn’t poking him at a direct right angle. This position causes your partner’s bottom to spread letting you go really deep. You’ll both be pleased, but this sex position really benefits the bottom.
  5. Drumroll… I’ve saved the best for last, BUMPER CARS! Yes, bumper cars is my all time favorite sex position. I just love all that bouncing fun this sex position lets you have. Okay, so to achieve this position, you and your partner will both need to be laying face down and away from one another. Let’s assume you’re the top again, lay down on top of your partner with your hips on top of his. Like I said, face down and away from one another. If you’ve done this right, you should be looking at the back of his legs and feet and he should be seeing the same. Now, spread your man’s cheeks beneath you and insert yourself. Let the bumping begin! You’ll be giving him a lot of direct prostate stimulation as you bounce up and down. And, if your partner has a bubble butt, you can just bounce of that booty for days! This is a really fun sex position that is great to get things started as you won’t be penetrating as deep as other sex positions like deep impact or the bully.

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There you have my friends! The best gay sex positions I’ve ever tried.

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Please leave me some comments and let me know your thoughts and any favorites you might have! Happy humping!

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10 Common Misconceptions About College Gays and Gay Sex

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Gay misconceptions are widely held, even among some gay people.

A lot of myths and falsehoods float around our society and color people’s judgement. If you’re a young gay guy who will be a freshman in college, or if you’re just interested in knowing some things about college gay life, please take time and read these common misconceptions.

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college gays, gay sex, college gay sex, sex misconceptions

  1. A gay man who hasn’t tried sex with a woman, can’t claim he is gay. The logic behind this boggles the mind. No one asks straight men to sleep with a man to prove he’s not gay. You are who you are.
  2. Gay men are effeminate, flamboyant and promiscuous. Gay men come in all shades of masculinity. From flirty, fun, flamers to butch, muscle studs. Like straight people, there are many ways to express your individuality.
  3. College gays will try and trick straight guys into having sex. I’m sure this has happened in a few instances. But, the vast majority of gay guys just want to get off with other guys. If a straight guy sends the wrong signals or they gay misreads. Be cool. Move on. Trust, most gay guys aren’t obsessing over your D.
  4. All gay men have anal sex. This gay misconception is a big one. Not all gay men have anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay men do not have anal sex. Opting for oral sex or even a classy handjob, is just as nice.
  5. Gay men are only looking for sex, not a relationship. Nope. Although a lot of young gay men are looking to play the field in college, there are some who are looking for a meaningful relationships.
  6. All gay men are sluts and have tons of sex. Gay sex is incredible. So, can’t judge a guy who has a bunch of it. However, not all gay men are promiscuous. Some are even prudes!
  7. Gay sex is dirty. Our puritanical society tries to keep this one going. The logic is that ALL sex is dirty to begin with, and gay sex (a taboo) is even dirtier. There’s nothing dirty or wrong about it. And if people base this argument on the assumption that anal sex is gross, they’re ignorant.
  8. Gay men are obsessed with sex. What college student isn’t? You will find a lot of gay men thinking about sex a lot. But, so does everyone else. Gays think no more or less about sex than the average person.
  9. Gay men love drama. Like most college students, gay men just want to have fun and earn their degrees. The stereotypical drama queen, gay guy isn’t all gay guys. Some gay men may have an affinity for the theatrical, but an equal number prefer things chill.
  10. All the gay guys on campus know one another. There is no secret Coven of gay men. They don’t all know one another. More activist gays are going to know way more gay people because of networking and organizing. But, your average run-of-the-mill gay will not be able to name the entire 10% of the student body who is queer.

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There you have it! The most common misconceptions of gay college men and gay sex.

Real talk though, if you generalize about any community you’re being reductive. The gay community on campus will be diverse, with varied views. All communities that are marginalized benefit from open conversation and discourse. Open your mind. Forget what you thought you knew and live it from a first-hand perspective. You’ll navigate gay campus life just fine.

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Why We Love Gay Sex (And You Should, Too!)

gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

We at The Gay Frat love gay sex. Gay sex is better than straight sex because we know how to get down and dirty. Unlike our straight counterparts, we are more likely to embrace kinky sex or engage in a fetish. This openness to new and exciting opportunities in the sack, makes gay sex less traditional and vanilla. Screw that! We don’t want that boring-ass stuff! Life’s too short to not make the most of the sex we have. The gays understand this and incorporate all sorts of fun stuff into their sexy time.

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gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

Here’s our top three reasons to love gay sex.

  1. Fetishes: Oh hey, feet! Oh hi, butt! Hi there, tickles! As far as gay fetishes go, there’s something for everyone. From enjoying multiple facials to engaging in some tickle torture, gay sex has always incorporated a variety of fetishes. When the straight people are blah! The gays are ah-ha! We don’t shy away from engaging in the fetishes that truly get us off. There are clubs, community groups and online forums exploring and fostering all of our deepest desires. Our most newly discovered fetish is wedgies. Yes, there are tons of gay men that love giving and getting wedgies. And, more power to them! Most gays aren’t going to discourage any of it. That’s just how we roll when it comes to gay sex.
  2. Kinky Sex: We love kinky gay sex! The more deviant the sex, the better. Although it’s not for everyone, it’s fun to explore how deep you want to go. Gay kinks can be as innocent as a slap on the ass while having sex or venture into some darker desires. BDSM, bondage, anonymous sex are all aspects of the gay sex experience and you can find safe ways to engage in all. Gay guys aren’t afraid to explore their wild side and let their freak flags fly. Leather bars, glory holes, as well as a myriad of apps to choose from, all allow you to explore the fringes of gay sex.
  3. Gay Sex Toys: We didn’t want to lump sex toys in with kinks or fetishes. They deserve a category all their own. Most of the sex toys marketed to straight people are based on gender. Meaning, this sex toy is for men OR this sex toy is for women. Because sex is between two men (usually), sex toys for gay men tend to be more fluid and allow for a completely different experience. We get the butt plugs, the prostate milkers, the anal beads, the cockring/anal plug duo! The gays are winning at gay sex toys. And, gay men are more likely than straight ones to purchase a sex toy. Open minds and bums, keep that gay sex game on point!

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We love gay sex! And, not just for functionality. We could have talked about how good men are at giving a blowjob or how great anal sex is. We could have gushed about how much better a hand job from another guy feels. Instead, we decided to focus a bit on the queerer aspects of gay sex. The acts and products that are operating a bit out of the mainstream. The “weirder” aspects of gay sex are what make it so lovely and so different. We at The Gay Frat get turned on by our kinky brothers, get wet for a fetish and thirst for gay sex toys.

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College Gay Survey: What will Gays be Like in 100 Years?

gays be like, college gay, gay survey, gay, gay college

We’re looking to the future here at The Gay Frat. We spoke with over 20 college gays and asked them: “What will gay life be like in 100 years?” We got a lot of responses!

gays be like, college gay, gay survey, gay, gay college

Here are our favorite answers from our gay survey:

  1. All STD’s will be cured, so we’ll no longer need to use condoms when we f*ck. We particularly liked this one. No more embarrassing trips to the gas station to buy your rubbers. Is it us, or does the cashier always throw shade? We’ve taken to ordering condoms online from, but…
  2. We’ll all be having VR (virtual reality) sex. Interesting. It is only a matter of time until a tech giant cracks the code for some sexy, VR, dicking down. Could you imagine having gay sex with those weird goggles on? On second thought, we might not endorse this.
  3. Gays will be 100% accepted in society. No more shame or stigma. That’s a nice thought. Gays be like… “optimism.”
  4. We’ll have an app on our phones or special x-ray vision sunglasses to see through other guys clothes. After the previous hopeful prediction, we’re back to technology making us more pervy. This really would take “people watching” to a whole new level. Imagine hanging out at a male fashion show with this tech. So many sexy male models. You could literally undress them with your eyes.
  5. We’ll invent cake that makes your body ripped. Like, you eat the cake, and then you have a six pack and your arms are huge. Sing us up! This was a creative answer and we’re all about eating cake instead of going to the gym. Would you miss those gym showers, though? Gay Dilemma. We could call it BeefCake, but tastes like Chocolate Cake.
  6. We’ll elect the first openly gay politician to the presidency. “I’m with HIM.” How great would that be? Could you imagine the amount of rainbow flags that would be sold for the inauguration?
  7. Sex robots will be a thing. We’ll all be gaying it up with robots. Like a happy version of Westworld, we might be having the best gay sex of our lives with (drum roll) machines. I want to take this opportunity to shout out the freakishly realistic male strokers at If you haven’t felt one of those cyberskin strokers, you’re missing out.
  8. Specialty beer with male enhancement properties will be sold on tap at all gay bars. If gay bars are still a thing, because hey, we might all have our own sexbot, I’d totally try this out! Drink a beer then get a boner. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. The future is bright.
  9. Gays will form colonies to thrive in. No straights allowed. Hmmm. We thought gayborhoods like Chelsea or the Castro already did that. I suppose we could go further. Can we claim the Florida Keys for ourselves? All of us just walking around nude, eating our BeefCake (but tastes like chocolate cake), and getting ripped. I’ll take two pina coladas please.
  10. Gays will have taken over the world, outnumbering straight people. We’ll be the ones in charge! Well, this is a fun thought. We’re just wondering what dramatic thing would happen to make us outnumber straight people? We’re sure Tim Cook, Lee Daniels and Matt Bomer are the masterminds.

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These gay college students had a lot to offer on the future of gays. If their predictions hold true, in 100 years we’ll be in charge of everything including the government and some gay colonies. We’ll drink beer to get horny and eat cake to get sexy. We’ll have gay sex slave robots to boss around (or to boss us around). We’ll be able to see anyone we want nude with x-ray vision. Oh, and no more condoms and STD’s. Oh what a world that would be!

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The Gay Frat 2017 Pride Guide

gay pride, gay pride 2017, gay pride guide, gay

It’s that time of year again… Gay Pride is just around the corner and we wanted to let you know about events happening all over the U.S. From Portland East to Portland West, you’re bound to find a Gay Pride event near you. The majority of Pride Parades happen in June AKA Gay Pride Month. This year, more than ever, we need to show our pride. We want to be loud and proud. It’s our time to let the world know, we’re not giving up and we’re not afraid to fight for our hard-earned rights.

Here’s a handy list of the Best Gay Pride Events in June:

Boston Pride Festival, June 10
Chicago Pride Fest, June 17-18
Denver PrideFest, June 17-18
Houston Pride, June 19-25
Los Angeles Pride, June 10-11
New York City Pride Parade, June 25
San Francisco Pride, June 24-25

Okay boys, now that you know where to make your Gay Pride shine, it’s time to get organized. If your Frat has other gay frats in it, consider organizing a float or at least the group of you to march in the parade. Be sure to conscript your straight brothers to help build the float and to come along for the ride.

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Let’s say you’re not exactly out, but want to get involved. That’s great too. Find out what LGBTQ Organizations are on campus. Team with the group to march together in a parade and help get other students involved. If your campus doesn’t have a LGBTQ group, contact your local Gay Pride Festival. They can help direct you to others organizing near you. If you live in a rural area, find a larger city near you and contact their Pride Parade. See how you can get involved. You’ll meet new people in new places and I promise have a good time.

Now that you’ve found your gay clan, time to have some fun. Pride is a time to show off that six-pack you’ve been sculpting all spring. Make sure you feel fabulous and look the part. No matter your body type, you can look and feel your best and/or most outrageous. Might I suggest squeezing yourself into an Echo Stainless Steel Triple Cock Ring? You can pop this baby on and then tuck yourself into your favorite undies. You’ll look big and hard and ready to party.

If you’re anything like the writers here at gay frat, you might even get a little promiscuous at Pride. There’s no shame in it! That’s what Pride is all about! It’s time to let loose, dance a little, get your **** sucked. You know, the usual. If you do plan on going wild bro, be sure to stay safe. Go ahead and stock up on some rubbers before Pride. Be sure to pair your condoms with a trusted lube like, the A & E Personal Lubricant  from This water based lubricant is safe to use with condoms and won’t get sticky or gross.

Alright! You’re wrapped and ready to be tapped. Time to party this year at your local Gay Pride Parade. Happy Gay Pride Month! We’re proud of you bro!

The Difference Between Straight Hot and Gay Hot

gay hot, straight hot

Hi Bros! So this is a thing. There is a distinct difference between “gay hot” and “straight hot.”

Some men who are gay get hit on by straight women and are often lacking attention from their gay bros. Some straight men get hit on by gay guys all day, but can’t score with a lady. Now, I think we can all agree that there are some seriously hot straight guys out there. But, our little gaydars ping them as straight. Aw, too bad, right? Straight hot is when a gay guy is attractive to both straight men and women. The women want to have his babies the men want to look more like him. And, ironically some gay guys can’t tell they’d go to bat with them (And by go to bat, I mean screwing). Gay hot is when a straight guy attracts gay men. Is it their body language? Is it their physique? This might forever remain a mystery dude. Well, I guess I can try to figure in some factors that may be contributing to this phenomenon.

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What are some things we pick up on that signals that a man is gay?

Maybe his body – he may be statuesque or super thin; or maybe these gay hot guys dress like one of our gay sub-sects. Maybe the gay hot straight guy is wearing excessively tight fitting clothes. Maybe he has a goatee and smokes cigars like a leather daddy might. Will we ever truly know? Alas, there is an entire group of straight men who are forever being hit on by gay men. Poor guys, maybe they should just hook up with the next hot gay guy that tries. Am I right?

gay hot, straight hot

As far as straight hot guys go, perhaps they’re missing a certain twinkle in their eyes. Maybe they dress a bit too sloppily in a sports jersey and baseball cap. Is their hair poorly styled? Maybe they drive a minivan or enjoy their favorite pair of dad-jeans. I kind of feel sorry for these guys, if they’re missing out on the gay attention they truly deserve. Here’s a novel idea. The straight hot gay guy should play to his straight hot strengths. He’d be clever to help a gay guy live out a popular fantasy. Pretend that the gay guy has persuaded him to try having some gay sex for the first time. That’s right! Let that toppy-flag fly and treat a gay to his first “turning.”

Could this be a myth? I asked around and I got some interesting responses. I posed a simple question: “Is there such a thing as straight hot?”

I’m lucky to have some really thoughtful buds. All of them responded with a resounding “Yes.” Their explanations were slightly varied, but for the most part they chalked it up to the “The Male Gayze.” It is an idea that gay men view men very differently than straight men. We, gay dudes, have extreme body image standards that many of our straight dude counterparts do not. When straight guys look at a guy, their gaze lands firstly on their muscles and secondly their face. If the guy appears to be ripped and his face is fairly symmetrical this constitutes straight hot. Gay guys employing their “gayze,” tend to let their eyes land not only on the muscles of the torso and the handsomeness of a man’s face. Our appraisal includes the groin, thighs and buttocks (yum!). Beyond the physical here seems to be a psychological aspect to straight hot versus gay hot. For decades gay guys have let media (porn, TV, movies, news) shape the way we visually expect gay guys to look. Shows like Queer as Folk and Looking offer a narrow view of what gay dudes look like. Think of those go-go dancers in the club. Mostly white, tall and muscular. When we think of gay hot guys, it is a familiar image that pops into mind. Straight guys have been depicted a bit truer to life. There are a vast set of body types that go beyond the comic book, superhero body type. The straight guy comes in a variety of shapes and sizes in our media. That doesn’t mean that gay guys of color and different body types aren’t there. It just speaks to an underrepresentation of them. So when straight guys identify a guy as hot, their drawing from a different set of images and ideas. Gay men seem to have a more hard-coded definition of hotness.

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There you have it. The difference between what makes that hot, gay guy delicious to you.

Straight dudes are coming from a completely different place. Straight dudes probably think Peyton Manning is a babe. While we, the gays, prefer Mr. Tom Brady.

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Thanks for reading bros! Onward and upward super dongs!

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How to Kiss a Gay Guy: Gay Kissing Advice

gay kiss, gay kissing, first gay kiss, gay men kiss, gay guy kissing, how to gay kiss, how to kiss a gay

Slurp! Slop! Gargle, Drool! You might think these words are being used to describe something a bit more “adult” but I’m going to use them for the topic of this article… Kissing. If you want to kiss a gay guy there are a few things you need to know and I’m here to explain it all to you!

Throughout this article I’m going to go over all the different elements associated with kissing a gay guy (whether you’re a dude who likes dudes or a girl who likes dudes who like dudes). I’m going to break it down into sections so you don’t kiss this article goodbye and read something else.

Oral Hygiene

Let’s be honest, bad breath is a major turnoff! If you’re with someone who opens their mouth and it smells like rotting garbage you’re probably going to want to run for the hills. Think of it this way, if you wouldn’t kiss someone with bad breath then why would you expect someone to kiss you if you have stinky breath? I brush my teeth twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed) to stave off bad breath and nasty tooth diseases. Now I shouldn’t have to tell you how to brush your teeth (your mom should have done that), but if you were raised by wolves or in a country where toothbrushes are considered uncool let me break it down for you. Get a toothbrush with either soft or medium bristles (personal preference), toothpaste with fluoride (to prevent cavities) and use them every day.

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You’ll want to brush your teeth twice a day to prevent issues for at least 3 minutes (jam out to your favorite Nicki Minaj song to pass the time). After brushing you’ll want to use dental floss to clean and protect your gums. Flossing slows the rate of your gums receding and prevents you from having giant horse teeth at an early age. I also use mouthwash after each brushing to kill all the germs and bacteria in your mouth. If you suffer from halitosis (stinky breath problems) you’ll want to see your dentist and have them check it out. They’ll offer suggestions and (potentially) medical treatment for the issue.

gay kissing, gay kiss

If you’re looking for a natural way to freshen your breath, a lot of celebrities swear by oil pulling. The process involves gargling coconut oil for 10-20 minutes a day to remove all toxins and bacteria from your mouth. This isn’t to replace your daily dental care routine (don’t skip brushing) but to supplement the process. I’ve actually tried this process for a couple weeks and can honestly say it does help to keep your breath fresh and slightly tropical. It gets a bit gross after about 5 minutes but you get used to it.

Kissing a gay guy requires excellent oral hygiene and along with brushing, flossing and (possibly) oil pulling you could probably carry gum or mints to use before making out with a sexy gay guy.

Know the Situation

Something to definitely consider before kissing a gay guy is the situation. Are you getting hot and heavy? Are you playfully kissing under the mistletoe? Are you playing spin the bottle (a truly underappreciated game)? You have to know what’s going on before you start kissing a gay. If you’re in a playful situation then don’t get too excited or passionate. If you’re hot and heavy then be like the Olympics and go for gold.

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First Gay Kiss

So you see a hot guy, he sees you and smiles! You make small talk and the situation is perfect for you to kiss him! Oh wait, there’s a bit of an issue… You’ve never kissed a gay guy before. Don’t worry my friend, it’s pretty simple! Kissing a gay guy is super easy but certain things need to be remembered as to not turn off a guy or potentially cause issues. There are a few rules that I think everyone should follow (whether you’re kissing a gay guy, a girl or anything in between). These rules apply to anyone who will kiss a gay guy at any time so here goes…

Start Slow

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at kissing or a newcomer to the gay tongue hockey team I recommend that you start slow. You’ll want to be gentle and start by kissing with your lips together (do your best Kylie Jenner duck face) and never force yourself on anyone. Always approach the other person slowly, otherwise you might knock into them (that would be hilarious but pretty unpleasant). If you’re nervous, I would suggest closing your eyes until you get more comfortable. Making direct eye contact with someone you’re kissing can be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable so I suggest closing your eyes and proceeding from there. Gentle kisses are always nice and great for everyone.

Tongue Hockey

Alright so your gentle kissing is going well and the guy starts rubbing your back and getting into it. The next step in kissing is to get more intimate. So many times people get sloppy and wiggle their tongue around like a worm. I can honestly say that if I was making out with a guy and he jammed his tongue down my throat I would be majorly turned off! If you want to use your tongue, that’s fine but I recommend being mindful of the other person. If they’re keeping their tongue in their mouth and don’t seem to be into it, don’t push it. If they’re adventurous and exploring your mouth more than a dentist after Halloween then I would get into it and play tongue hockey. Just remember that kissing is a two person job and you never want to be off-putting to the other person. The one thing I would suggest when it comes to using your tongue is to not let it get lazy and sloppy. If you’re using your tongue try to keep it relatively muscular and firm, otherwise you might come off as a guy with a sloppy cow tongue.


Teeth are a wonderful thing! They help us chew food and smile! I have a huge issue when gay men kissing use their teeth too much. Gentle nibbling on the lips is okay for some people but test the water before jumping right into that. You’ll want to be very gentle and be mindful not to hurt the other person. I would highly suggest that you don’t ever nibble on the other guy’s tongue. This can be painful, unpleasant and a huge turnoff for certain guys.


You’re getting hot and heavy and things are going well. What do you do with your hands? Do they fall to your sides like a ragdoll? Do you grab the back of the guy’s head? Well as a general rule I suggest having your hands behind the other guy’s back and use them to hug him. Other places to place your hands include; touching their face (if you two are really comfortable with each other), tied behind your back (50 shades of “Hayyy”), holding the back of their head (again, only if you’re both comfortable) or holding hands with the other person. It all depends on the situation and how well you know the person. I wouldn’t ever suggest letting a stranger tie your hands behind your back but the other positions are okay to do with newly acquired friends.

Societal Views

Gay men kissing would make an excellent social experiment. We live in a modern society where in Canada and the United States gay marriage is legal and becoming increasingly accepted. I say, if you’re into the guy and he’s into you then kiss and let the world go on with their business. Haters are going to hate either way so you might as well enjoy yourself right? If you ever feel uncomfortable with kissing a gay guy in public then by all means save that for at home. I think the same rules apply for everyone, a little PDA (personal display of affection) is okay but I don’t need to see you basically having sex at the club. Keep it light and fun in public and save the freaky stuff for the bedroom (or kitchen, bathroom, garage, patio… wherever).

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Enjoy the Experience

When it really comes down to it, kissing is fun! Kissing is a way to express affection, desire and romance! Go with the flow and whatever happens try to enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying the experience you have every right to stop it and go on with your business. If someone ever forces themselves on you with kissing and won’t stop give them a good pop in the face and leave (I don’t agree with violence of any kind but if it means protecting yourself then do what you need to. I wouldn’t ever hit a girl though… That’s really not cool!). Practice makes perfect so go out there, kiss plenty of gay guys, girls and all other people, learn and enjoy.

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Some Rules On Gay College and Gay Flirting Tips

There are many, many men that one will meet in college… if they are open minded that is. Close fraternity brothers, gay professors, and of course just other hot homosexuals will be crawling all over the college campus… knowing how to flirt, and with whom to flirt with is going to be the key to reaching all your sexual potential in college.

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First, let’s review some basic rules to gay college and some gay flirting tips:

1. Flirting should only be initiated if there is at least a 70% chance that the individual you are flirting with is also a homosexual (or at least bi-curious).

If you are unsure of the individual’s sexual orientation but still wish to attempt flirting, you should at least be confident that it will be well received in the event that he is not interested. Coming on too strong to a straight guy can be a pretty nasty event… so I have heard…

2. Flirting should only be initiated if the environment calls for it.

Many people have strong feelings about public displays of affection, and this includes flirting. If you start flirting with a guy who is discreet, private, or reserved while in a public place could end up backfiring. This rule is especially important if you are a ‘touchy’ person, as many people are uncomfortable being affectionate in public.

3. Flirting should be buffered by friendly conversation.

While most gays are fluent in flirting, it may be difficult for one to realize when their flirting has become too much. To avoid being over-flirty, you should space out your charming pickup lines with general friendly conversation. Nothing is as unsexy as someone coming on too strong and too fast…

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gay flirting4. Examine how the flirty behavior is being received.

Body language is key to understanding if your flirty comments and moves are flying smooth, or crashing and burning. Since you don’t want to embarrass yourself, or waste your own time flirting with someone not interested, it is important to make observations (without looking like you are). Leaving the conversation ‘open’ for them to flirt back, or respond on the spot can help to determine what they are thinking and how they are feeling. If you aren’t feeling any interest being reciprocated, it is a good idea to steer the conversation into a friendly place while you get to know the person.

5. You MUST know your audience!

Not knowing who you are flirting with could be potential for a gay flirting disaster. You don’t have to have a deep conversation with someone to get an idea of ‘who’ they are. Simple cues and clues will help you determine if the individual you are flirting with is a good match. Look at what they are wearing, their posture and the way they interact with others, and if you think a little flirting could go a long way… go for it!

So now that we have examined the five rules to gay flirting, we can examine the way to flirt with each type of college guy you will encounter.

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The Bi-Curious Frat Boy

You will encounter several ‘curious’ guys while in college: classmates, frat guys, and even your professors. Common curiosity aside, each of these men should be approached differently…

The bi-curious frat boy is a tricky type to flirt with, as most are discreet and uncomfortable with the romantic aspect of homosexuality. This type is more sex-driven, but don’t expect cuddles afterwards… hooking up with a bi-curious fraternity guy will probably leave you with a stimulated prostate, but not an overnight bedfellow.

The Flamboyant Freshman

There is something about college that brings out the flame within gay freshman… not all, but many. College is known for being the time where people ‘come into themselves,’ so transitions of this sort are to be expected…
The flamboyant freshman is often more romantically driven than the masculine-acting gay. This known, flirting is typically welcomed, and public displays of affection are fair-game.

The Straight Acting Gay Jock

Similar to the bi-curious frat guy, this type of college gay will be hard to gauge when it comes to flirting… The straight acting gay jocks can be found usually around the on-campus gyms, and on the club sport teams. With this type of gay, it is a case-by-case basis, with some being entirely comfortable with PDA and others being very against it. Simply chat with him and pay attention to his body language. If you notice his eyes looking at your eyes or lips, he is probably interested and you are safe to fire up the flirting.

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The Gay Professor

If you don’t have a hang up on hooking up with an authority figure, this type of gay could really be quite a ‘learning’ experience (both in and out of the bedroom). Most universities discourage faculty and student relations… but then again, when did rules ever stop us gays?

If you are open to dating a professor, you should probably seek one that doesn’t teach any of the classes you will, have or are currently taking. Professors will not be open to any public displays of affection; however, gay professors can inspire some of the most interesting date conversation…

Flirting should be subtle and smart with this type of campus gay, as most have a taste for witty and clever charm.

While each gay college student’s journey will be unique, this article should give you an idea as to the types of homosexuals you may expect to encounter on campus. And if you do feel ready to put your gay flirting skills to the test, the rules to flirting will act as a great guide to landing your next pickup line. Make the most of your gay college experience, and be sure to remember: college is what you make of it… so why not make it great?

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The Ultimate Guide To Gay Chat Rooms

Gay Chat Sites

A gay chat room can often be like a cyber sex paradise. Plus, you can be anyone that you want to be. How cool is that? You can be ripped and cut Gary from Florida and no one would have any idea. Even if you turn on your webcam, you can have it pointed straight at your hard dripping cock and they would have no idea that you have a few extra pounds around your muffin top. However, there are some rules for gay chat rooms that you need to know.

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Here is your ultimate guide to gay chat rooms.

  1. Never ever use your real name – the Internet is full of weirdos. Anyone can tell you that the Internet is a place for total wackos. Just ask anybody in the gay community and they can tell you about a few chat room dates that have turned into total nightmares when the guy turned out to be six inches shorter and a hundred pounds heavier. If you use your real name in a chat room, you could have a few of these chubby stalkers on your hands.
  2. Make sure that you have excellent lighting – you don’t want to look like you are stuck in 1997. These days, the cameras on computers are pretty high quality and high definition. However, if you don’t have proper lighting, the camera can make you look like a pixellated mess. This is why you want to open your blinds – sunshine is the best for a private video chats.
  3. Get your emoticon game on lock down – you will be using a lot of them as code for different dirty sexual things. These days, people use emoticons as much as they use actual words. Also, in a recent study, they found that people who use emoticons are having way more sex than people who don’t. This is why you want to practice using them. These days, keyboards have a lot of emoticons, so you may want to brush up on what you’ve got in your library, because it could mean the different between getting some and not getting some.

    Gay Social Networking - A Gay Guy Chatting with Tablet
    A gay guy chatting with tablet
  4. Do your research about a certain guy before you meet him in public. Before you meet a guy in public, you want to do your research about him. The last thing you want is to meet a guy that seemed nice in a chat room site, but is actually an axe murderer in public. As you get towards the meeting date, you want to be sure to get his name. You can do a simple Google search to make sure he is not on any Top Ten Most Wanted Lists.
  5. Always get a dick pic. On top of everything, you also want to get a dick pic. When it comes down to it, the whole package could be perfect, but you want to get a glimpse of what he has hiding in his pants, because it could be something you are not into. If you are a power bottom that likes to be destroyed by a ten-inch dong, the last thing you want is to be disappointed when he pulls out a two-inch dreidel. In the end, asking for a dick pic should be no big deal – if it is, you may have the wrong guy.

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Some Things You Need To Know About Gay Cruising

Gay Cruising Spots

Gay cruising originated as a code word for looking for sex. In the old days, gay people had to use code words for everything, like gay sex was some kind of spy organization. Today, a cruising spot is essentially a place where guys go to hook up with men. Traditionally, the usual place for this was in a park or forest, like the famous ‘meat rack’ in Fire Island. When it comes to gay cruising spots, this place was a mecca – you could literally whip out your cock and have it sucked right then and there.

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Here are some things you need to know about gay cruising.

  1. The first thing you need to know is that gay cruising can be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the spot. When it comes down to it, gay cruising must be done in a place that you feel familiar in. If you aren’t familiar with the location, you may want to get out of there. In this day and age, gay cruise spots must be well lit and safe.
  2. Also, you need to bring protection with you at all time. If you don’t have a condom – or five – with you, you may as well stay home. Gay cruising is all about the sex, so if you go there without a condom, you are basically risking your life and your wellbeing. It is not so hard to visit a liquor store and pick up some condoms on your way to a gay cruise spot.
  3. You can leave whenever you feel uncomfortable – just use your words. When you are at a gay cruise spot, you want to own it. What this means is that you need to feel comfortable. If you don’t, you may want to leave. If you are with a guy at a gay cruise spot and you get a weird vibe, it is perfectly okay to say that you want to leave and don’t feel comfort. To not make it awkward, you want to be polite and say that something came up.

    Smiling Gay Couple Lying on Bed Looking at Each Other
    Smiling gay couple lying on bed looking at each other
  4. Be comfortable and be yourself – you are there to explore your sexuality. When you are checking out different gay cruising spots, you want to be sure that you don’t pretend to be someone else. This is not the 50s – you don’t need to hide. If you feel insecure, you may want to figure out why and try to work it out. If the gay cruising thing is new to you, that may be the reason. Just remember: you are there to get some dick or to get dicked, so it will be fun if you let it be.
  5. Never take any substances that may make your judgment impaired. On top of everything, you also want to stay away from any substances that may impair your judgment. If you are someplace new and strange, you don’t want to have anything clouding your ability to make smart decisions. In the end, visiting a gay cruising spot is all about being clear headed.

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