College Gay Survey: What will Gays be Like in 100 Years?

We’re looking to the future here at The Gay Frat. We spoke with over 20 college gays and asked them: “What will gay life be like in 100 years?” We got a lot of responses!

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Here are our favorite answers from our gay survey:

  1. All STD’s will be cured, so we’ll no longer need to use condoms when we f*ck. We particularly liked this one. No more embarrassing trips to the gas station to buy your rubbers. Is it us, or does the cashier always throw shade? We’ve taken to ordering condoms online from, but…
  2. We’ll all be having VR (virtual reality) sex. Interesting. It is only a matter of time until a tech giant cracks the code for some sexy, VR, dicking down. Could you imagine having gay sex with those weird goggles on? On second thought, we might not endorse this.
  3. Gays will be 100% accepted in society. No more shame or stigma. That’s a nice thought. Gays be like… “optimism.”
  4. We’ll have an app on our phones or special x-ray vision sunglasses to see through other guys clothes. After the previous hopeful prediction, we’re back to technology making us more pervy. This really would take “people watching” to a whole new level. Imagine hanging out at a male fashion show with this tech. So many sexy male models. You could literally undress them with your eyes.
  5. We’ll invent cake that makes your body ripped. Like, you eat the cake, and then you have a six pack and your arms are huge. Sing us up! This was a creative answer and we’re all about eating cake instead of going to the gym. Would you miss those gym showers, though? Gay Dilemma. We could call it BeefCake, but tastes like Chocolate Cake.
  6. We’ll elect the first openly gay politician to the presidency. “I’m with HIM.” How great would that be? Could you imagine the amount of rainbow flags that would be sold for the inauguration?
  7. Sex robots will be a thing. We’ll all be gaying it up with robots. Like a happy version of Westworld, we might be having the best gay sex of our lives with (drum roll) machines. I want to take this opportunity to shout out the freakishly realistic male strokers at If you haven’t felt one of those cyberskin strokers, you’re missing out.
  8. Specialty beer with male enhancement properties will be sold on tap at all gay bars. If gay bars are still a thing, because hey, we might all have our own sexbot, I’d totally try this out! Drink a beer then get a boner. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. The future is bright.
  9. Gays will form colonies to thrive in. No straights allowed. Hmmm. We thought gayborhoods like Chelsea or the Castro already did that. I suppose we could go further. Can we claim the Florida Keys for ourselves? All of us just walking around nude, eating our BeefCake (but tastes like chocolate cake), and getting ripped. I’ll take two pina coladas please.
  10. Gays will have taken over the world, outnumbering straight people. We’ll be the ones in charge! Well, this is a fun thought. We’re just wondering what dramatic thing would happen to make us outnumber straight people? We’re sure Tim Cook, Lee Daniels and Matt Bomer are the masterminds.

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These gay college students had a lot to offer on the future of gays. If their predictions hold true, in 100 years we’ll be in charge of everything including the government and some gay colonies. We’ll drink beer to get horny and eat cake to get sexy. We’ll have gay sex slave robots to boss around (or to boss us around). We’ll be able to see anyone we want nude with x-ray vision. Oh, and no more condoms and STD’s. Oh what a world that would be!

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