Cultivating the Perfect Stud Squad: Gay College Friends

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Cultivating the Perfect Stud Squad: Gay College Friends

Being young and gay in college is both a blessing and a curse. You want to play the field, but also have to have a few friends you can always count on.

I’m here to equip you with a set of standards for making the most out of your gay college friends. Gay friends are the best friends. A good girl friend is always essential, but there are just some things you might not want to share with her. But, if you have a gay guy friend, you can tell him all about your gay adventures; who you slept with, how big his cock was, where you did it, how much you love anal, etc. Now, finding gay friends seems easy, but it is easier said than done. You’ll end up sleeping with a bunch of them; I’m here to promise you that. But, it is important to have a platonic (non sexual) friend. That way feelings and passion don’t get in the way. And, you both can benefit from having a solid pal in your corner.

Step 1: The Inner Circle

Who do you have a lot in common with, but don’t really find too attractive or sexually compatible? You know the guy, the one who you might have known for a while or see out at the bar all the time. But, you’re just not that into sexually. This should be your wingman. Strike up a conversation and maybe talk about the guys you’re interested in. Whatever, it is just important that you feel you can bond with this individual. Think of your gay friend group as a target. You’re the bullseye and the rings around you that get further and further away are who you want to be surrounded with. You’ll need a gay college buddy to help you out. A best friend, even. He’s close to the center. It might take you a year or two to find this guy, but I bet you’ll find a guy who’s itching for a friend to rely on. Now, this doesn’t have to be an individual. You might have a couple of guy friends in your gay pocket and that’s even better.

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Step 2: The Second Tier

You’ll also want to find some gay guys who also have your back. You know the type. You might not trust them too much, but in a pinch they’ll do. Obviously you don’t want to surround yourself with anyone who has burned you in the past, but a gay friend that might make you laugh or at least keep you entertained is always good. This tends to happen organically but if you’re at a small college or your college doesn’t have a bunch of guys who are out, you’ll definitely want to seek out some gay friends who you might not be super close with. If you and your bestie aren’t the most organized people, you night want to find someone to fill the role of party planner. A good friend with organizational skills is always an asset, how else are you all going to get to the right place at the right time? Your group of gays will need a planner. If you don’t want to be that person, find someone who does.

Step 3: The Periphery

Another natural tendency of a gay friend group is to have some folks who just don’t seem to mesh. That’s okay. Everyone needs to find their place. You need those folks who surprise you. You might not know too much about a particular gay friend, but you know he is a decent person. You’ll want to surround yourself with people you aren’t necessarily super close with. That’s important. Every stud squad needs some guys slightly on the outside fringing on being outside the friend zone. This keeps you and your closer friends sharp. Someone who doesn’t go out with you every night might have fresh ideas or new suggestions to help you switch things up. Being gay in college is all about new experiences, that’s why a trusted, unique induvial should be part of your gay group. They might introduce you to your next boyfriend or perhaps surprise you with something fun they know.

All-in-all a solid gay college friend group is an awesome thing to have. Chances are you already started to build your gay group or queer crew.

But, if you’ve been flying solo and want to build some lasting relationships, you’ll have to put in the work. Being a good friend means listening, being there when someone needs you most and occasionally saving your bud from a dreaded ex. You’ll need to do all these things and more to be the best stud in your stud squad. If you’re not as fortunate as me, and don’t go to college in a big city, it might be harder to meet gay friends. But, I promise, there are gays everywhere. The internet has changed the way we meet new people. Use it to your advantage to meet new gay friends. Clearly state your intentions, be safe and meet in a public place and then have a nice chat. There are many apps, websites and forums for you to meet new folks on. Be brave and do yourself a favor. Make a new gay friend today! Chances are they need a pal too. Also, many colleges have LGBT groups or clubs that are fun and easy to attend. Show up to one of them and get involved. If your school doesn’t have such a club, start your own gay college group. It’s easy. Just properly advertise your first meeting and the queers will come out of the woodwork for it. You’ll be surprised how many people show up, many of whom you’ll probably recognize but never knew were gay. Gay college friends are friends that will be by your side for the rest of your life. Treat them well and they’ll return the kindness. There you have it! A gaggle of gays aka a group of gays just takes time and energy. Put them in and reap the rewards!

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