[Video] Gay Anal Sex Toys

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[Video] Gay Anal Sex Toys

In this video, Justin talks all about anal toys, anal masturbation and it’s not all about an exit and there are many other fun things that you can do to incorporate the pleasure that comes with masturbating with anal toys.

Justin suggest you go to AdamMale.com  look at the anal toy offering. Start small, lots of lube and then utilize your time to practice on masturbation before jumping into the whole thing with your partner, so this way you can really be ahead of time to figure out what you like, what works and then you can communicate with your partner. When you are ready to have anal sex with him.

Don’t forget to use coupon code 50FRAT at AdamMale.com checkout to get 50% OFF on almost ANY item plus, if you spend $20 or more, FREE Shipping on your entire order!


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