Gay Dating Tips and Tricks

The gay dating circuit can seem like a jungle and every time you get in the water, you can either be eaten alive by alligators or you can make it out alive. In the world of gay dating, there are some obvious do’s and don’t. Plus, your objectives should always evolve depending on whether you simply want to get laid or if you actually want to have a companion.

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Here are some gay dating tips and tricks you need to know…

1. Stay away from baggage. Dating a guy with baggage will never be any fun. There are many ways to tell if a guy has baggage or not. For one, you can ask him where he works. If he tells you that he doesn’t have a job, you probably want to move on, because a guy without a job is not someone that you should be wasting your time with. Plus, anyone without a job is probably a little crazy.

2. Always clean up before a date. You never want to go on a date if you haven’t taken a shower and thoroughly cleaned your asshole. You also want to brush your teeth and clean your pits. The last thing you want is to take a guy home and then be in that awkward situation where he wants to eat your asshole, but you have to keep pushing him away. If you cleaned your asshole before, you can let him eat away – bring on the dessert!

3. Never assume he is paying. Just because a guy asks you out, you never want to assume that he is paying for the meal. It will just present one of those awkward situations where you get the bill and you are both staring at it in silence. The most diplomatic thing to do is to grab the bill first. With this swift move of confidence, you’ll have him swooping in with his credit card too.

4. Never have more than one drink on the first date and never have less than four on your third date. This is a little rule I have created for myself that works wonderfully in the gay dating community. I only have one drink on my first date, because I’ll be lubricated enough to chat and be social, but not lubricated enough to fuck and give myself away too soon. With four drinks on the third date – who gives a fuck.

5. Bring a condom. In the gay dating world, it is crazy if you venture out without a condom. This is a little bit like entering a radioactive zone without a mask. Who knows if you’ll need it – but you want to keep a condom or two on you just in case. You don’t want to be in one of those situations where you are fooling around, but have to run ten blocks away to get a condom. By the time you get back, he’ll probably have fallen asleep.

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In the end, gay dating can be fun – provided that you have all the right moves gay dating tricks. Just make sure to know: stay away from emotional baggage, clean your butthole, always whip yours out first (your credit card), never have more than one drink on the first date and always bring a condom. With these wise words, you’ll have a great time.

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