Gay Hookups Dos and Don’ts

In the world of gay hookups, there are some definitive dos and don’ts. Of course, this article is for all those guys out there that are on the serious dating scene and are hooking up on a nightly basis. Don’t worry, no one is judging – there is a good chance that you are on a path to exploring who you are sexually. The only thing is that you need to play your cards right – if you don’t, not only can you go home empty handed, but you may start to develop a reputation. The last thing you want is to poison your own well.

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Here are some basic gay hookup dos and don’ts…

Don’t come off like a jerk and pretend like you are someone else. This is a gay hookup cardinal sin. If you act like you are all that and just can’t walk the walk, it will be embarrassing for you. Also, don’t make things up, lie or exaggerate. Not one person likes a guy who exaggerates and lies – people can see right through you.

Do be yourself. When it comes to gay hookups, you always want to be yourself. If you are quirky, be quirky. If you have a weird talent, you should show that talent off. Many gay guys don’t realize that being themselves – no matter how awkward and weird – is actually a turn on.

Don’t set your sights too high. Another important gay hook up don’t is to not have lofty expectations. You know when you get really hungry and all you want is something juicy and delicious to eat – you create this meal in your mind and you convince yourself that it is going to be the greatest thing you ever tasted – but then you go the restaurant and the meal is just sort of eh, whatever. Well, this is what it is sort of like with gay hook ups – you just have to go with the flow and not build it up too much in your mind.

Do have a great time. Too many guys go into a gay hook up scenario with the idea that they will have a bad time – kind of like the opposite of setting your sights and expectations too high. This is why you want to focus on having a good time. It’s easy to be negative, so you have to work hard at having a great time – you may even want to pretend. Eventually you will convince yourself. If the date is bad, at least you had fun and didn’t waste your time.

Don’t be shy about what you want. It’s not cute to be shy about what you want. Gay hook ups are way more fun when a guy knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. Open communication will be important, because it will let your date know how you expect to be treated and you will earn more respect.

Do be open. There is a good chance that you will be in a situation where a guy will be telling you what he likes in bed. It is gay hookup 101 to listen and to be open to everything he has to say. If you cut him off in the middle of saying something you think is out of control, you will look close-minded and the entire mood will be ruined. If he does say something you don’t like, you should talk about it and find someplace to meet in the middle. There is a chance you might like it.

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In the end, gay hook ups can be fun, but only if you work your hardest to avoid all the above don’ts. If you stick to the dos, a gay hook up can be an amazing, strange experience that you’ll wake up and appreciate. Even if the gay hook up is a one night stand, at least you can tell yourself that you tried. Sure, some guys can be jerks, but for every jerk, there is an amazing guy who will be great in bed, which will make the whole journey worth it!

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