How A Sex Sling Changed My Life

Sex slings are an interesting thing. When most people think of a sex sling, they think of sexual deviance – they think of a house of bondage – or they think of someone who has way too much sex. Yet, as a homosexual it can be hard to get creative in the bedroom. It can be a challenge to come up with new positions that make the sexual experience interesting. After doing the same doggy style thing over and over again it can get a little repetitive. However, I have been using a sex sling and it has literally changed my sex life.

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Sex slings come in multiple shapes and sizes. Some are more complex – and complicated – than others. Some attach to your door and some you drill right into your ceiling or even hang from a planter. Whatever type of sex sling you use, it can make the sexual experience a million times better. You can move better, you can change positions with relative ease and you have much more variety in the bedroom. If you want to have sex upside down as you suck his cock while he is ramming you – all of this is possible with a sex sling and you don’t need to be a yoga master to conquer unconquerable positions.

Yet, I like to use my new sex sling as a way to broaden my sexual horizons – not only my own sexual horizons, but my partner’s too. A sex sling is a great way to collaborate with your partner and try new things. Sometimes when you are feeling a little doubtful in a relationship, it’s because things have gotten a little boring in the bedroom. Maybe you’re busy, or maybe you’re just really bored of the same old thing. If you ate the same thing everyday, wouldn’t you get bored? Well, having a sex sling is a little bit like going to a new restaurant every night and everyone has amazing reviews.

Furthermore, I can’t tell you how much the pleasure of my orgasms has increased. My theory behind this is that new sexual experiences give you more gratification than old ones. It is kind of the reason why when you first met your boyfriend each one of your orgasms felt like a scud missile going off, and now you struggle to reproduce that feeling. However, with a sex sling every night will feel like a scud missile is going off, over and over and over again. While I don’t necessarily believe in war, I do very firmly believe in having the hottest sex you can have – ever.

One of my favorite positions as of late in a sex sling is laying on my back as he fucks my mouth. There is something incredibly sexy about laying on your back, like you are in a hammock, while he jams his cock in and out of your mouth. You can even join your hands in, like you are playing the flute upside down. Then I like to whip around with my ass in the air as he lands his cock deep inside me.

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One of my favorite slings is called the Super Sex Sling. One of the best things about this sling is that you don’t have to put it together – it comes completely assembled right out of the box so you can be ready to get it on right away. You don’t need to worry about a bunch of confusing instructions. This sex sling is also really comfy and you won’t even feel the straps while you are inside it.

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