How To Invite Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

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How To Invite Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

As a total gay, one of the hardest things to do is come out to your parents. Besides all your closest friends, your “girlfriend,” and then all your classmates, coming out of the closet to your parents is a little bit like going to the police and confessing a crime you didn’t commit – it can be horrifying. Even to this day I sometimes wish I was still in the closet, because it is so cozy in there and this world had gotten so complicated. Yet, I’m happy I finally did come out. I didn’t get a parade or anything, but my parents are cool with it, but only in that “we have to accept our son anyway” kind of way. And when it comes to introducing your parents to a new boyfriend it can be a severely nerve racking experience.

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Here are a few tips for when you introduce your boyfriend to your parents…

  1. First off, you have to know if you are actually ready for it. Introducing a significant other can be a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. However, when it comes to introducing someone of the same gender, it can be a little scary – for both your parents and your boyfriend. In that case, make sure to have a convo with your boyfriend first to know if he is comfortable meeting your parents. Maybe he needs another six months to gain the confidence. Maybe he has some personal reasons. It never hurts to communicate. If he isn’t ready, don’t get mad – just be supportive and soon enough you’ll be packing the car for a road trip to the rents. If your parents love you, they’ll love your boyfriend too – they have to.
  2. Some parents are not okay with this type of introduction. When they went to make you at that holiday resort in Vegas they didn’t plan on having a son as super fabulous as you. They probably wanted a manly man. Dad wanted a son, he could play catch with and mom probably didn’t want to make the difficult decision to get you dolls instead of action figures. So, if you want to introduce your boyfriend to your parents you are going to need to have a sit down with them first. Maybe they aren’t ready and need a little bit more time. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to introducing your boyfriend to your parents.
  3. Don’t introduce your boyfriend if you haven’t come out of the closet yet. This can be a soul crushing moment for your parents, so you have to ease them into it. The last thing you want to do is make a huge statement by bringing your boyfriend home with you this summer. Opening up to your parents is a multiple step process and can’t happen all at once. In order to avoid confusion, hurt, and betrayal – come out of the closet first and then introduce your boyfriend to your parents. Maybe this summer you should head to his folks house if they are more accepting.
  4. When your boyfriend does meet with your parents, don’t make it awkward. More often than not, your parents will make it more awkward than it has to be, but be sure to relax and keep calm. This will keep your parents calm too. One of the best ways to make sure everyone is comfortable is to talk about how you met your boyfriend, tell stories, and make jokes. Humor is always the best way to lighten a rather heavy or uncomfortable situation. The more jokes you can tell the better, but try to keep them at least clean.
  5. Make your boyfriend feel comfortable too. Chances are that he might be squirming a little, especially if your parents are particularly conservative. Before you walk up to the driveway have a prep talk with him – the same thing in the house and after the meeting.  His nerves will most likely be on overdrive – he might even try to escape. However, the more you can make him feel as at ease as possible the more he’ll be willing to open up and share who he is with your parents. Also, maybe getting a hotel isn’t such a bad idea either.

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Opening up to your parents can be difficult for any young gay man. Yet, it does get easier and easier – no matter how conservative your parents are. And introducing your boyfriend to your parents can be a huge bombshell. Just make sure that both your parents and your boyfriend are completely ready and everything should be totally fine. Remember, being gay isn’t some big secret – once we homos are more accepted, taking our boyfriends to meet the parents will be even easier.

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