No Man Needed: The Ultimate Gay Masturbators

When you masturbate you want to recreate that feeling of getting an incredible blowjob or making love, but most of the time our silly hands just don’t cut it. Maybe it’s the pressure of the grip, or maybe it’s the fact that it just isn’t the real thing that can make masturbation feel sort of lame. At times, masturbating can feel like a chore, but with a masturbator, it not only feels exactly like the real thing, but it actually makes you look forward to going into your room, dimming the lights, flipping open the computer or a magazine, and rubbing one out. Hell, masturbators are also great for video chat sex, phone sex, and even foreplay.

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Here are some of the ultimate gay masturbators

  • Senso Pocket Penis. Ever hear of docking? It’s where you line your cock up with another guy’s cock – head to head – and insert your cock into another guy’s foreskin and masturbate. This pocket penis sort of creates the same feeling. Yet, it can also feel just like the best blowjob you’ve ever gotten from a guy. It also stretches and can fit onto any sized cock, so you don’t have to worry about being too thick or too small. Anybody can get his kicks with this amazing, orgasm-inducing pocket penis.
  • Hand Job Stroker. This stroker is the ultimate masturbation partner. The beauty and the wonder of this masturbator is its simplicity. The shape is a simple sleeve, but inside you will find over 100 pleasure nubs, which will provide you with an incredible sensation every time you masturbate with this stroker. Yet, it also makes a great foreplay tool and docking tool. Two guys can easily put their cocks through either end of this stroker and get each other off. It is also really easy to clean – just hold it under running water and clean with a little soap and you can keep using this amazing tool over and over again.

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At the end of the day, you don’t need a man to get a quality knob job and you don’t need a man to recreate the feeling of slipping your cock into the perfect asshole. In fact, with a masturbator, it can be just you and your imagination or a little porn – perhaps a picture of your lover. And you know those orgasms where you shoot ropes of semen as far as the eye can see? – Yeah, you’ll get those with a male masturbator.

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