Older Gay Men vs. Young Gay Men

This is a college frat website, so a majority of the readers are young gay men. However, I have been noticing that a lot of older gay men have been checking out the site too – probably to look at all the fine young men talking about sex. It’s true, sometimes I get a little horny just writing this stuff. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to write an article about some of the differences between young gay men and older gay men. This is important, because in the world of gay dating, there have been a lot of situations where a younger gay man will fall for an older man’s charms.

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Is it the money? Is it the experience? What do gay men have that younger gay men don’t have?

I once dated an older gay man and I was surprised to learn wasn’t experienced at all. In fact, I realized that I was more experienced sexually than he was. He was so inexperienced that I had to show him the basics of going down on a guy. Anal sex was a chore, because he didn’t even know if he was a top or bottom. This curious predicament went against everything I knew about older gay men.

Was he a virgin? Was he in the closet for so long that he just didn’t know what he was doing? What I have found in some of my research is that older gay men are more inexperienced because they come from a different generation. This is especially the case for some silver haired foxes – these older gay men were gay in an era where you could lose your job if you flicked your wrist the wrong way. A lot of younger gay men are more experienced, because more tolerance has basically given them a head start. You can definitely put me in this demographic.

So, what was up with this older gay man that I was dating? What I learned is that he was actually married and he never really came out of the closet. In fact, he had never had gay sex before. It explained why he would look at my cock like it was some complicated tool he had to figure out. Also, anal sex was tortuous for him and me, because he really didn’t know what he was doing. Now this guy is fully embracing the fact that he is gay and he still lives with his wife, but only because they are used to it and she supports him. We still fuck on occasion.

Another really big difference between younger gay men and older gay men is that older gay men have their shit together…

They have a solid job and they are making that scratch in a serious way. It’s like when you hit forty-five, you immediately have a job with a salary. Plus, a lot of older gay men are more experienced. They have been around the block a few times, in more ways than one, so you can expect that sex will be a lot hotter.

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In the end, dating older gay men can be fun, but you have to know what you are getting yourself into. You don’t want to hook up with an older guy just because he has money – you want to hook up with him because you like him. It’s true that older gay guys have a certain confidence that makes them really hot, so if you do get into a relationship with an older guy just for the sex, make sure that the feeling is mutual. Remember: older gay men still have feelings.

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