Jake Pledges cover photo

Pledge of the Week Survey

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important

Name:  Jake Todd

Job (if any):

I am a lyricist, web cam model, personal assistant, video game critic



What do you think?

Childhood Dream Job:

Luke Skywalker to Jose Canseco to Wolverine to one of The Beatles

Current Dream Job:

To be a multi-platinum electronic music recording artist or to be a very successful  adult film star

Paragraph About You:

I have just started my foray into making original electronic dance music. I am a nerd at heart. I love video games, comics, onesies, and women who rock.

Now to the Interesting Stuff

Gay, Bi, Pansexual? Gay, as far as I know so far?

I wouldn’t rule out anything though I am as open minded as they come.

Have you ever had sex with a girl?


Most Embarrassing Sexual Story?

My Mom walked in on me rimming my ex for the first time. Five minutes into his ass in my face, I had no idea what I was doing when the door to our apartment was opened. My phone was turned off that morning for a REASON.

My special new friend claims that my cat gives him dirty looks when we are in the bed naked and playing around. He made me put my cat in the other room while we got it on for hours broadcasting our show on

Most elicit fantasy? 

Do you have any fetishes?

I have an underwear fetish; especially singlets. I love wearing a variety of them. My new boy friend banned them from my bed though :/.

Longest Relationship?

3 years.

How many adult toys do you own?

1 Brent Corrigan Fleshjack Dildo that is still pretty new. I couldn’t believe how huge that thing was when it came in the mail last month. It is my first dildo. Brent was my favorite porn star and I wish him the best of luck in any future endeavor of his. And if he is reading this, “I would much rather try the real thing.”

How often do you go clubbing?

Between hopping from Grindr, to A4A, to Jack’D to Craigslist I feel like I never stop clubbing ROFLMAO!! I am really a homebody. I would rather be on cam4 broadcasting whether it is myself or with my special new friend.


The bed or the beach?

How about this. As we held hands for a romantic stroll on the beach, we would take a quick break sitting under the moonlight as we made out in the lifeguard chairs. Then, to top off the night I would take my lover back to my place to make use of the bed. By that point, I would think that a lot of foreplay would be involved and imagining it right now I know I would take my very sweet time to make the night last as long as possible. BONUS: I can cum several times in one night.

A car seat or a couch?

I think I know you can fit more naked dudes on a couch!

A library or a movie theatre?

Well, you oughta know, I’m perverted and would go down on him in a theatre.

A bathroom or a public park?

I think the portapotty in the public park could be hot for one on one action.

A hot tub or a shower?

That depends on location, location, location. Where and whose hot tub is it? Haha.

Kitchen counter or dining room table?

If we make it to the kitchen counter, then I can guarantee you the dining room table will not go left behind. Why not have sex in every room?

Have you ever….

Given road head?

Yes… even when I shouldn’t have. 

Used a gloryhole?

My ex trapped me where the dishwasher used to be and nailed in a huge piece of plywood with gloryhole in tact. I had no escape and I had no idea what he was doing until I saw his big cock almost poke my eye out. It’s a shame he went through all that trouble because he came in less than 2 minutes once it entered my mouth. 

Gone to a bathhouse?

Who hasn’t tried it out? It makes for an interesting occasional adventure. 

Gone to an orgy?

Gone to? More like organized a few very small get together with a few friends with similar goals.

Been in love?

Yes. It is terrifying, maddening, puzzling, precious, frustrating, and the one satisfying feeling we know for sure when it bites us. The fear that they might not love us in return, without proof, is where we get ourselves in a vulnerable state therefore getting our hearts stomped on. In a perfect world, everyone would get a true shot with who they are in love with. Even love is never and will never be perfect.