Prepping for Pride: Essentials for Gay Pride Celebration

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Prepping for Pride: Essentials for Gay Pride Celebration

Hi boys! It’s that time of year, Gay Pride parades are happening all across the country. Need an excuse to party and have tons of sex? Well, here you go.

June is Gay Pride month and we should all be waving our rainbow flags, because we’ve earned it! Invite some of your frat bros along to join the fun. Gay Pride celebrations are inclusive events that welcome all positive and loving people. That makes for one really fun party! I went to my first Pride event alone, not knowing what to expect. I did have a really great time, but if I could go back in time, I would have brought some things to make the experience even better.

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Below you’ll find my top list of gear for Gay Pride! Read until the end for a chance to get 50% OFF all the stuff you might need for Pride 2016!

1. What to wear.

Okay, you don’t actually have to wear anything! You could just show up naked and probably be fine, but I like a nice occasional outfit to make me feel special. I opt for a new jock strap to help me celebrate. I have this little tradition for Pride each year; I buy a fancy new jock strap to show myself off in. You’ll feel hot and will surely be a hit with the other guys! If you’re modest you can wear your jockstrap under a pair of pants, but if you really want to get into the spirit, I say you just wear the strap. No pants necessary. I’ve already ordered my strap for this year’s gay pride: Peep Show Jock Ring . I love this jock strap, it is sexy and cute and shows just enough to get the other boys turnt up! Also, the mesh front feels incredible! Get yourself a new strap or a cute pair of undies to play in at Pride this year.

2. The Day Of

So, you have your outfit (or lack thereof) all picked out for the Gay Pride festivities. What else should you do to prepare? I know this isn’t necessarily sexy, but a good douching might be a great way to make sure everything is ready to go in the rear loading zone. Couple a nice hot shower with a good douche and you’ll be squeaky clean and ready to rock and roll. I tend to be a bit promiscuous all year long, so when Pride comes around, my booty goes into maximum overdrive. I like to use this douche: Ultra Douche . It is super easy to use and clean! You really can’t beat that just douched feeling. Feel confident in your bottom before this year’s Gay Pride to make the most a glorious celebration!

3. What to bring

You’ve showered, douched and suited up in your brand new jock strap. What else should you do to ready yourself for Gay Pride? Bring condoms, duh. You’ll want to bring plenty rubbers to make sure you’re truly prepared for safe sex. During pride, a sexy moment can happen out of the blue. You just never know, so I say you should always be prepared for a good screwing. Bring about a half dozen condoms just to be on the safe side. Chances are they’ll be throwing condoms at you during the parade, but I prefer to have my own trusted brand for both piece of mind as well as pleasurable fun. These condoms are my go-to – Safari Survival Kit. There’s something for everyone in this awesome condom collection. Gay Pride is all about fun, but always be sure to be mindful and safe!

4. Something no one thinks of

Okay, here’s the number one thing you can bring with you to Gay pride! Aside from your beaming smile, you’ll want to bring lube. Yes, lube. Everyone forgets lube. You can do a little bit of pre-lubing after you’ve douched, just to make sure you’re moist back there, but you really will have the most fun at Pride if you pack some lube along with your condoms. Here’s a great bottle of lube that is small and won’t get in your way: Gun Oil Lube 4 Oz . Gun oil lube is awesome and is safe to use with condoms. Whether you’re giving or receiving, topping or bottoming, you’ll want to have a trusted lube. Lube just makes everything go smoother! Plus, any guys you hook up with will surely thank you.

There you go, my frat bros! These products will help you get the most out of Gay Pride. Visit and enter promo code 50FRAT for 50% OFF on any single item plus FREE Discreet Shipping if you spend $20 or more. That’s right dude. Let’s get some fun gear on the cheap-cheap! Gay Pride is a joyous time of the year for us to celebrate what makes us unique and fabulous. Be sure to support your local gay businesses and causes! We’ve fought long and hard to get to where we are and now it’s time to celebrate! Have yourself at Gay Pride and be sure to be loud and proud all month long.

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