Should You Bang On A First Date?

Banging on a first date is a little bit like buying the first car you see on the lot. You drive it home and realize that you’ve got misfiring spark plugs and a loose gas cap. Okay, maybe dating is nothing like buying a car, but you can apply the same principles. You have to take a test drive before you make the commitment. Or do you? Is doing something on an impulse really that bad? Society seems to have no problem with impulse buys, but a lot of problems with impulse fucks. In the end, it seems the risks can be just as dangerous, or possibly fruitful.

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So, should you bang on the first date?

So, you are on a first date. Your first thoughts are usually more superficial. He has a cute ass. He has a great body. His chest hair is so hot. His lips are smoldering. He has amazing eyebrows. Of course you want to fuck him. You want to bend him over right then and there – right over the bread and butter. But then your common sense starts to kick in. If you fuck him now, how will he perceive you? How will you perceive him? These are just preliminary thoughts that you should be having before you even consider going back to his or yours.

However, things start to get a little tricky when you actually like the person – in a romantic way. This is where you have to put more thought into the implications of rushing into things. If you are on a date and the guy you are with is both attractive and smart, and you get along, you have to think about how you would feel if you gave yourself to him on the first date. Sometimes it is more special to wait – more romantic.  Sometimes you want to go on adventures together and then passionately fall into bed together and make love – not fuck.

Yet, you have to think of yourself in another way. What if he likes you too? If you fuck him, will he feel used and start to build up resentment? Some guys can definitely feel this way and it is a surefire way to destroy what could turn into something really good. If this is the case, you should wait. Yet, if you both really like each other, and you know the fire is there, you should definitely talk about those feelings. You need to both be on the same page before your emotions completely take over.

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At the end of the day, relationships are a lot like cars. You can keep leasing affordable midsized sedans that take you to and fro, and wherever else you need to go, but eventually you want something you can be proud to drive out of the garage. Sometimes you get older and you want something a little more reliable. Maybe you don’t want to constantly keep breaking up with guys and hunting for hot rebound sex – that consistent, hunky greased tow-truck that always comes to the rescue when you are on the side of the road. But then again, what if you’ve just met the one? Then is it okay to fuck on the first date?  When it comes down to it, you just have to use your own intuition. Life is a series of car wrecks, blowjobs, missed connections and bounced checks. If you just keep chugging along, your heart will lead you where you need to go.

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