Some Rules On Gay College and Gay Flirting Tips

There are many, many men that one will meet in college… if they are open minded that is. Close fraternity brothers, gay professors, and of course just other hot homosexuals will be crawling all over the college campus… knowing how to flirt, and with whom to flirt with is going to be the key to reaching all your sexual potential in college.

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First, let’s review some basic rules to gay college and some gay flirting tips:

1. Flirting should only be initiated if there is at least a 70% chance that the individual you are flirting with is also a homosexual (or at least bi-curious).

If you are unsure of the individual’s sexual orientation but still wish to attempt flirting, you should at least be confident that it will be well received in the event that he is not interested. Coming on too strong to a straight guy can be a pretty nasty event… so I have heard…

2. Flirting should only be initiated if the environment calls for it.

Many people have strong feelings about public displays of affection, and this includes flirting. If you start flirting with a guy who is discreet, private, or reserved while in a public place could end up backfiring. This rule is especially important if you are a ‘touchy’ person, as many people are uncomfortable being affectionate in public.

3. Flirting should be buffered by friendly conversation.

While most gays are fluent in flirting, it may be difficult for one to realize when their flirting has become too much. To avoid being over-flirty, you should space out your charming pickup lines with general friendly conversation. Nothing is as unsexy as someone coming on too strong and too fast…

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gay flirting4. Examine how the flirty behavior is being received.

Body language is key to understanding if your flirty comments and moves are flying smooth, or crashing and burning. Since you don’t want to embarrass yourself, or waste your own time flirting with someone not interested, it is important to make observations (without looking like you are). Leaving the conversation ‘open’ for them to flirt back, or respond on the spot can help to determine what they are thinking and how they are feeling. If you aren’t feeling any interest being reciprocated, it is a good idea to steer the conversation into a friendly place while you get to know the person.

5. You MUST know your audience!

Not knowing who you are flirting with could be potential for a gay flirting disaster. You don’t have to have a deep conversation with someone to get an idea of ‘who’ they are. Simple cues and clues will help you determine if the individual you are flirting with is a good match. Look at what they are wearing, their posture and the way they interact with others, and if you think a little flirting could go a long way… go for it!

So now that we have examined the five rules to gay flirting, we can examine the way to flirt with each type of college guy you will encounter.

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The Bi-Curious Frat Boy

You will encounter several ‘curious’ guys while in college: classmates, frat guys, and even your professors. Common curiosity aside, each of these men should be approached differently…

The bi-curious frat boy is a tricky type to flirt with, as most are discreet and uncomfortable with the romantic aspect of homosexuality. This type is more sex-driven, but don’t expect cuddles afterwards… hooking up with a bi-curious fraternity guy will probably leave you with a stimulated prostate, but not an overnight bedfellow.

The Flamboyant Freshman

There is something about college that brings out the flame within gay freshman… not all, but many. College is known for being the time where people ‘come into themselves,’ so transitions of this sort are to be expected…
The flamboyant freshman is often more romantically driven than the masculine-acting gay. This known, flirting is typically welcomed, and public displays of affection are fair-game.

The Straight Acting Gay Jock

Similar to the bi-curious frat guy, this type of college gay will be hard to gauge when it comes to flirting… The straight acting gay jocks can be found usually around the on-campus gyms, and on the club sport teams. With this type of gay, it is a case-by-case basis, with some being entirely comfortable with PDA and others being very against it. Simply chat with him and pay attention to his body language. If you notice his eyes looking at your eyes or lips, he is probably interested and you are safe to fire up the flirting.

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The Gay Professor

If you don’t have a hang up on hooking up with an authority figure, this type of gay could really be quite a ‘learning’ experience (both in and out of the bedroom). Most universities discourage faculty and student relations… but then again, when did rules ever stop us gays?

If you are open to dating a professor, you should probably seek one that doesn’t teach any of the classes you will, have or are currently taking. Professors will not be open to any public displays of affection; however, gay professors can inspire some of the most interesting date conversation…

Flirting should be subtle and smart with this type of campus gay, as most have a taste for witty and clever charm.

While each gay college student’s journey will be unique, this article should give you an idea as to the types of homosexuals you may expect to encounter on campus. And if you do feel ready to put your gay flirting skills to the test, the rules to flirting will act as a great guide to landing your next pickup line. Make the most of your gay college experience, and be sure to remember: college is what you make of it… so why not make it great?

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