Sex Toys for Gay Couples Who Don’t like Anal Sex

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Not all gay couples enjoy anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay couples do not engage in anal sex regularly.

Oral sex and hand jobs make up the majority of bedroom play for most gay couples. If gay anal sex isn’t your jam, let me introduce you to some sex toys that might be better suited for your enjoyment.

The Mood Thrill Stroker
This male masturbator is great to use with your partner. The Mood Thrill male Stroker makes masturbating and a good old fashioned hand job out of this world. This penis sleeves offers three different internal textures for varied sensation. Lube him up and slide this on his penis. He’ll love the way the massage beads feel on his cock. This sex toy is waterproof so you can use it in the bath or the shower. This male sex toy is just too fun!

The Butt Banger
If your man is not putting out, you can opt for this excellent male stroker. This male masturbator takes the idea of a “pocket pussy” and puts a gay spin on it. It feels just like anal topping a bottom. You’ll never find a tighter hole for your member. This sex toy was made with gay men in mind and features a beautifully shaped bottom to dip your dick in. This sex toy is equipped with a realistic set of cock and balls that massage the scrotum as you jack off. You can use this toy to masturbate yourself or slide it on your man. You’ll both enjoy wanking with this sex toy.

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Kevin Warhol Mouth Fleshjack
Are you one of those guys who isn’t into anal at all? Like, the thought of it grosses you out? This skips the backdoor option and offers you oral stimulation. The Kevin Warhol Fleshjack aka fleshlight is an amazing male stroker. The entrance for your cock is shaped like porn star Kevin Warhol’s beautiful mouth. This oral stroker feels just like your getting head. Lube him up and then jerk him off with this amazing sex toy.

The Extreme Sling
Although this sex furniture is marketed as bondage gear, it’s actually very liberating. This sex sling is a comfortable solution to giving and getting the best oral sex of your life. A sex swing will allow you to lay down and really take his cock. Open wide! This sex sling is great for really feeding your man some dick. You’ll love how comfortable and versatile the different oral sex positions can be.

There you have it! The best sex toys for gay couples who aren’t into anal. Anal sex isn’t for everybody and there’s nothing wrong with disliking it. Thankfully has a plethora of sex toys that will let you have a ton of fun with any butt stuff. Visit today and use promo code GAYFRAT for a 50% Discount on your sex toy plus Free Discreet Shipping if you spend $20 or more. They have everything from lube to male strokers and even sex swings! You and your next sexual partner will love the amazing male sex toys they have to offer.

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Secrets of Anal Sex

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Anal sex is one of those things that is talked about, but in the end no one really knows what they are talking about. It’s not like the butthole is a big secret – it isn’t – but people like to create such a mystery surrounding anal sex that it becomes a big mystery. In this article, I want to reveal some of the biggest secrets of anal sex, so that you can rest a little easier. First and foremost, though, you have to understand that the butthole isn’t that complicated, so you don’t have to fear the butthole.

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Here are some of the biggest secrets of anal sex…

1. Understand how the anus works and you’ll pretty much know how to figure out how the whole anal sex thing works. Basically, the anus is the end of a long channel that stars in your mouth and ends at your butthole – yes, it is where poop comes out. The anus only has so much insertable area and inside the anus, if you’re a man, is a little prostate gland that when stimulated, provides erotic pleasure – hence the reason why anal sex feels so damn good.

anal sex, good hygiene, anal sex techniques, anal sex experience, secrets of anal sex2. Cleaning out your butthole is vital before anal sex. Good hygiene is incredibly important before anal sex. Because the anus is covered in fecal germs – sorry to get completely gross – you want to wash that bad boy real good. If you want to make the anal sex experience more enjoyable, you want to get rid of all the nasties in and around the hair. When you are washing out the butthole, try to really get in there and scrub.

3. Take a big shit before anal sex. Sorry to get gross – again – but when you are talking about anal sex, it is hard to not get a little gross. Because the butthole is where poop comes out of, it is also where poop can get stuck. The last thing you want is to be in bed with a guy and have an accident while he is pounding away at your backdoor. So, before anal sex, simply make a bowel movement to clean out the chamber. Don’t worry, its okay to have dinner – the chamber won’t be full again for another six or so hours.

4. Practice your handjob, blowjob and anal sex techniques and you will eventually get better at what you do. When you first start out in the world of anal sex, you won’t necessarily be the best in bed. It can be awkward at first – with plenty of fumbling. Don’t worry – the more you have sex and the more you perfect your anal sex techniques, the better you will be.

5. Anal sex is not scary. This is perhaps one of the biggest secrets of anal sex. Once you do it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss is about. Trust me, anal sex is fun and – if done right – the anal sex experience can make you really fulfilled; both physically and emotionally.

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Lastly, there aren’t really any secrets of sex – mostly myths and other misconceptions. However, if   you want to have a fun and engaging anal sex experience, you want to make sure to maintain good hygiene and make sure you anus is always sparkling clean. In the end, you never know whom you’ll take home.

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The Top 5 Things First-Timers Should Know About Anal Sex

anal sex, gay men, first-timers, getting ready for anal sex

Getting ready for anal sex is a little bit like getting ready to drive a car for the first time. The only difference is that there is no training school for anal sex. Also, the only instructor you’ll have teaching you about anal sex is the first guy you’ll be having anal sex with. This is the reason why it can be important to have some ideas about what to expect, because the last thing you want when it comes to anal sex is to be pleasantly surprised.

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Here are the top five things first-timers should know about anal sex…

1. It might hurt. If you think about it, the butthole is only so wide and it only opens for special occasions – a special occasion you don’t want happening in bed. So, you have to find a way to make yourself more relaxed. The more open you are – literally open – the better it will feel. However, you can expect some discomfort regardless.

2. You will want to use lube. Lube will be your best friend as a gay man figuring out anal sex for the first time. Lube will help you slip in and out. When it comes to lube, you want to probably use a silicone lubricant, because it will last a long time and it is condom safe. You do not want to use petroleum lubricant, because that can mess with the condom.

3. You may realize that you like being on top rather than the bottom. One thing that a lot of gay men realize when they are getting pounded in the ass is that they would much rather be the one doing the pounding. If this is the case, you want to speak up and make your desires known.

4. Take a shower before you have anal sex. Anything regarding the great brown starfish should involve cleanliness, so make sure that you take a shower. You really want to scrub deep inside your asshole. If you can, take a big shit too. It can help to be clean, but also empty too.

5. It is going to feel good – really good. Besides the pain, anal sex is going to feel really good. So, you want to take a deep breath and let that cock gently slide inside you. As he is going for it and really getting into the groove, you should try and roll with the motions in the ocean. This should help alleviate your nervousness and make your first anal sex experience a good one.

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In the end, anal sex can be a wild ride, especially for your first time around. All you need to know, though, is that the first time will be a little discomforting, but if you keep your butthole spotless and make sure to slather his cock and your asshole with lube, you’ll be fine. It is anal sex after all – not heart surgery.

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Why Anal Sex Kits Rule

Why Anal Sex Kits Rule

Anal sex can be one of those things you dread sometimes – not because it doesn’t feel good, but because your asshole can be so damn tight that the thought of having anything inserted inside it seems like trying to get a watermelon through a straw. Even the old ‘just the tip’ feels like torture. This is why I love anal sex kits so much – especially when I haven’t gotten any in a while and I need a little something extra to get my poop chute loose enough for a little sexual play time. Also, anal sex kits can be great for people who have never had anal sex, but to make sure their first time doesn’t hurt as much. A little pain can be fun, but too much can be not so much fun.

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Here is why anal sex kits rule…

You can think of many of these anal sex kits like training kits for anal sex. Like I mentioned before, they are like barbells or weights that come in different sizes so that you can not only make it more comfortable for you when you do have anal sex, but it also makes it easier for the guy, because he won’t have to struggle as much when getting his dick inside. Anyways, you’ve probably seen, or used, butt plugs before – this is what anal sex kits are, but the plugs come in different sizes so that you can start working your way up.

Most anal sex kits – besides all the extras – come with about three or four different plugs. First, you start off with the smallest one and then you work your way up to the biggest one. Doing this gradually is a little bit like coming down from antidepressants. However, with anal sex kits you aren’t constantly crying or having emotional breakdowns every time the barista at your local coffee shop puts whole milk in your latte as opposed to soymilk. Anyways, you get the point – the objective is to get your butthole more and more comfortable to the point where you can insert a large object into it without biting down on something. Because who knows when you are going to meet that guy with the monster dong at your local watering hole.

One of my favorite anal kits is called the Colt Anal Trainer Kit. The trainer kit is perfect because it comes with three perfectly sized anal sex toys – the smallest one is about four inches long with a one inch width, the second one is about four and a half inches long with a 1 and a half inch width, and the third one weighs in at about five and a half inches long with a two inch width. Basically, with the first one you’ll be ready for Brad and then by the time you’re done, you’ll be more than ready for Tyrone, if you know what I mean.

Why Anal Sex Kits Rule

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Lastly, anal sex toy kits are amazing fun. More than that, anal sex toy kits rule because they feel good. Guys, listen, you have a little magic organ in your butthole that when pressed, touched, stimulated or rammed up against will make you cum – why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Sex toy kits also rule because it can be nice to get some real bang for your buck, instead of the other way around. If I’m buying an erotic toy I like to know that I’m getting a good deal and that I’ll be satisfied. With an anal kit I always am.

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The Secrets of Anal Sex

The Secrets of Anal Sex

There are a lot of myths and rumors about anal sex. Even a lot of gay men – especially those who have just gloriously jumped out of the closet – are confused about the whole butt sex thing. The truth is that there are some gay guys who don’t really get off on having sex. Some don’t even like to go near the butthole. Straight people, of course, think that we gays worship the butthole. As though every day at around four in the afternoon we put down a prayer rug and pray to the butthole. This simply is not true. Yet, there are a lot of gay guys who do enjoy butt sex – they don’t worship it, but they do like it – I mean, it’s really the only insertable natural orifice around our midsection that our kind can enjoy. However, the butthole is a sensitive place – not emotionally, but physically – butt sex can really hurt if it is done wrong. If it is done right, then tie me up and call me Sally, because it can really feel good.

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Here are the secrets of anal sex…

Know the butthole – love the butthole. Sometimes just knowing how the butthole operates can offer you a uniquely better anal sex experience. Sure, you know where the butthole is, but do you really know how it works in there? If you think about it, the anus is an extremely tight hole that is full of muscles and nerves that keep it lockjaw tight. You can only put so much in there at once without a big “yelp” or “ouch” coming from your partner – no matter how experienced he is. So, it might be wise to take a flashlight and explore your own anus or pick up an anatomy book. It is smart to know how big it is, how far back it goes and where the lovely prostate is, because that is your golden ticket to pleasure town.

Yes, hygiene is important. You don’t want to go down on a guy if he just finished “letting go” of some nachos he ate five hours earlier. Talk about gross. So, make sure that you are all cleaned up before you get it on with a guy. That means not only scrubbing your taint and around your butthole, but really getting in there and cleaning all the little details. You never know when a guy might dive right in and give you some analingus.

Butthole sex can hurt and pills are bad. You don’t want to take muscle relaxants or other stimulants to make your butthole looser. Most guys think this is the only way to reduce the pain of anal sex and to make it easier for insertion. Yes, anal sex is a little like losing your virginity over and over again, especially if you have a taste for men with enormous dongs. The secret, however, to reducing the pain and making it easier for insertion is to use lube – lots of it. Lube up your asshole and lube up his cock before it goes anywhere near your butthole. Lube up even if you are just playing with the tip.

Use a condom. If you don’t use a condom when you have anal sex, you are basically living in the Middle Ages. Not only is the anus one of the dirtiest parts of your body, it can also be a carrier of a lot of blood-borne diseases. The anus is also full of little nerves and capillaries that might break during sex and if you aren’t wearing a condom, you could get a pretty nasty STD. I know this is gross and you probably just lost your bone, but it’s true. Plus, condoms can make clean up a lot cleaner. You don’t need to worry about all the cum dripping out of your asshole and you don’t need to worry about finding a rag to wipe your man juice off his pectoral muscles.

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You could call these secrets or tips to anal sex, but you should also follow the above advice if you want to have amazing sex. Knowing what you are doing down there will also make you more confident in bed, which can make sex way hotter. Not to mention, knowing exactly what you are doing and what you like will make it a lot more pleasurable for both, or shall I say all parties.

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Does Size Matter For Gay Guys?

Does Size Matter For Gay Guys

In the straight world women are always talking about the size of a guy’s dick in relation to how it feels inside their pussies. I mean, penis size seems to be one of the most hotly contested topics – in the straight world. But, does size matter in the gay word? Well, it depends. If you think about it, the butthole is only yay wide and yay tight. Also, you have to think about the mouth too – How big of a dick can a mouth handle – am I right ladies? In my experiences there are benefits of all sorts of different sized dicks.

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Sometimes you just want a small dick inside your asshole. There have been times when I have brought guys over and when they pull down their pants it’s like they are hiding a thimble in there. However, sometimes I need a Thimbelina, because a small dick can feel just as great on the prostate as a huge one. A small dick is also unintimidating. I can imagine a lot of women wouldn’t have much of a future with a guy like that, but that is mainly because women need a certain circumference to get them off. Us gays – at least me specifically – can deal just fine with a small penis. Sometimes a small penis is preferable.

Yes, a big dick will fit in my ass – eventually, but it takes a little finesse and patience – a lot of lube too. When are they going to invent a butthole shoehorn for gay guys? After the cock is inside you, then it is smooth sailing – provided that you have enough lube to get you through. If you don’t, it can be incredibly painful. Also, you can’t be a fresh, gay virgin and expect to enjoy anal with a giant cock – your butthole has to have a few years on the job. Eventually you will become loose enough, but even then, anything over 8 inches can feel a little bit like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

In my experience, what I’ve found is the perfect penis size is about 5 to 6 inches with just a little less than an inch diameter. It is not much in length or even girth, but you can’t disregard the importance of the shape. Male biology is a funny thing. When it comes to anal sex we want a cock that can stimulate our prostate, but not cause our buttholes to turn inside out and make the deflating sound that balloons make when you poke a hole in them. That is why I say 6 inches is the perfect length.

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There have only been a few guys that I have met who have had a dick that was too big to enter and only a few guys that were just too small. Ever hear of a micropenis? But even if you are a little less than 6 inches there are some amazing tools that can help you in the bedroom. For instance, penis pumps can actually work. Not only can penis pumps make you a little longer, but they make a great masturbator as well. I’ve known guys who have used penis pumps and have added at least a half inch of their cock and that extra half inch goes a long way, especially if it can increase prostate pleasure. At the end of the day, though, when it comes to penis size you don’t want to remain closed-minded. There is also the option of switching and being a top for once.

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The Best Gay Sex Positions

The Best Gay Sex Positions

Many people think that we gays only have one sex position: hands on waist, doggy style. However, the truth is that we have many positions. Some of these positions are too hard to imagine for straight people, because they just can’t fathom the different ways our bodies can actually bend and move. While some positions are more pro than others – meaning you need to have been butt fucking for a long time – some are actually quite easy, fun and can make sex feel incredible. I wish I could list 100 gay sex positions, but I thought for the sake of your Internet attention span I’ll cut the list down to five.

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So, here they are, the best – or should I say my favorite – gay sex positions

  • The Crab. This is a unique position if the bottom really wants their prostate pounded good. In this position the bottom lies flat down his back and then the top – facing the bottom – lifts up the bottom’s leg and then inserts his cock. Basically, you want the bottom’s legs to look like two big crab legs on the attack. Perhaps saying anything about crabs is not a good reference, but that’s what it looks like. To make this position really feel amazing, the top has to hold up the bottom’s leg for a long time and the bottom has to be able to be comfortable with his leg in the air for a while – don’t worry you can switch legs once and a while.
  • The Bull. The bull is a pretty wild position because it’s going to take a lot of strength for both partners to pull it off. Also, this is one of the only positions where the bottom is on the top – if that makes any sense. Basically, you’ve got the top on the floor and the bottom sort of crouching into the top’s cock. The bottom is holding himself up with the strength of his arms while the top – who is lying down – is doing the thrusting. Basically, if you are trying to imagine this position on a straight couple – think of the cowgirl – I guess that was simple enough to say.
  • The Dog. I know this is the most classic anal sex position, but it is just so god darn good. This position is a little bit like the fast food of gay sex positions. It’s just so easy and quick. And anatomically it does make the most sense out of any other position. Plus, it feels good – both as a top and a bottom. I mean as a bottom you really get that good old prostate feeling you love and as a top it feels good to be on your knees with your cock inside of another man. It’s just magic.
  • The Mirror. This position is only to be tried by the toughest of sexual thrill seekers. It doesn’t hurt to be extremely flexible as well. This position is interesting, because the bottom is basically doing a crouch headstand of sorts while the top – standing up – does a pile drive with his cock into the bottom. Basically, whatever the top is doing is mirrored exactly by the bottom – hence the reason why they call it “the mirror.” This position is great for deep penetration – and I mean deep.
  • Missionary. This position is just so much fun to do when it comes to anal sex. For one, you get to be face to face with your partner. Secondly, you get to rub testicles together – I love being able to do that. Missionary is one of those positions most people don’t even think about when it comes to gay sex. They automatically think that this position is reserved for straight couples. I guess for most people it’s like seeing two lions have sex face to face – it’s weird because they’ve never even thought about it before. More than anything, though, this is a great position if you want to get intimate with your partner and express your love. With this position you get to do a lot of leg hugging and close kissing contact. I guess this is the perfect position for gay lovebirds.

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So there you have, all the best sex positions. There are, of course, hundreds more – maybe even thousands. There is even a Kama Sutra of gay sex positions. At the end of the day, however, it is important to find something that works for you and maybe that’s just good old fashion doggy style.

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The Gay Frat Reviews: The Aiden Shaw Super Cock

The Gay Frat Reviews The Aiden Shaw Super Cock

This review is for those bottom exhibitionists out there. The ones that are ready for the next challenge, the next biggest and best dick, and are curious of how much they can really take. This is for the bottoms that are not satisfied with a simple six point five inch dick, the average, run-of-the-mill, cock. This is for the bottoms that like to feel the fucking on them way after it is done; the bottoms that think ‘the bigger the better…

So now that I have weeded out the less intense bottoms, the less curious, able, or interested of you. I will finally tell you about a dildo that will seriously change the way you view anal sex: The Aiden Shaw Super Cock.

So what is so special about The Aiden Shaw Super Cock?

Everything from detail to size.

This dick’s width is compared to that of a fully-grown apple, picked fresh off the tree. The length eight fantastic inches, and the details are as real as the real thing. This dick is the crème de la crop when it comes to super sized dildos. The dick is not your ‘unrealistic’ straight perfectly unreal dick, but has a natural and prostate-stimulating curve to it that will leave you moaning like you were really getting fucked by this very hefty dick.

Aiden Shaw Super Cock, but it was a great goal, and I am very glad I worked my way up to the challenge, bottoming has never been better.

 So can this toy get any better? This toy gets better.

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