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The Gay Frat Reviews: Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

The Gay Frat Reviews Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

So when talking to heterosexuals, women, and even gay virgins, they all typically jump to one rather ignorant and extraordinarily inappropriate yet totally plausible assumption: ‘How do you not [blank] while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you stay clean while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you make sure you are ready for a rimjob/anal?’

The answer is more simple than you might have thought, and one I certainly wish I had known about from the get go.

I have never had a ‘messy’ experience, however, the fact of the matter is you would much rather be safe than sorry, in every way. So how can you ensure a good time for both you and your partner without having to worry about when he pulls out?

Male anal douching or an enema. Some of you might not have even known that men could douche, however I can personally attest to the fact that we very well can, and in the gay community we very well should be administering enemas before bottoming, or even recreationally.

Well that is a very good and easy to answer question.

The first and most vital tool you will need to douche or administer an enema would be an ‘enema bulb’ and warm water, and of course, lube.

So you would get your enema bulb from a gay adult store website, my personal favorite being, www.AdamMale.com or www.AdamandEve.com. And once you find an enema bulb that appeals to you, and you get it in the mail you simply fill it with warm water, lube the dispense tip or administering tip and insert it into your rectum. Once inserted, simply squeeze dispersing the water into your colon and feel free to repeat while holding your water inside.

It is important that you raise your body in such a way that your behind is higher than that of the rest of your body so the water can most effectively flow to more and deeper areas, thus more efficiently cleaning you out.

It is suggested that you hold your water in until you feel a immense pressure in your anus, or for about five minutes, whichever comes first. Once you have held this is, it is important to take your time sitting on the toilet as you release the water, and waste that you would not want some guys dick poking around in.

The first few times it will feel very foreign and uncomfortable as you should anticipate, however after you get use to the ritual it will be very usual and manageable.

I personally use the ‘Colt Anal Douche’ in which I found at www.AdamMale.com, and it has a thick ribbed end attachment for comfort and even pleasure while administration of the enema.

Lube is an important factor if you would like it to slip inside you comfortably and with the most ease.

I personally recommend www.AdamMale.com simply do to the selection, quality and price. When you buy an enema in stores, you have no idea who has opened the box and felt around, and this thought alone is quite horrifying, for I would not like to be shooting other peoples germs inside of my body.

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First Time Fisting

First Time Fisting

I came to hookup, I ended up fist deep.

The first time I do anything is usually five minutes after it is offered up.

So one particularly lonely night, I was just about to take a seat onto my ‘All American 6.5 Inch Vibrating Dildo,’ when a really cute guy messaged me on Facebook.

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The conversation went literally as follows:


Always thought u were super-cute but was in a relationship so I could never say anything.


Well thanks, thought you were super-cute yourself.


Oh, thank you, and your post about butts on facebook earlier is so true…

Even though I’m versatile.

*I posted earlier, ‘Even though I am a total bottom, I am such an ass guy’*


I was actually just getting lube when you chatted me

Lol I was going to have my ‘gentlemen’s time’


To put in your hand?? Like j/o with?

Come have that with me


I jack off with lube and other things




I think you’re absolutely adorable J


I think you are super-cute too J


I love using toys and stuff lol.

Thanks J


But being a random, this whole, ‘late night, still sad about-the-ex one night stand thing,’ gets tiring and can be misleading…

*He recently broke up with an ltr*


Oh well I am not meaning it like that…

So please don’t think that.



Where is this place?



Is that anywhere close?



Its only like twenty minutes away…


What do u like to do?


Well what do you hope to do this evening?


Well honestly i want to be a gentlemen if thats what you would like

Watch a movie

Cuddle lol

I have some pinot noir…

Now if you were in a more sexual mood….

I would lay you down on the floor, kiss your neck, and nibble your ear.

Then slowly kiss my way down to your stomach.

Then gently take your pants off and pleasure you.


I’m sure we can find some mid-ground.


Then flip you over and eat your ass out until you’re screaming because you love it so much


Expect me around 11:30-11:45, is that okay?


That’s fine with me

So like, do you top any? Or like to play with ass?


I like to play

Don’t top, but play


You like to play with ass?


Yeah, if that’s what you like.


So trying to open me up with your fingers?

I love, I mean LOVE to have my ass played with.


For sure J


Can’t wait to be opened…

So a mere twenty minutes drive later I arrived at this place. It wasn’t his, he was housesitting for friends, but it would do.

I always am very weird about knocking on doors of people I am hooking up with. I am not sure why, I think it is like a mix of fear that their parents will answer, or fear that I am at the wrong place. So I texted him, ‘I’m here.’

He arrived at the door a quick fifteen seconds later and let me into the rather messy, but large house. Iron Man was playing, and wine was out. Pinot Nior, just like he said.

We chatted for a bit, about this, that, and the other. About the people we knew, and the gossip we could trade. He was very cute, like very cute.

Shorter, like I like them, and had a nice ass. He was draping it in basketball shorts this evening, and if anything ever made an ass look good, it is basketball shorts.

Not to mention, if you cop-a-feel, you are a very thin silky material away from actually touching bare, hot ass.

So things got kinda sexual when he mentioned our chat.

‘So what are you into?’ He inquired.

‘I mean, I am open-minded and I like oral… of course. Bottoming is fun too. But I really have no specific fetishes at the moment. What are you into?’

‘I like really love to have my hole-‘ he stopped briefly and laughed.

‘Isn’t is funny how much easier it is to use phrases like ‘my-hole’ when chatting online as opposed to in person.’

Haha, yeah, I don’t think I have ever used the phrase ‘my hole’ in conversation before, so this is a tad bit unusual.’

‘So what do you like to do with your hole? Or like done with your hole?’ I laughed to relieve the discomfort of the exchange of conversation.

‘I love to have my hole-‘ he paused ‘opened up.’

‘You sure you are a top?’ I was a bit worried that I had traveled twenty minutes for nothing. Especially since I was about thirty seconds away from getting fucked by a vibrating dick before this guy chatted me.

‘Yes, I am a top. Well, I am very vers. But I love to have my ass played with. You like to do that?’

‘Yeah.’ I responded.

‘Have you ever fisted someone before?’

Whoa, that took a quick turn in the extreme sense, fast.

I had never fisted anyone before, and if I were to be totally honest, it was something I never planned to do, or be on the either end of that exchange.

However, I have prided myself upon being the kind of guy that never turns down a ‘first’ experience. I had no idea if fisting was something I loved, since I had never done it. This could be my only chance ever to fist anyone before I die.

It was that series of thoughts that inspired my responses throughout the rest of the conversation.


‘Like, have you ever wanted to fist someone?’ He asked, clearly unsure of how I was gauging the conversation, or what I was thinking.

‘I mean… I am not opposed to the idea.’

‘So would you fist me?’

‘I don’t see why not.’

I took a step in, and my hand, like it always does, found his already semi-erect penis… And gripped it firmly.

‘So would you fuck me after?’ I whispered into his ear.

‘I don’t see why not.’ He regurgitated my words in such a way that made it more than clear that in a matter of minutes I would be disrobed with a dick inside me, or rather my fist inside him.

So my premonition held true. We made our way up to a guest bedroom upstairs, all the while making out and dry humping each other.

He threw me on the bed, and just as he said he would, he began to ‘bite just a little on my neck.’ After that, true to form, and his word, he ‘slowly kissed his way down my stomach.’

I don’t know at what point my clothes came off, but at this point I noticed nothing was still draped on my body. I was nude, hard, and fucking horny.

He sucked me dick for a bit before coming up for air. To my lips.

We kissed passionately and rolled around until I managed to get him face down and on top of him.

Oh the things I would have done if I were a top…

I started behind his left ear and made my way down to his ass. Kissing every inch or so, as his bum rose in anticipation.

After a bit of rimming, I decided he was ready.

My brave index finger made the plunge. Feeling around as if searching for something, my finger’s curiosity was validated with very loud, and very passionate moans.

 I decided it was time for my middle finger to enter the premises. It was more than welcome, and his hole was more than size accommodating. So I ventured to stick in another, then another.

I had my four fingers submerged into his guy, and he was moaning as though it was the most incredible thing to happen in his young life thus far.

With my hand folded into what I like to refer to as a ‘taco-formation’ I decided to go all in. And all in I went.

The fact that I was inside a human body, feeling around as though it were some sort of hands-on-museum-exhibit, totally outweighed my thoughts of anything else. It was when he looked back and asked me to go further that my head was brought back from the clouds.

I didn’t know much about fisting; I just knew I wanted to avoid hurting him, or killing him.

‘How far?’ I asked, curious and without a clue as to what the answer may be.

‘Just hold still, I will just ride it. Keep your arm firm.’

I obliged, and held my arm as firm as I knew how. I was not going to be a bad fister.

He rode my arm like it was a mechanical bull, and he was determined to win the grand prize. It was not long until my forearm had completely disappeared, submerged inside him. He was at the cusp of my elbow when I had my answer.

That was how far. Now I know.

He rode for a while longer then asked me to ‘lube up both hands and punch in.’

I used my context clues and did exactly as I was told. I pulled out both hands and lubed them up and then began doing an exercise similar to that of a move I saw on a ‘Cardio-DVD-Infomercial.’

You pull back both arms, keeping them elevated at chest height, and with one punch the target… into the target, then back, and the other hand takes a shot.

I burned somewhere around 1000 calories in the ten minutes that he had me do that, and he shot one of the biggest loads I had ever seen in my life. Or even in porn.

He then proceeded to go for another round, and fucked the fuck out of me. Like we are talking… POUNDED ME. Not only was he a top, but also he had some impressive sexual endurance, for a versatile fist-ee.

To my surprise, it was amazingly clean, other than the sheets being a whole new shade of wet, and white, the whole act was ‘porn-perfect.’ And I left knowing that I don’t make a bad fister.

 Yet another skill to add to the resume…

Now, it would be irresponsible for me to not address the issue of fisting from more of a knowledgeable and medical perspective.

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Going ‘too far’ or ‘too hard’ while fisting can be very, very dangerous, and even in some cases fatal. So if you do choose to explore this fetish, you must do so with extreme caution and slowly. There is not rush, or contest to see how much you can fit.

The human body is fragile, and the tissue in your anal canal is very thin, and easily ripped. Odds are you have done it before, ripped it that is. It is not as painful as it sounds, and nothing to ashamed of, disgusted about, or even upset about. It is almost an inevitable part of anal penetration, but with this, you do not want to go about penetration too hard, with such a large object.

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The Gay Frat Reviews: Erotic Nipple Chain

The Gay Frat Reviews Erotic Nipple Chain

There is a general area on a man’s body that can do a lot of stimulation. And no, I am not talking about the penis, or anus, though they both do indeed incite a flurry of stimulation… I am talking about the nipples.

But there is a big issue that those with sensitive nipples face. No matter how much you enjoy teasing yourself, or getting your nipples… bitten, sucked, or pulled on… it requires a bit of work to jack off and pinch both nipples.

So what do you do?

Buy nipple clams of course!

Any nipple clams? Are they safe? Which clamp is right for me!

So there are a lot of nipple clams on the market nowadays, and for those that like a nice pinch on their nipples during the dirty act, rather than much of a tug, the nipple clamp I am about to tell you about is the one for you!

The Erotic Nipple Chain is you basic, run-of-the-mill nipple clamp. It pinches without the sometimes overwhelming tug that comes with weighted nipple clamps, or bulky and heavy chains that come with these clamps. This nipple clamp gets the job done without any inconvenient dealing with a ‘lengthy chain’ (that gets in the way) or having to readjust for comfort.

The clamps on The Erotic Nipple Chain have been designed in a way that allows the upmost comfort for use. This will not loose it’s firm grip after a few minutes of use, and will not fall off under motion. Wear it while bottoming, topping, giving oral, receiving oral, getting fisted, jacking off… even while at work. The Erotic Nipple Chain is the nipple chain for just about anybody and everybody that finds themselves looking for a little nipple play in the moment.

So can this toy get any better? This toy gets better.

It is currently on Adammale.com for $15.95! That is less than 20 Dollars!



Your order total will be cut in half; 50% off this already inexpensive order. THAT MEANS THIS WEIGHTED NIPPLE CLAMP WILL BE ABOUT $8. LESS THAN YOU PROBABLY SPEND ON LUNCH EVERYDAY! The money you save you can use to buy more toys, or some lube! In addition to this money saving, the code GAYFRAT will also…

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The Gay Frat Reviews: The Aiden Shaw Super Cock

The Gay Frat Reviews The Aiden Shaw Super Cock

This review is for those bottom exhibitionists out there. The ones that are ready for the next challenge, the next biggest and best dick, and are curious of how much they can really take. This is for the bottoms that are not satisfied with a simple six point five inch dick, the average, run-of-the-mill, cock. This is for the bottoms that like to feel the fucking on them way after it is done; the bottoms that think ‘the bigger the better…

So now that I have weeded out the less intense bottoms, the less curious, able, or interested of you. I will finally tell you about a dildo that will seriously change the way you view anal sex: The Aiden Shaw Super Cock.

So what is so special about The Aiden Shaw Super Cock?

Everything from detail to size.

This dick’s width is compared to that of a fully-grown apple, picked fresh off the tree. The length eight fantastic inches, and the details are as real as the real thing. This dick is the crème de la crop when it comes to super sized dildos. The dick is not your ‘unrealistic’ straight perfectly unreal dick, but has a natural and prostate-stimulating curve to it that will leave you moaning like you were really getting fucked by this very hefty dick.

Aiden Shaw Super Cock, but it was a great goal, and I am very glad I worked my way up to the challenge, bottoming has never been better.

 So can this toy get any better? This toy gets better.

It is currently on Adammale.com for $69.95! Worth every penny…. but still a bit pricy… well fortunately for you…

www.thegayfrat.com is offering you an exclusive deal… promocode: GAYFRAT.

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Need some gay bottoming tips? Bottoming can be one of the most terrifying endeavors a gaybie or new gay will ever face in their sexual self-discovery. The only combat to this fear of the unknown would be knowledge and an acute awareness of your own body. There is no shame in exploring the ‘down under’ in the privacy of your shower, bed, or well…. Anywhere. In fact, it is vital to having better sex. As gay bottoms, getting to know yourself, on the inside, will help you locate your prostate, increase anal penetrative comfort as well as simply familiarize with how such a penetration feels.

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Bottoming is not for everyone; however, everyone should at one point in their gay life, try it. I am sure we have all heard the horror stories associated with such bottoming, but I will tell you first hand that they highly unlikely, and virtually impossible if you are a gay bottom and well learned on the ins and outs of penetration.
When I lost my virginity, it was horrible. Upon having never explored myself alone, the man had a very thick cock, and I was haunted by the slim chance of defecation. I tensely took each thrust while repeating to myself, ‘Don’t shit, Don’t shit, Don’t shit.’

I didn’t and have bottomed several times since, each successive time, a little longer, a little harder, a little deeper, and more relaxed.

Sex revolves around relaxation. If you are not relaxed, no matter who he, how horny you are, or how much lube you use, the sex will be horrible.

Be confident in your judgment. And most importantly, eat accordingly, if you are planning on bottoming, it is probably not a good idea to precede it with a spicy-Mexican-meal, but instead something that you know will not upset the stomach, like fruit. This does not mean that you can’t fuck after going on a sushi-date, I am instead just advising you play it safe by eating foods you are comfortable, and familiar with, and it is useful to have a light meal.

Do go to the bathroom before bottoming if possible. Like your mother likely did on car trips, advise yourself to ‘Go to the bathroom, because it will be a bit of a trip until your next chance to.’

If you are comfortable administering an enema, or douching, feel free to do so. However, do know that each activity does hold the potential to irritate the walls of your anal canal. Excessive douching may also lead to dehydration. So do not have the first time you are doing either of these activities be pre-sex, but instead practice yourself pre-masturbation and see how you like it.

I cannot stress the importance of protection enough. Regardless of whether or not it feels better, do not have sex without a condom. Stand firm by this. HIV is real, and can easily be contracted from unprotected sex with an infected partner.

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My last suggestion in this brief article on bottoming would be to use lube, and a lot of it. Do not use saliva, for it holds germs that could potentially transmit an STI, due to an oral infection that may go without symptoms. Using infected saliva could spread the infection to your anus, or genitals.

Not only is saliva an unclean alternative, but also it is also much less slick, and lubricant than lube itself. Lubricants will decrease skin-on-skin resistance; allow a less strenuous or hesitant penetration.

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