The Gay Frat Reviews: All American Dildo

The Gay Frat Reviews All American Dildo

So a lot of people have been asking me about my personal favorite product that AdamandEve sells. This question is particularly tricky since I use such a vast array of products each week.

You could call me the sex toy queen. I use/have used more than you can probably imagine, so finding the right dick is an issue within itself, some vibrate, some don’t.

Personally, my philosophy on dildos is as follows: if my dildo can do more than a regular dick can, then it’s a good dildo.

Needless to say, I prefer the vibrating function; one a regular dick is simply without.

Unfortunately, choosing a dick that vibrates only narrows about half of the competition out. A lot of the dildo’s sold have a vibrating feature.

So my next criteria for finding a dildo would have to be curvature. I like a dick that curves, it holds a bit more excitement than a straight shooter, and often stimulate parts of me that a straight dick simply can’t reach.

So since I have yet to find a dick that curves any direction other than ‘up.’ I usually end up choosing ‘upward curving’ product.

So my personal favorite upward curving, vibrating cock would have to be the All American Whopper Dildo. At 6.5 inches, the size, curvature and veined texture feels like the real thing, but with vibration. It is the super dildo.

The dildo is not only great, but also very easy to clean. The wire to the control is waterproof, and the texture of the dildo is very soap friendly and allows for a very quick and easy clean.

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The Gay Frat Reviews: Clone-A-Willy

The Gay Frat Reviews Clone-A-Willy

Have you ever wanted to fuck yourself? I have, and I actually was able to do it. Clone-A-Willy allows you to actually feel your own dick inside of you. ALL without some sort of radioactive dick cloning experiment. You can make your own dildo. That’s right, fuck off Brett Corrigan, there is a new dildo model in town: you. The kit is simple to use, and allows you to make an immortal clone of your penis. It would make the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone, valentines gift, and keep your sex life alive long after you die. That was a bit morbid, but seriously, let your penis live long after you are gone. Get the Clone-A-Willy Kit! This would also make a great coffee table conversation starter.

Your house guests will be like: ‘Holy shit, that penis is really fucking perfect, who’s is it and where can I get one?’

Or bring it on a first date to break the ice about sex. Pull it out of your man­bag and say, ‘What do you think about this?’ (They may ejaculate in their pants, so… beware)

Give it to your ‘ex­boyfriend’ after you break up with him. Say something along the lines of, “I am the best you will ever have, so I wanted to give you this.” He will use it every night for the rest of his life.

Put it in a trophy case, or nail it to a plaque and put it on your wall. All the boys will be so impressed. And if someone ever tried to burgle you, they would see your giant cock on the wall and leave without taking a thing in fear of getting fucked by it.

This product is fucking awesome, and the deal gets even more fucking awesome. Use promocode GAYFRAT when you checkout of with the Clone-A-Willy in your cart and you will get 50% OFF! That is 20$, and with FREE SHIPPING if you spend $20 or more!

Yeah, this deal is fucking awesome. So get going, get the Clone-A-Willy and brighten somebody’s day. Or sit on it.

Camping Trip Experimenting

Camping Trip Experimenting

Cory had told me he was bicurious several months earlier, and I had barely thought of it since. When he invited me on a camping trip with him and his family for spring break junior year, I was happy to go along. Our first few days at the beach weren’t very eventful. We swam, biked around, and went kayaking. Then, four days into the six day trip, I was coming out of the ocean when I thought I saw Cory staring at my bathing suit, in a spot he shouldn’t have been staring. He had told me about his sexuality, so I wasn’t offended, maybe even flattered. As he stood up and pulled his hair away from his face, I decided to sneak a glance at his crotch, and make sure he saw me.

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We were staying in our own tent while his parents and younger brothers shared a different one. We stayed up late, just talking. Neither of us could really sleep, given the fact that we had slept on the ground the last few days and was getting tired of it. Then it happened, when the conversation hit a lull, I figured I’d better tell him my feelings, and see what I could get out of it. “I think I’m curious, as well.”

“Really?” he sounded tired, and not as interested as I had hoped.

“Yeah. I think so. How did you know when you were?”

“Easy,” he said, a little nervously. Suddenly I was paranoid – what if he wasn’t bi anymore, or it was an attempt for me to confess something? I had no idea why he would have done that, but this was the first time I’d spoken anything like this aloud, mostly because I hadn’t thought anything about it before. “I noticed that I was checking out guys. How do you know you are?”
“I said I just thought I was. I’m not sure.”

“Bullshit, Chris. You know. You were looking at me today. You were thinking something.”

“It’s just…” I started to say, but now I was really regretted saying anything at all, but it had been almost a week since I had jerked off, and that must have made me bolder than I normally would have been. “Normally I think about girls giving me head, or something. Then one day, I thought of a guy, and realized I didn’t care too much if it were to happen.” I didn’t tell him he was the guy.

“Yeah,” he said, and now he sounded at ease. “That happened to me, too. And then…” His voice dropped to a whisper. “And then I thought about actually giving a guy head and enjoying it”

The conversation was flowing, now – we were okay with each other’s admissions. But I wanted a blowjob, and I wanted one tonight. There had to be a way to get that to happen, hmm I thought…..”Okay, anyone from school, then, one sex act. Who and what would it be?” I said “One sex act? You sound like our health textbook,” he laughed, but then remembered to keep his
voice down to a whisper. “Really, I just want a blowjob. I don’t care who from.” I thought about what he had said when he knew he was bisexual, and decided that in order to get him to suck my dick, I was willing to suck his. It took me a long time to admit this to myself “Fuck, man, I’ll give you a blowjob, if that’s all you really want.”

“Did you really just say that?” he asked, and sat up.

“I meanyou’d probably want me to do you first, right?”

I…uh…” he began. “Give me a minute.” He stood up and went out to the bathroom. While he was in the shower cabin, I felt for my cock, and found that it was almost painfully hard. He crawled back into the tent and sat down next to my sleeping bag. “Okay,” he said, sounding nervous but eager. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” I said, and doubtless I sounded the same as he did.

He unzipped my bag and picked up my dick. So strange after so long to feel a hand other than my own grabbing my dick, especially one so different. But it didn’t matter – I felt warmth and wetness closing around the head of my cock, and I was inside his mouth. It felt as good as I’d imagined it, maybe even better, and this was a guy sucking on my dick! He didn’t make any noises, he just let his mouth slide up and down, while his tongue pushed at the side and occasionally rubbed around the tip of my dick.
This was unreal. I didn’t know if I could take it.

“Stop,” I said. “Stop.” But he didn’t stop – he kept sucking, and his mouth kept going up and down, and when he reached the tip of my cock each time, his tongue slid all around the head. Finally, he pulled his mouth away, still holding on enough for me to pop when I slid out of his mouth.

“Wow,” I said. “Wowbut you can’t keep going. I haven’t jerked off in like a week, I don’t want to
cum yet.”

“Do you want a turn, then?”


“This isbig.” I said. “Good thing all I’m doing is sucking it.”

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For doing something previously thought unthinkable, his penis tasted like normal skin, like I was licking a very large finger. It didn’t feel at all strange. “This really isn’t so bad,” I thought as I put the head of his cock into my mouth. I started to do what he had done to me: I moved my tongue around as much as possible, and I put as much inside my mouth as could fit.

Soon, when I moved my mouth back north and ran my tongue around the tip of his cock, I tasted the slight hint of saltiness.
“Stop,” he started to tell me. “I’m going to come.”

I ignored him, because by now I wanted it to happen. I kept his cock in my mouth, sliding up and down, varying my speeds, and when I felt a shot of warm liquid hit the roof of my mouth, I didn’t mind at all. I finally knew what it was like to be with a boy that I liked. It was a great first experience.

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