The Gay Frat Reviews: Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

The Gay Frat Reviews Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

So when talking to heterosexuals, women, and even gay virgins, they all typically jump to one rather ignorant and extraordinarily inappropriate yet totally plausible assumption: ‘How do you not [blank] while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you stay clean while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you make sure you are ready for a rimjob/anal?’

The answer is more simple than you might have thought, and one I certainly wish I had known about from the get go.

I have never had a ‘messy’ experience, however, the fact of the matter is you would much rather be safe than sorry, in every way. So how can you ensure a good time for both you and your partner without having to worry about when he pulls out?

Male anal douching or an enema. Some of you might not have even known that men could douche, however I can personally attest to the fact that we very well can, and in the gay community we very well should be administering enemas before bottoming, or even recreationally.

Well that is a very good and easy to answer question.

The first and most vital tool you will need to douche or administer an enema would be an ‘enema bulb’ and warm water, and of course, lube.

So you would get your enema bulb from a gay adult store website, my personal favorite being, or And once you find an enema bulb that appeals to you, and you get it in the mail you simply fill it with warm water, lube the dispense tip or administering tip and insert it into your rectum. Once inserted, simply squeeze dispersing the water into your colon and feel free to repeat while holding your water inside.

It is important that you raise your body in such a way that your behind is higher than that of the rest of your body so the water can most effectively flow to more and deeper areas, thus more efficiently cleaning you out.

It is suggested that you hold your water in until you feel a immense pressure in your anus, or for about five minutes, whichever comes first. Once you have held this is, it is important to take your time sitting on the toilet as you release the water, and waste that you would not want some guys dick poking around in.

The first few times it will feel very foreign and uncomfortable as you should anticipate, however after you get use to the ritual it will be very usual and manageable.

I personally use the ‘Colt Anal Douche’ in which I found at, and it has a thick ribbed end attachment for comfort and even pleasure while administration of the enema.

Lube is an important factor if you would like it to slip inside you comfortably and with the most ease.

I personally recommend simply do to the selection, quality and price. When you buy an enema in stores, you have no idea who has opened the box and felt around, and this thought alone is quite horrifying, for I would not like to be shooting other peoples germs inside of my body.

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Need some gay bottoming tips? Bottoming can be one of the most terrifying endeavors a gaybie or new gay will ever face in their sexual self-discovery. The only combat to this fear of the unknown would be knowledge and an acute awareness of your own body. There is no shame in exploring the ‘down under’ in the privacy of your shower, bed, or well…. Anywhere. In fact, it is vital to having better sex. As gay bottoms, getting to know yourself, on the inside, will help you locate your prostate, increase anal penetrative comfort as well as simply familiarize with how such a penetration feels.

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Bottoming is not for everyone; however, everyone should at one point in their gay life, try it. I am sure we have all heard the horror stories associated with such bottoming, but I will tell you first hand that they highly unlikely, and virtually impossible if you are a gay bottom and well learned on the ins and outs of penetration.
When I lost my virginity, it was horrible. Upon having never explored myself alone, the man had a very thick cock, and I was haunted by the slim chance of defecation. I tensely took each thrust while repeating to myself, ‘Don’t shit, Don’t shit, Don’t shit.’

I didn’t and have bottomed several times since, each successive time, a little longer, a little harder, a little deeper, and more relaxed.

Sex revolves around relaxation. If you are not relaxed, no matter who he, how horny you are, or how much lube you use, the sex will be horrible.

Be confident in your judgment. And most importantly, eat accordingly, if you are planning on bottoming, it is probably not a good idea to precede it with a spicy-Mexican-meal, but instead something that you know will not upset the stomach, like fruit. This does not mean that you can’t fuck after going on a sushi-date, I am instead just advising you play it safe by eating foods you are comfortable, and familiar with, and it is useful to have a light meal.

Do go to the bathroom before bottoming if possible. Like your mother likely did on car trips, advise yourself to ‘Go to the bathroom, because it will be a bit of a trip until your next chance to.’

If you are comfortable administering an enema, or douching, feel free to do so. However, do know that each activity does hold the potential to irritate the walls of your anal canal. Excessive douching may also lead to dehydration. So do not have the first time you are doing either of these activities be pre-sex, but instead practice yourself pre-masturbation and see how you like it.

I cannot stress the importance of protection enough. Regardless of whether or not it feels better, do not have sex without a condom. Stand firm by this. HIV is real, and can easily be contracted from unprotected sex with an infected partner.

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My last suggestion in this brief article on bottoming would be to use lube, and a lot of it. Do not use saliva, for it holds germs that could potentially transmit an STI, due to an oral infection that may go without symptoms. Using infected saliva could spread the infection to your anus, or genitals.

Not only is saliva an unclean alternative, but also it is also much less slick, and lubricant than lube itself. Lubricants will decrease skin-on-skin resistance; allow a less strenuous or hesitant penetration.

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