Sex Toys for Gay Couples Who Don’t like Anal Sex

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Not all gay couples enjoy anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay couples do not engage in anal sex regularly.

Oral sex and hand jobs make up the majority of bedroom play for most gay couples. If gay anal sex isn’t your jam, let me introduce you to some sex toys that might be better suited for your enjoyment.

The Mood Thrill Stroker
This male masturbator is great to use with your partner. The Mood Thrill male Stroker makes masturbating and a good old fashioned hand job out of this world. This penis sleeves offers three different internal textures for varied sensation. Lube him up and slide this on his penis. He’ll love the way the massage beads feel on his cock. This sex toy is waterproof so you can use it in the bath or the shower. This male sex toy is just too fun!

The Butt Banger
If your man is not putting out, you can opt for this excellent male stroker. This male masturbator takes the idea of a “pocket pussy” and puts a gay spin on it. It feels just like anal topping a bottom. You’ll never find a tighter hole for your member. This sex toy was made with gay men in mind and features a beautifully shaped bottom to dip your dick in. This sex toy is equipped with a realistic set of cock and balls that massage the scrotum as you jack off. You can use this toy to masturbate yourself or slide it on your man. You’ll both enjoy wanking with this sex toy.

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Kevin Warhol Mouth Fleshjack
Are you one of those guys who isn’t into anal at all? Like, the thought of it grosses you out? This skips the backdoor option and offers you oral stimulation. The Kevin Warhol Fleshjack aka fleshlight is an amazing male stroker. The entrance for your cock is shaped like porn star Kevin Warhol’s beautiful mouth. This oral stroker feels just like your getting head. Lube him up and then jerk him off with this amazing sex toy.

The Extreme Sling
Although this sex furniture is marketed as bondage gear, it’s actually very liberating. This sex sling is a comfortable solution to giving and getting the best oral sex of your life. A sex swing will allow you to lay down and really take his cock. Open wide! This sex sling is great for really feeding your man some dick. You’ll love how comfortable and versatile the different oral sex positions can be.

There you have it! The best sex toys for gay couples who aren’t into anal. Anal sex isn’t for everybody and there’s nothing wrong with disliking it. Thankfully has a plethora of sex toys that will let you have a ton of fun with any butt stuff. Visit today and use promo code GAYFRAT for a 50% Discount on your sex toy plus Free Discreet Shipping if you spend $20 or more. They have everything from lube to male strokers and even sex swings! You and your next sexual partner will love the amazing male sex toys they have to offer.

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