Quick Tips on Gay Kissing: A Gay Kiss Advice

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Ever walk down the street and see two gay men kissing? Wondering how you might pull of such a sensual gay kiss? The bros at The GayFrat got ya covered. We’ve got the best kissing tips and tricks to make you the most desired mouth on campus.

Now, there’s really no wrong or right way to make out with a dude. You kind of just go all in and hope he’s feeling what you’re putting down. Kissing is a subjective art and you’ll need to size up your man before giving him a big gay kiss. Do you think he likes it wet? Do you think he likes tongue? Hard and heavy or gentle and light? These might be some questions running through your head before you kiss him.

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First things first, a successful gay kiss relies on some basic components. Of course the lips are key here. You’ll want to practice that pucker. Start by kissing the back of your hand. Move your lips and give a slight suck as you experiment. What feels good to you? What turns your hand on? That’s the goal here. Try and think of a favorite song as you practice. Get into the rhythm and kiss to the beat of that tune in your head.

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Secondly, you’ll want to use some tongue. Personally, we don’t like a ton of it. Your frat bros have come to a consensus on this. Just a little flick of the tongue here and there will go a long way. Most gays don’t enjoy a tongue shoved down their throats. Our advice is to not go too deep with the tongue and use it sparingly. Again, practice on the back of the hand for best results.

Finally, kissing isn’t just about the mouth. You’ve got to put your back into it, literally. You’ll want to use your whole body. You want to deliver as much pleasure as possible so give him a nice bear hug. Or, you might use your hands to caress his sides as you’re smooching. You might want to give his ass a nice grab too. Just see how intense things are getting and let body language be your guide. Another fun one, is to grab the back of his neck and even do some light hair pulling. Press your chest into his when you kiss. You’ll bring the heat this way. Your hearts pounding against one another will be a turn-on for sure.

Remember keep that song in your mind as you kiss. Bump and grind to the beat of it. That will help you and your gay lover get into a rhythm. A kiss is a lot like dancing in this way. You want to get in sync and move to the beat.

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These are our quick tips for gay kissing. You really can’t screw up a kiss. Just be confident. Listen to your gut and do what feels right in the moment. Gay kissing isn’t something to be afraid of. Gay boys kissing each other has been around forever. Find a friend, and you two can practice kissing together. Why not? It might even lead to some really sexy times bro!

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