Various Types Of Gay Guys You’ll Meet On The Scene

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When you are out in the wild (that’s gay talk for when you are out clubbing and cruising for dudes) you are going to meet and see a lot of different types of gay guys. Sometimes, going out on a Thursday (that’s every gay man’s secret party night) and Friday night can feel a little bit like stepping out on to the Yellow Brick Road. Except this road isn’t yellow, it’s rainbow – and instead of lions and tigers and bears, it’s twinks, wolfs and bears…oh my! Why is it important to know what types of gay men are out there? – Mainly because you want to know what you are working with when you are horny and looking for some dick.

Here are the various types of gay guys you will meet on the scene.

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Wolves. When it comes to all the types of gay people out there, wolves are often the sexiest and most sexual. What is a wolf? A wolf is sort of like a bear, except not as big and intimidating. They always have some chest hair and a little facial hair and they are usually ripped. Not like Hulk ripped, but toned and strong and hot. Be careful with wolves, because when they are hungry – you may just get your head bitten off.

Bears. Out of all the gay guys out there, you’ll see a lot of bears on a Friday night – they are usually fishing for hot young guys to hook up with. A bear is physically intimidating, but when you get them in bed, they are serious cuddle bunnies. Plus, they will be able to ensconce your entire body with their bear bodies. When it comes down to it, bears can be hot and they can be confident, but you shouldn’t be looking for a relationship with a bear – they aren’t looking either.

Cubs. Cubs are somewhere in between a wolf and a bear. Out of all the types of gay men that you will meet in the wild, cubs tend to be the cutest. They usually have some form of facial hair and they have a lot of body hair. Plus, they aren’t that fat or toned – they really are cute little cubs. Cubs are also really fun to cuddle with, especially on a Saturday morning after a hot one-night stand.

Chub. Out of all the gay guys out there, chubs often have it the hardest. Plus, you aren’t likely to see a chub out in the wild – mostly because they are too self-conscious about their weight. Although there are a few brave and beautiful chubs that will come out and they can be really fun to party with – you have to have a taste for excess to look like that. Plus, there is a whole community of guys that are really into chubs – they people are, of course, called chub chasers or chubby chasers. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s someone’s cup of tea, so don’t hate!

Twunks. A twunk is sort of like a twink – they could almost be the same category – but a twunk is a guy who is youngish, slightly toned, but totally hairless. These guys can be hot, because their soft bodies are so supple and delicious. Probably the most famous twunk out there is Justin Bieber – although he ebbs and flows between a twunk and a twink. If you meet a gay guy who is a twunk and he is in to you, you are in luck, because twunks are amazing in bed – they really know how to move.

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As you can see, there are a lot of gay guys on the scene. If you are out in the wild, it can help to know what all the different types of gay guys are…

As a connoisseur of the erotic and nightlife and fun, I found that knowing how to spot the differences between gay guys can really help. Not only can it give you something to expect, but also it makes it easier to know what to say. The next time you go out, be sure to keep your eye open, because there is a good chance that you’ll run into one or more of the above types of gay guys.

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The Secrets of Anal Sex

The Secrets of Anal Sex

There are a lot of myths and rumors about anal sex. Even a lot of gay men – especially those who have just gloriously jumped out of the closet – are confused about the whole butt sex thing. The truth is that there are some gay guys who don’t really get off on having sex. Some don’t even like to go near the butthole. Straight people, of course, think that we gays worship the butthole. As though every day at around four in the afternoon we put down a prayer rug and pray to the butthole. This simply is not true. Yet, there are a lot of gay guys who do enjoy butt sex – they don’t worship it, but they do like it – I mean, it’s really the only insertable natural orifice around our midsection that our kind can enjoy. However, the butthole is a sensitive place – not emotionally, but physically – butt sex can really hurt if it is done wrong. If it is done right, then tie me up and call me Sally, because it can really feel good.

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Here are the secrets of anal sex…

Know the butthole – love the butthole. Sometimes just knowing how the butthole operates can offer you a uniquely better anal sex experience. Sure, you know where the butthole is, but do you really know how it works in there? If you think about it, the anus is an extremely tight hole that is full of muscles and nerves that keep it lockjaw tight. You can only put so much in there at once without a big “yelp” or “ouch” coming from your partner – no matter how experienced he is. So, it might be wise to take a flashlight and explore your own anus or pick up an anatomy book. It is smart to know how big it is, how far back it goes and where the lovely prostate is, because that is your golden ticket to pleasure town.

Yes, hygiene is important. You don’t want to go down on a guy if he just finished “letting go” of some nachos he ate five hours earlier. Talk about gross. So, make sure that you are all cleaned up before you get it on with a guy. That means not only scrubbing your taint and around your butthole, but really getting in there and cleaning all the little details. You never know when a guy might dive right in and give you some analingus.

Butthole sex can hurt and pills are bad. You don’t want to take muscle relaxants or other stimulants to make your butthole looser. Most guys think this is the only way to reduce the pain of anal sex and to make it easier for insertion. Yes, anal sex is a little like losing your virginity over and over again, especially if you have a taste for men with enormous dongs. The secret, however, to reducing the pain and making it easier for insertion is to use lube – lots of it. Lube up your asshole and lube up his cock before it goes anywhere near your butthole. Lube up even if you are just playing with the tip.

Use a condom. If you don’t use a condom when you have anal sex, you are basically living in the Middle Ages. Not only is the anus one of the dirtiest parts of your body, it can also be a carrier of a lot of blood-borne diseases. The anus is also full of little nerves and capillaries that might break during sex and if you aren’t wearing a condom, you could get a pretty nasty STD. I know this is gross and you probably just lost your bone, but it’s true. Plus, condoms can make clean up a lot cleaner. You don’t need to worry about all the cum dripping out of your asshole and you don’t need to worry about finding a rag to wipe your man juice off his pectoral muscles.

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You could call these secrets or tips to anal sex, but you should also follow the above advice if you want to have amazing sex. Knowing what you are doing down there will also make you more confident in bed, which can make sex way hotter. Not to mention, knowing exactly what you are doing and what you like will make it a lot more pleasurable for both, or shall I say all parties.

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When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

Being gay is a funny thing. I guess that’s why they call it being “queer.” Not because homosexuality is wrong, but because gay guys are so fucking awkward and weird. After what happened last night I can barely trust that anyone is straight. I’m pretty sure that we men are so desperate for a connection and a hole to put our dicks in that we are willing to do almost anything – even if it takes sleeping with a best friend. Anyways, I had this friend – let’s call him Steve – and I’ve known him since my first year of college. He was the jock in the movie, sleeping with multiple women every week, plays sports and loves drinking beer while watching more sports. He is the typical guys guy – maybe even the ultimate guy.

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Over the years we became closer and closer, despite the fact that I am a raging homo and he is a straight male. At first I thought it was because he was using me to get women – like I was some kind of pet to attract the hottest women at the party or the club. At least I always thought this in college, because he did bang a lot of my closest friends – who happen to be girls. However over a few years we started to grow a close camaraderie.  Despite his manliness, for some reason I was the person he would cry to if he got into a fight with a girlfriend or lost his job. It was sort of like I was his confession booth – Steve would tell me everything and anything. He knew I wouldn’t tell a soul.

After college we ended up moving to the same city. He got a job in finance and I did my thing. We didn’t talk or spend as a much time with each other as we did before. Maybe it was because we grew apart or maybe he didn’t want to be so closely associated with a gay man. After all, in the macho world of finance, having a gay friend can be misconstrued. In college you can be friends with anyone you want. However, we still had dinner once and a while. He would introduce me to his girlfriends and I would introduce him to my boyfriend du jour. There were a few times when I would even go shopping with Steve’s lady friends. It was almost like I was bonding with Steve again, but by proxy.

That is when the unexpected happened. Steve looked straight into my eyes – just his gaze alone punched me in the gut with nervous butterflies – and told me: “I love you and I’ve loved you since the moment we met. I’ve never been so in love with anyone before and I need you.” It was a shocker, but it wasn’t entirely surprising. There were hints, like the time he massaged my back in the dorms or the time I was convinced that he was checking out my butt. Now I knew for certain. After he told me I started crying uncontrollably. But the reason why I was crying was a little different. I loved him too, but I wasn’t harboring such a burdensome secret. I also knew that things between Steve and I would never work out. He needed to spend multiple years exploring himself and coming out of the closet – that is a long process that you can’t do in your first relationship with a man. Coming out of the closet is like discovering Atlantis – you visit the whole lost city before you move on.

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After Steve told me his dark secret, I held him in my arms. We then took a bath together – naked. It felt good to hold his naked trembling body in my arms. I’ve never seen him so vulnerable, but now his shell was gone – perhaps forever. That night we made love – all night long. It was a beautiful experience, because I felt multiple years of repressed passion in every single one of his thrusts. Afterwards we lay there naked for hours. I told him how much I love him, but that we couldn’t be together, because he needed to explore Atlantis. He was confused at first, but understood exactly what I meant. We spooned for a little while and in the morning he was gone. I haven’t spoken with him since.

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Does Size Matter For Gay Guys?

Does Size Matter For Gay Guys

In the straight world women are always talking about the size of a guy’s dick in relation to how it feels inside their pussies. I mean, penis size seems to be one of the most hotly contested topics – in the straight world. But, does size matter in the gay word? Well, it depends. If you think about it, the butthole is only yay wide and yay tight. Also, you have to think about the mouth too – How big of a dick can a mouth handle – am I right ladies? In my experiences there are benefits of all sorts of different sized dicks.

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Sometimes you just want a small dick inside your asshole. There have been times when I have brought guys over and when they pull down their pants it’s like they are hiding a thimble in there. However, sometimes I need a Thimbelina, because a small dick can feel just as great on the prostate as a huge one. A small dick is also unintimidating. I can imagine a lot of women wouldn’t have much of a future with a guy like that, but that is mainly because women need a certain circumference to get them off. Us gays – at least me specifically – can deal just fine with a small penis. Sometimes a small penis is preferable.

Yes, a big dick will fit in my ass – eventually, but it takes a little finesse and patience – a lot of lube too. When are they going to invent a butthole shoehorn for gay guys? After the cock is inside you, then it is smooth sailing – provided that you have enough lube to get you through. If you don’t, it can be incredibly painful. Also, you can’t be a fresh, gay virgin and expect to enjoy anal with a giant cock – your butthole has to have a few years on the job. Eventually you will become loose enough, but even then, anything over 8 inches can feel a little bit like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

In my experience, what I’ve found is the perfect penis size is about 5 to 6 inches with just a little less than an inch diameter. It is not much in length or even girth, but you can’t disregard the importance of the shape. Male biology is a funny thing. When it comes to anal sex we want a cock that can stimulate our prostate, but not cause our buttholes to turn inside out and make the deflating sound that balloons make when you poke a hole in them. That is why I say 6 inches is the perfect length.

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There have only been a few guys that I have met who have had a dick that was too big to enter and only a few guys that were just too small. Ever hear of a micropenis? But even if you are a little less than 6 inches there are some amazing tools that can help you in the bedroom. For instance, penis pumps can actually work. Not only can penis pumps make you a little longer, but they make a great masturbator as well. I’ve known guys who have used penis pumps and have added at least a half inch of their cock and that extra half inch goes a long way, especially if it can increase prostate pleasure. At the end of the day, though, when it comes to penis size you don’t want to remain closed-minded. There is also the option of switching and being a top for once.

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How To Invite Your Guy For A Sex Toy Adventure

Inviting your guy for a sex toy adventure can be a touchy subject ­– sometimes literally. What I’ve found is THAT in the gay world a lot of guys want to use erotic toys to spice up their sex lives, but don’t know how to ask or where to start. I think there are a lot of reasons for this. One of those reasons is that gay guys have this idea that they are already doing something pretty extreme – why add toys to the mix? However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. First of all, it can get way more extreme than you could ever imagine. Ever heard of pony play (google it)? Second of all, sex toys can really add a whole world of pleasure that you could ever imagine. A lot of “normal” people ask how we get pleasure by having butt sex all day. The first thing I tell them is that it’s not all about butt sex, but also blowjobs and fingering and much more. Plus, we guys were blessed with that magic pleasure button – the prostate.

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Here some ways you can invite your guy for some sex toy fun…

  1. Communication is key. First, talk to him before you bring up the fact that you want to put something inside his butt or that you want him to put something in yours. In fact, communication is the key to any relationship. When it comes to finding a way to bring up the fact that you want to use sex toys in the bedroom, you just have to do it. If you wait around to tell him or get shy, it will never happen. If it takes a shot of tequila to do it, then so be it – but build up the courage enough where you can ask about it with confidence. A gay boyfriend can smell weakness from a mile away and it isn’t coming from the dirty underwear hamper.
  2. Another option is to tell him when you are in bed. This can be a little bit like a safe zone. If you are comfortable with each other to be naked you are comfortable enough to ask each other if you want to use sex toys. What I recommend is that you have a few already on hand to share with him. Having an example ready will speed along the progress. For instance, the Silicon Prostate Probe is an excellent starter toy, because it is unassuming – it doesn’t look like a raging veiny black dildo – and it will feel great. Sometimes when you are trying to broach the subject of using erotic toys it helps to perform a live example.How To Invite Your Guy For A Sex Toy Adventure
  3. There is also the possibility of sexting him until somehow the question pops up. This could be a roundabout way of doing things, but it could work – just think about it. Things are already getting pretty hot and heavy in the text – what can you lose by saying that you want to jam a dildo in his asshole? I mean he could say no or he could just pass it off. Or if he likes the idea then you are totally in. Just go along with it. Ask him what kind of sex toys he likes. Does he like being tied up? Does he want something more gentle? Texts, like the bedroom, are a safe zone too, but mainly because you don’t have to talk or show your face. You’ve just got cold hard letters and words – sometimes numbers too.  Sexting is also just incredibly fun.
  4. Be straight with him – well not completely straight. This is communication, sure, but more stern than anything else. What if your relationship is getting a little cold and uninteresting and you feel like erotic toys are the only way to bring some heat back? This means that it’s time to have “the talk.” Just sit him down when he gets back from the gym, work, smoothie shop and tell him like it is. It might be wise to have a number of sex toys in your arsenal already laid out so that you two can choose together which ones to use. You could even have a number of cards, each with a sexy sexual favor that he can pick out and then incorporate a sex toy into each of them. That can be a great way for a gay couple to get used to the idea of sex toys.
  5. Lastly, if your man is the type of man that needs to be surprised to get into anything he’s never done before or is not comfortable with, you can always surprise him in bed with a toy. No talking, just doing. Having a few bedside tools ready and when you are in the midst of fooling around, just grab one and tell him what to do with it. He might be shocked, but what else can he do in that situation? You kind of put him in the predicament of forcing him to try something, but he’ll only say yes or no. Chances are that he will say yes and then he will actually like it. Score, your plan worked!

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When it comes to introducing sex toys into your relationship with your man, you have to get a little bit creative, especially if it is something you have wanted to do for a while now. Yet, at the end of the day, communication is always key. Chances are that it will be easier than you think.

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