Tips On Gay Group Sex

Tips On Gay Group Sex

If you want to know what a republican’s worst nightmare is, just visit a gay orgy. To the right-wingers, a gay orgy looks like a bad day in Sodom and Gomorrah, but to us gays, an orgy is just a fun Friday or Saturday night. Even more liberal straight people think that gay orgies are unsafe, probably because of all the butt sex and dick sucking. However, it’s 2013 and we do our best to make sure there are absolutely no diseases and that no one gets hurt.  Once you take all the necessary precautions for staying safe and disease free, group sex can be incredibly fun and a chance to fuck all sorts of guys in every color of the rainbow.

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Here are some tips on gay group sex…

  1. Always have protection. I don’t care what anybody says, when it comes to going to a gay orgy, condoms are a must. I also don’t really care when guys tell me that they don’t have any diseases – I’m still going to wear a condom because I don’t want my bear cock anywhere near his shit tunnel– it’s just gross. Anyways, condoms are just a safe bet anytime you have anonymous sex. In addition, you should also switch out condoms when you have sex with a different guy. You wouldn’t want a doctor to use the same need for every patient, would you? There are many different kinds of condoms, from super thin ones, to super big ones, and even glow in the dark ones.
  2. You can always watch. That’s the thing about group sex – just like you would sit out at a high school dance, you can also be a wallflower at an orgy.  The thing about group sex is that you don’t have to constantly be having sex the whole time – it’s not like an assembly line. If you aren’t feeling it at the moment you can just sit on the sidelines, play with yourself, or just have a glass of water and speak with other attendees of the orgy. You can always get back in eventually.
  3. Go with a friend. If you are shy about group sex, you can always show up with a friend. Just like it feels more comfortable going to a regular party with a friend, it can feel a lot easier to show up at an orgy with a friend, because you won’t feel like that loner with no one to talk to. The only difference between a gay orgy and a party is that there will be tons of guys having sex.
  4. Always wash up. It might also help to take a dump too, but mainly really scrub that taint and your butthole, because there might be a lot of guys who want to lick your asshole clean for you. If you want to be extra courteous, don’t use any soap that will leave a lingering aroma, because even though it might smell great, it could taste horrible. You should also wear a bit of deodorant, because if you want to get the most action, you want to smell your best.
  5. Bring a tool. Just like you wouldn’t go into battle without a sword or some type of weapon, you also should go into a gay group sex scenario without some kind of anal pleasurizer. It should be small and it should also be discreet. You want to find something that isn’t too expensive, so you can get more than one, because you will want to toss it out after each use. Trust me, once you bring some kind of erotic toy to a gay orgy, you’ll wish you had a hundred of them.

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So, if you are heading to a gay orgy, make sure to bring protection, a good anal erotic toy and your A-game, because you are ready to be fucked and tossed around by all sorts of sweaty hairy dudes. It is when I’m in the middle of a gay group sex party, getting fucked in the ass by two guys at once, while I’m blowing another guy, that I feel the most alive.

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