The Best Gay Sex Toys of the Season

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One of the hardest parts of finding the best gay sex toys is that new toys are being released all the time, so there are soooo many choices.This can be a blessing and a curse – it’s a curse because you always want more and more, but it’s a blessing because with such a large stash of gay toys, boredom is a thing of the past in the bedroom. What can I say, this boy likes his toys, which is why I want to share with you some my favorite newly released gay sex toys.

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Master Series Remote Control Penis. When it comes to gay sex toys, you don’t have a whole lot of variety with vibrating dildos. It seems like women get all the fun in that department, but what about us gay boys? Well, this amazing vibrating penis – which is a deep dark sexy black color – will not only feel incredible as it inches inside your anal cavity, you can also switch on the vibration setting for a whole new level of orgasmic fun. The best part about this dildo: it comes with a remote control, which makes it a great gay sex toy for a date or to spice it up in the bedroom with your partner.

Hung 12.5. The number in this gay sex toy should give away the fact that this bad boy is huge. I’m telling you – this thing is HUGE. However, it is still totally manageable and it feels incredible. I was never one to experiment with large dildos before, but when I tried this bad boy out, I was an instant convert. Plus, it is super realistic looking – perfect for those fantasies where you are getting rammed in the ass by a sexy black cock.

Tantas Anaconda Silicone. One of my favorite types of gay sex toys is an anal plug, so when I found a gay toy that combined the wondrous beauty of a butt plug and a dildo, I was instantly smitten. This is definitely one of those gay sex toys that you need a copilot to operate. It’s long, thick and hard – and it has a handle, so you can have your hot boy toy ram it in and hot of your asshole while you yank on your cock. Trust me, you’ll have an orgasm so incredible that you’ll wake up and think it was all a dream.

“One of the hardest parts of finding the best gay sex toys is that new toys are being released all the time, so there are soooo many choices…”

Rascal the Thug. I just love the name of this gay sex toy – it sounds so dirty, so naughty. Maybe the name alone was the reason why I opted to try out this incredible gay sex toy. Not only is this gay toy perfect for anal stimulation with a partner, it is also perfect for some hands free stimulation as well. It is one of the only toys that comes with an interlocking system, so you can mount it anywhere and get off without anyone looking. Plus, it is made out of the unique FleshPhalix material, which feels just like real skin.

Orifice Penetration Device. What can I say about this amazing device? – This is one of the first gay sex toys that incorporates three incredible functions in a single package. You can use it to give yourself some extra penis girth, you can use it to masturbate with and you can use it to open up your partners, ahem, orifice, for a more comfortable anal sex experience. I have been waiting for a gay toy like this for a while and now it’s here and I couldn’t be happier. The only problem is that I may have to get a new one – I’ve used it so many times, I’m afraid I’ve worn it out.

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In the end, some of the best sex toys are released on a seasonal basis. Every time I see a new gay sex toy, I immediately buy it, because I know it will probably be amazing. Whether you like dildos, butt plugs or penis enhancers, there is sure to be something that strikes your fancy. Regardless, though, it’s just nice to know that I can keep adding to my arsenal of sex toys – it’s fun to have a special tool for every special occasion; even if that special occasion is just a little solo time to myself.

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