College Gay Survey: What will Gays be Like in 100 Years?

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We’re looking to the future here at The Gay Frat. We spoke with over 20 college gays and asked them: “What will gay life be like in 100 years?” We got a lot of responses!

gays be like, college gay, gay survey, gay, gay college

Here are our favorite answers from our gay survey:

  1. All STD’s will be cured, so we’ll no longer need to use condoms when we f*ck. We particularly liked this one. No more embarrassing trips to the gas station to buy your rubbers. Is it us, or does the cashier always throw shade? We’ve taken to ordering condoms online from, but…
  2. We’ll all be having VR (virtual reality) sex. Interesting. It is only a matter of time until a tech giant cracks the code for some sexy, VR, dicking down. Could you imagine having gay sex with those weird goggles on? On second thought, we might not endorse this.
  3. Gays will be 100% accepted in society. No more shame or stigma. That’s a nice thought. Gays be like… “optimism.”
  4. We’ll have an app on our phones or special x-ray vision sunglasses to see through other guys clothes. After the previous hopeful prediction, we’re back to technology making us more pervy. This really would take “people watching” to a whole new level. Imagine hanging out at a male fashion show with this tech. So many sexy male models. You could literally undress them with your eyes.
  5. We’ll invent cake that makes your body ripped. Like, you eat the cake, and then you have a six pack and your arms are huge. Sing us up! This was a creative answer and we’re all about eating cake instead of going to the gym. Would you miss those gym showers, though? Gay Dilemma. We could call it BeefCake, but tastes like Chocolate Cake.
  6. We’ll elect the first openly gay politician to the presidency. “I’m with HIM.” How great would that be? Could you imagine the amount of rainbow flags that would be sold for the inauguration?
  7. Sex robots will be a thing. We’ll all be gaying it up with robots. Like a happy version of Westworld, we might be having the best gay sex of our lives with (drum roll) machines. I want to take this opportunity to shout out the freakishly realistic male strokers at If you haven’t felt one of those cyberskin strokers, you’re missing out.
  8. Specialty beer with male enhancement properties will be sold on tap at all gay bars. If gay bars are still a thing, because hey, we might all have our own sexbot, I’d totally try this out! Drink a beer then get a boner. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. The future is bright.
  9. Gays will form colonies to thrive in. No straights allowed. Hmmm. We thought gayborhoods like Chelsea or the Castro already did that. I suppose we could go further. Can we claim the Florida Keys for ourselves? All of us just walking around nude, eating our BeefCake (but tastes like chocolate cake), and getting ripped. I’ll take two pina coladas please.
  10. Gays will have taken over the world, outnumbering straight people. We’ll be the ones in charge! Well, this is a fun thought. We’re just wondering what dramatic thing would happen to make us outnumber straight people? We’re sure Tim Cook, Lee Daniels and Matt Bomer are the masterminds.

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These gay college students had a lot to offer on the future of gays. If their predictions hold true, in 100 years we’ll be in charge of everything including the government and some gay colonies. We’ll drink beer to get horny and eat cake to get sexy. We’ll have gay sex slave robots to boss around (or to boss us around). We’ll be able to see anyone we want nude with x-ray vision. Oh, and no more condoms and STD’s. Oh what a world that would be!

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The Gay Frat 2017 Pride Guide

gay pride, gay pride 2017, gay pride guide, gay

It’s that time of year again… Gay Pride is just around the corner and we wanted to let you know about events happening all over the U.S. From Portland East to Portland West, you’re bound to find a Gay Pride event near you. The majority of Pride Parades happen in June AKA Gay Pride Month. This year, more than ever, we need to show our pride. We want to be loud and proud. It’s our time to let the world know, we’re not giving up and we’re not afraid to fight for our hard-earned rights.

Here’s a handy list of the Best Gay Pride Events in June:

Boston Pride Festival, June 10
Chicago Pride Fest, June 17-18
Denver PrideFest, June 17-18
Houston Pride, June 19-25
Los Angeles Pride, June 10-11
New York City Pride Parade, June 25
San Francisco Pride, June 24-25

Okay boys, now that you know where to make your Gay Pride shine, it’s time to get organized. If your Frat has other gay frats in it, consider organizing a float or at least the group of you to march in the parade. Be sure to conscript your straight brothers to help build the float and to come along for the ride.

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Let’s say you’re not exactly out, but want to get involved. That’s great too. Find out what LGBTQ Organizations are on campus. Team with the group to march together in a parade and help get other students involved. If your campus doesn’t have a LGBTQ group, contact your local Gay Pride Festival. They can help direct you to others organizing near you. If you live in a rural area, find a larger city near you and contact their Pride Parade. See how you can get involved. You’ll meet new people in new places and I promise have a good time.

Now that you’ve found your gay clan, time to have some fun. Pride is a time to show off that six-pack you’ve been sculpting all spring. Make sure you feel fabulous and look the part. No matter your body type, you can look and feel your best and/or most outrageous. Might I suggest squeezing yourself into an Echo Stainless Steel Triple Cock Ring? You can pop this baby on and then tuck yourself into your favorite undies. You’ll look big and hard and ready to party.

If you’re anything like the writers here at gay frat, you might even get a little promiscuous at Pride. There’s no shame in it! That’s what Pride is all about! It’s time to let loose, dance a little, get your **** sucked. You know, the usual. If you do plan on going wild bro, be sure to stay safe. Go ahead and stock up on some rubbers before Pride. Be sure to pair your condoms with a trusted lube like, the A & E Personal Lubricant  from This water based lubricant is safe to use with condoms and won’t get sticky or gross.

Alright! You’re wrapped and ready to be tapped. Time to party this year at your local Gay Pride Parade. Happy Gay Pride Month! We’re proud of you bro!

How To Tell If A Guy From Class Is Gay

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Alright fratters, I’m getting personal here. One of the hardest things for gay men to navigate is figuring out a guy’s sexuality…

It happens to all of us. You’re in class. You’ve got a crush on the cute guy that smiles and laughs a lot (his cute ass and nice bulge don’t hurt either). You want to pounce on him, but you’re not sure if he’s even gay, bi or curious. Whatever are you to do? I recently had to grapple with this firsthand and I’d like to share my story with you.

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Last year, I started class. It was another boring day. I grabbed the syllabus from the professor and then took it to my chair. I stared at the clock over the whiteboard already counting down the minutes for class to end, before it had even started. I slump forward and rest my face on my fist. In walks this fucking hunk. ATTENTION! My body reacted before I could. I sat straight up and my eyes honed in on him like a hawk. He smiled the most devilishly sexy smile to the prof as he grabbed the syllabus. I immediately wanted him to notice me and not see me at all at the same time. He climbed the risers of the classroom; his tight khakis stretched over his handsome thighs and hugged his firm ass. As he made his way up to the row I sat in, he turned. I wanted him to set next to me. Or did I? It was definitely a rush of feelings. He ended up sitting next to a girl he clearly knew. She laughed loudly at something he said. At that moment, I knew they were probably together. Maybe she was his girlfriend. Well, at least I could admire him. A little eye candy is always a plus.

The class ended. I hurried across the riser, ready to get to my next class. Then that stud stood up, just as I was about to pass him, “Oh hi,” he said.
“Hi?” I replied awkwardly, barely able to keep eye contact.
“Aren’t you friends with Chad, Chad Page?”
“Uh, yeah. We used to date,” I said, purposefully outing myself.
“That’s right. He’s a great guy.”
“Yeah, Chad’s fun.”
“I’m Ray,” he said and extended his hand.
“Blake. Nice to meet you.”
“You too. See you around,” Ray said.

guy is gay, how to tell he's gay, gay, how to tell a gay, how to tell if he's gay, gay men

“How do I tell if he’s gay? How can you tell if ANYONE is gay? I concluded there was no way to tell…”

He gave a firm handshake that seemed to linger a moment too long. Which seemed odd to me. Wow. Well, that was cool. We had a mutual friend. Maybe I could crowdsource Ray’s sexual orientation! I immediately texted Chad and asked him about Ray. I tried to beat around the bush for a bit and finally asked, if Ray was queer. Chad didn’t know. I spent the better part of my next class on my phone trying to find Ray on social media. He had a private Facebook account and no Twitter handle that I could find. I was stumped.

I spent the next couple of weeks in class scrutinizing Ray; what he wore, what he said, how he spoke, who he spoke to. I’d get hard just looking at him, picturing him naked. It was bordering on obsession, as are most crushes. I stopped going on dates and hooking up with guys, because Ray filled my entire headspace. Blah. I hated. How do I tell if he’s gay? How can you tell if ANYONE is gay? I concluded there was no way to tell. Tight clothes, fit bod, clean cut, loud behavior, over-the-top mannerisms, etc. Are all just stereotypes and tropes. I’d been with enough guys to know that as fact.

I’d just ask him. That’s the only way to tell. I knew it would be inappropriate to do it in class or with anyone around. I wanted the space to be safe for us both. It needed to be public, but not n front of everyone. I invited Ray to a party my (straight) friend was throwing. The conversation went like this:
“Ray, what are you doing the weekend?”
“Hi Blake, nothing really,” Ray replied.
“My friend Sam is throwing a kegger party on Saturday,” I said reeling that he had remembered my name, “Want to come?”
“Yeah, I actually was planning on going already. It’s gonna be a big one,” Ray said with a slight smile.
“Great. I’ll see you there.”

Of course this offered no new clues or insights. It didn’t even leave the possibility for this to be a date. I’d invited him, but he was already going to Sam’s party. Well, at least I knew he’d be there.

Saturday rolled around and you better believe I did my manscaping. On the off chance I’d get the opportunity to take my clothes off with Ray, I wanted to look my best. I shaved and even douched (just in case you’re interested: Ultra Douche). Nothing was going to stop me from getting with Ray if I got the chance. I tapped my toe on the floor of my dorm room. Finally, I waited for it to be a cool hour after the party started before heading to it. I did a smell test and checked my breath. It was going down!

I got to the party and downed two beers as fast as I could. I needed the liquid courage. My heart nearly stopped when I finally say Ray. He was talking with Chad, of all people. I filled my red plastic cup and filled another one to bring over to Ray. ‘You can do this, you can do this, you can do this,” I repeated over and over in my head, my own special gay mantra. I did my best to signal to Chad to leave. I wanted some alone time with Ray. He missed the signal so I made up a little white lie.

“Hey guys,” I said to them.
“Hi Blake, good to see you,” Chad said.
“You too. Chad, Sam’s looking for you. I think he needs your help with ice or something,” I lied.
“I’ll catch you later,” Chad said and stepped away.
“How’s it going?” I asked Ray.
“No complaints,” he replied.
“Oh! I brought you a refill,” I said and handed him the extra cup.
“Thanks man,” he said and took a gulp of it.
“I don’t want to… There’s no easy way for me to ask you this. Do you ever date guys?”
Ray nearly choked on the beer. I saw my life flash in front of my eyes (not really, but I was really embarrassed). Ray wiped his mouth and chin dry and then looked at me with a smile.
“I’m straight. But, I’m really flattered.”
I laughed. I didn’t know what else to do. I must have turned fifty shades of red. I knew my douching had been in vain. I wanted to just turn and walk away.
“That has actually happened to me a couple of times. I think I put off a vibe. But, it always makes me feel good. So thanks,” Ray joked.
“You never can tell. Just thought I’d ask…”

Ray and I talked for the rest of the party. It was fun. I made a friend (albeit a straight one). I ended up going home with Chad that night (douching NOT in vain).

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How to tell if he’s gay? Is one of the most googled questions. I see why. The answer is there is no true “tell.” You have to put yourself out there and ask…

If you find the courage to do it, I think you should. Just make sure you’re in a safe space. Some guys aren’t comfortable in their masculinity and might lash out. You might make a new friend or have the best sex of your life. Who knows? But, the only way you’ll be able to find out is to ask. Even if his profile says “Straight” or “Interested in Women” you should always ask. You might change a life 🙂

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When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

Being gay is a funny thing. I guess that’s why they call it being “queer.” Not because homosexuality is wrong, but because gay guys are so fucking awkward and weird. After what happened last night I can barely trust that anyone is straight. I’m pretty sure that we men are so desperate for a connection and a hole to put our dicks in that we are willing to do almost anything – even if it takes sleeping with a best friend. Anyways, I had this friend – let’s call him Steve – and I’ve known him since my first year of college. He was the jock in the movie, sleeping with multiple women every week, plays sports and loves drinking beer while watching more sports. He is the typical guys guy – maybe even the ultimate guy.

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Over the years we became closer and closer, despite the fact that I am a raging homo and he is a straight male. At first I thought it was because he was using me to get women – like I was some kind of pet to attract the hottest women at the party or the club. At least I always thought this in college, because he did bang a lot of my closest friends – who happen to be girls. However over a few years we started to grow a close camaraderie.  Despite his manliness, for some reason I was the person he would cry to if he got into a fight with a girlfriend or lost his job. It was sort of like I was his confession booth – Steve would tell me everything and anything. He knew I wouldn’t tell a soul.

After college we ended up moving to the same city. He got a job in finance and I did my thing. We didn’t talk or spend as a much time with each other as we did before. Maybe it was because we grew apart or maybe he didn’t want to be so closely associated with a gay man. After all, in the macho world of finance, having a gay friend can be misconstrued. In college you can be friends with anyone you want. However, we still had dinner once and a while. He would introduce me to his girlfriends and I would introduce him to my boyfriend du jour. There were a few times when I would even go shopping with Steve’s lady friends. It was almost like I was bonding with Steve again, but by proxy.

That is when the unexpected happened. Steve looked straight into my eyes – just his gaze alone punched me in the gut with nervous butterflies – and told me: “I love you and I’ve loved you since the moment we met. I’ve never been so in love with anyone before and I need you.” It was a shocker, but it wasn’t entirely surprising. There were hints, like the time he massaged my back in the dorms or the time I was convinced that he was checking out my butt. Now I knew for certain. After he told me I started crying uncontrollably. But the reason why I was crying was a little different. I loved him too, but I wasn’t harboring such a burdensome secret. I also knew that things between Steve and I would never work out. He needed to spend multiple years exploring himself and coming out of the closet – that is a long process that you can’t do in your first relationship with a man. Coming out of the closet is like discovering Atlantis – you visit the whole lost city before you move on.

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After Steve told me his dark secret, I held him in my arms. We then took a bath together – naked. It felt good to hold his naked trembling body in my arms. I’ve never seen him so vulnerable, but now his shell was gone – perhaps forever. That night we made love – all night long. It was a beautiful experience, because I felt multiple years of repressed passion in every single one of his thrusts. Afterwards we lay there naked for hours. I told him how much I love him, but that we couldn’t be together, because he needed to explore Atlantis. He was confused at first, but understood exactly what I meant. We spooned for a little while and in the morning he was gone. I haven’t spoken with him since.

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Tips On Gay Group Sex

Tips On Gay Group Sex

If you want to know what a republican’s worst nightmare is, just visit a gay orgy. To the right-wingers, a gay orgy looks like a bad day in Sodom and Gomorrah, but to us gays, an orgy is just a fun Friday or Saturday night. Even more liberal straight people think that gay orgies are unsafe, probably because of all the butt sex and dick sucking. However, it’s 2013 and we do our best to make sure there are absolutely no diseases and that no one gets hurt.  Once you take all the necessary precautions for staying safe and disease free, group sex can be incredibly fun and a chance to fuck all sorts of guys in every color of the rainbow.

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Here are some tips on gay group sex…

  1. Always have protection. I don’t care what anybody says, when it comes to going to a gay orgy, condoms are a must. I also don’t really care when guys tell me that they don’t have any diseases – I’m still going to wear a condom because I don’t want my bear cock anywhere near his shit tunnel– it’s just gross. Anyways, condoms are just a safe bet anytime you have anonymous sex. In addition, you should also switch out condoms when you have sex with a different guy. You wouldn’t want a doctor to use the same need for every patient, would you? There are many different kinds of condoms, from super thin ones, to super big ones, and even glow in the dark ones.
  2. You can always watch. That’s the thing about group sex – just like you would sit out at a high school dance, you can also be a wallflower at an orgy.  The thing about group sex is that you don’t have to constantly be having sex the whole time – it’s not like an assembly line. If you aren’t feeling it at the moment you can just sit on the sidelines, play with yourself, or just have a glass of water and speak with other attendees of the orgy. You can always get back in eventually.
  3. Go with a friend. If you are shy about group sex, you can always show up with a friend. Just like it feels more comfortable going to a regular party with a friend, it can feel a lot easier to show up at an orgy with a friend, because you won’t feel like that loner with no one to talk to. The only difference between a gay orgy and a party is that there will be tons of guys having sex.
  4. Always wash up. It might also help to take a dump too, but mainly really scrub that taint and your butthole, because there might be a lot of guys who want to lick your asshole clean for you. If you want to be extra courteous, don’t use any soap that will leave a lingering aroma, because even though it might smell great, it could taste horrible. You should also wear a bit of deodorant, because if you want to get the most action, you want to smell your best.
  5. Bring a tool. Just like you wouldn’t go into battle without a sword or some type of weapon, you also should go into a gay group sex scenario without some kind of anal pleasurizer. It should be small and it should also be discreet. You want to find something that isn’t too expensive, so you can get more than one, because you will want to toss it out after each use. Trust me, once you bring some kind of erotic toy to a gay orgy, you’ll wish you had a hundred of them.

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So, if you are heading to a gay orgy, make sure to bring protection, a good anal erotic toy and your A-game, because you are ready to be fucked and tossed around by all sorts of sweaty hairy dudes. It is when I’m in the middle of a gay group sex party, getting fucked in the ass by two guys at once, while I’m blowing another guy, that I feel the most alive.

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When Two Guys Ask You To Blow Them At The Same Time

When Two Guys Ask You To Blow Them At The Same Time

Getting blown by one guy can be hot as hell, especially if he has the bod to match – just watching that perfectly sculpted, chiseled jaw get to work is enough to make me explode just writing this. However, getting blown by two guys can be one of the most enlightening. Imagine that – two hot Middle Eastern dudes in the middle of the desert going down on you in the hot sand?

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My double blowjob story started off on a rather inconspicuous night…

First of all, I am always horny – always thinking about dick. It’s usually in the context of its entering some orifice of my body. One night I was getting a little bit too horny for my own pants. You ever have one of those nights? Where you just want to walk around with a giant erection hoping it will enter some kind of hole – any kind of hole? Anyways, I decide to go to my local hang out. I usually find a few cute guys there – usually looking for the same thing I’m looking for. That’s what’s so great about the gay lifestyle – if you are feeling a little randy you can easily head down to the local watering hole and find at least someone to sleep with.

However, on this particular night it was completely dead. I wasn’t getting any action at all. I was thinking of heading back to my place when I meet these two guys. Two ridiculously hot guys. One was a model and the other was his friend – who should have been a model as well. They weren’t otter-skinny models either, but totally macho, hairy chest kind of models. Both of these boys couldn’t have been younger than 30, because they didn’t have that unconfident boyish look that can be a turnoff after being on the gay dating circuit for a while. All of a sudden I am chatting up these boys. Low and behold, I actually think they think I’m kind of cute, so my confidence shoots through the roof.

That is when I decided to make the amazing decision to bring them both back to my house. I asked them if they would be interested and they both agreed that my idea was the best idea. So we all pack into a cab and head back to my house. They seemed a little nervous in the car, but that is when I got another confidence injection and put my arms around both of them – I didn’t sit in the middle of the back seat for no reason at all. I also started touching their necks, which is a little bit like an instant way to tame an overly nervous guy.

When we get back to the house, we all head straight for the bedroom. These boys got naked almost immediately. Their bodies were absolutely gorgeous – Adonis style bodies with a golden hue that only the finest tanning booth in all the land can give you. Also, they both had a little patch of light hair on their chests – my favorite. In this instance I didn’t know if we were all going to fuck each other and then fall into a sleeping pile together or what. I didn’t even know if that was what I wanted. Yet, what happened next was even better than what I expected. They both ripped off my pants and told me all they wanted to do was blow me until I shot my wad over both of them. Was this the luckiest day of my life? So I did just that – they blew me nine ways to Sunday and I shot my wad perfectly. I could see the little ropes of my juice tangled in their chest hair. After that we took a shower and then to bed. In the morning I made them both breakfast. After they left I never saw them again.

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The Gay Frat Reviews: Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

The Gay Frat Reviews Enema and Using Colt Anal Douche

So when talking to heterosexuals, women, and even gay virgins, they all typically jump to one rather ignorant and extraordinarily inappropriate yet totally plausible assumption: ‘How do you not [blank] while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you stay clean while bottoming?’ Or ‘How do you make sure you are ready for a rimjob/anal?’

The answer is more simple than you might have thought, and one I certainly wish I had known about from the get go.

I have never had a ‘messy’ experience, however, the fact of the matter is you would much rather be safe than sorry, in every way. So how can you ensure a good time for both you and your partner without having to worry about when he pulls out?

Male anal douching or an enema. Some of you might not have even known that men could douche, however I can personally attest to the fact that we very well can, and in the gay community we very well should be administering enemas before bottoming, or even recreationally.

Well that is a very good and easy to answer question.

The first and most vital tool you will need to douche or administer an enema would be an ‘enema bulb’ and warm water, and of course, lube.

So you would get your enema bulb from a gay adult store website, my personal favorite being, or And once you find an enema bulb that appeals to you, and you get it in the mail you simply fill it with warm water, lube the dispense tip or administering tip and insert it into your rectum. Once inserted, simply squeeze dispersing the water into your colon and feel free to repeat while holding your water inside.

It is important that you raise your body in such a way that your behind is higher than that of the rest of your body so the water can most effectively flow to more and deeper areas, thus more efficiently cleaning you out.

It is suggested that you hold your water in until you feel a immense pressure in your anus, or for about five minutes, whichever comes first. Once you have held this is, it is important to take your time sitting on the toilet as you release the water, and waste that you would not want some guys dick poking around in.

The first few times it will feel very foreign and uncomfortable as you should anticipate, however after you get use to the ritual it will be very usual and manageable.

I personally use the ‘Colt Anal Douche’ in which I found at, and it has a thick ribbed end attachment for comfort and even pleasure while administration of the enema.

Lube is an important factor if you would like it to slip inside you comfortably and with the most ease.

I personally recommend simply do to the selection, quality and price. When you buy an enema in stores, you have no idea who has opened the box and felt around, and this thought alone is quite horrifying, for I would not like to be shooting other peoples germs inside of my body.

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