Does Size Matter For Gay Guys?

Does Size Matter For Gay Guys

In the straight world women are always talking about the size of a guy’s dick in relation to how it feels inside their pussies. I mean, penis size seems to be one of the most hotly contested topics – in the straight world. But, does size matter in the gay word? Well, it depends. If you think about it, the butthole is only yay wide and yay tight. Also, you have to think about the mouth too – How big of a dick can a mouth handle – am I right ladies? In my experiences there are benefits of all sorts of different sized dicks.

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Sometimes you just want a small dick inside your asshole. There have been times when I have brought guys over and when they pull down their pants it’s like they are hiding a thimble in there. However, sometimes I need a Thimbelina, because a small dick can feel just as great on the prostate as a huge one. A small dick is also unintimidating. I can imagine a lot of women wouldn’t have much of a future with a guy like that, but that is mainly because women need a certain circumference to get them off. Us gays – at least me specifically – can deal just fine with a small penis. Sometimes a small penis is preferable.

Yes, a big dick will fit in my ass – eventually, but it takes a little finesse and patience – a lot of lube too. When are they going to invent a butthole shoehorn for gay guys? After the cock is inside you, then it is smooth sailing – provided that you have enough lube to get you through. If you don’t, it can be incredibly painful. Also, you can’t be a fresh, gay virgin and expect to enjoy anal with a giant cock – your butthole has to have a few years on the job. Eventually you will become loose enough, but even then, anything over 8 inches can feel a little bit like you are trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

In my experience, what I’ve found is the perfect penis size is about 5 to 6 inches with just a little less than an inch diameter. It is not much in length or even girth, but you can’t disregard the importance of the shape. Male biology is a funny thing. When it comes to anal sex we want a cock that can stimulate our prostate, but not cause our buttholes to turn inside out and make the deflating sound that balloons make when you poke a hole in them. That is why I say 6 inches is the perfect length.

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There have only been a few guys that I have met who have had a dick that was too big to enter and only a few guys that were just too small. Ever hear of a micropenis? But even if you are a little less than 6 inches there are some amazing tools that can help you in the bedroom. For instance, penis pumps can actually work. Not only can penis pumps make you a little longer, but they make a great masturbator as well. I’ve known guys who have used penis pumps and have added at least a half inch of their cock and that extra half inch goes a long way, especially if it can increase prostate pleasure. At the end of the day, though, when it comes to penis size you don’t want to remain closed-minded. There is also the option of switching and being a top for once.

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Need some gay bottoming tips? Bottoming can be one of the most terrifying endeavors a gaybie or new gay will ever face in their sexual self-discovery. The only combat to this fear of the unknown would be knowledge and an acute awareness of your own body. There is no shame in exploring the ‘down under’ in the privacy of your shower, bed, or well…. Anywhere. In fact, it is vital to having better sex. As gay bottoms, getting to know yourself, on the inside, will help you locate your prostate, increase anal penetrative comfort as well as simply familiarize with how such a penetration feels.

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Bottoming is not for everyone; however, everyone should at one point in their gay life, try it. I am sure we have all heard the horror stories associated with such bottoming, but I will tell you first hand that they highly unlikely, and virtually impossible if you are a gay bottom and well learned on the ins and outs of penetration.
When I lost my virginity, it was horrible. Upon having never explored myself alone, the man had a very thick cock, and I was haunted by the slim chance of defecation. I tensely took each thrust while repeating to myself, ‘Don’t shit, Don’t shit, Don’t shit.’

I didn’t and have bottomed several times since, each successive time, a little longer, a little harder, a little deeper, and more relaxed.

Sex revolves around relaxation. If you are not relaxed, no matter who he, how horny you are, or how much lube you use, the sex will be horrible.

Be confident in your judgment. And most importantly, eat accordingly, if you are planning on bottoming, it is probably not a good idea to precede it with a spicy-Mexican-meal, but instead something that you know will not upset the stomach, like fruit. This does not mean that you can’t fuck after going on a sushi-date, I am instead just advising you play it safe by eating foods you are comfortable, and familiar with, and it is useful to have a light meal.

Do go to the bathroom before bottoming if possible. Like your mother likely did on car trips, advise yourself to ‘Go to the bathroom, because it will be a bit of a trip until your next chance to.’

If you are comfortable administering an enema, or douching, feel free to do so. However, do know that each activity does hold the potential to irritate the walls of your anal canal. Excessive douching may also lead to dehydration. So do not have the first time you are doing either of these activities be pre-sex, but instead practice yourself pre-masturbation and see how you like it.

I cannot stress the importance of protection enough. Regardless of whether or not it feels better, do not have sex without a condom. Stand firm by this. HIV is real, and can easily be contracted from unprotected sex with an infected partner.

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My last suggestion in this brief article on bottoming would be to use lube, and a lot of it. Do not use saliva, for it holds germs that could potentially transmit an STI, due to an oral infection that may go without symptoms. Using infected saliva could spread the infection to your anus, or genitals.

Not only is saliva an unclean alternative, but also it is also much less slick, and lubricant than lube itself. Lubricants will decrease skin-on-skin resistance; allow a less strenuous or hesitant penetration.

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