5 Gay Fetishes That Might Brighten Your Sex Life

5 Gay Fetishes That Might Brighten Your Sex Life

Sometimes sex can get boring. It’s a little bit like a soap opera – once you’ve seen one fuzzy episode after the other you start to get bored of watching the same plotline unfold over and over again; the same music, the drama, the same chiseled lead actor. This is why introducing a sexual fetish into your sex life can breathe new life into your, well, sex life. You might try several sexual fetishes before you realize that you like one or two of them – or maybe you will find that you like none at all. Whatever the case is, the sexual fetishes range – from the moderate to the most extreme. It all depends on how you like your burger cooked if you know what I mean.

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Here are five gay fetishes that might brighten your sex life…

  1. Oversized dildos. It is quite amazing what some guys can fit inside their assholes. Ever put a 12 and a half-inch dildo into your asshole – 3 inches in girth? How about a 15-inch dildo? You might be playing just the tip for a while, but an oversized dildo can actually feel amazing once you get an inch or two inside. Not only do they provide maximum prostate pleasure, but it can also be a fun sexual challenge. If you are in a relationship with a guy or are looking for a way to mix up your masturbation experience, you should get an oversized dildo – they come in all colors and are extremely realistic.
  2. Shaving fetish. There is something really hot about getting a guy naked and into a steaming bath to shave all his scruff – beard, chest and even balls. Let your man grow a beard and then after a month you can get him down to his birthday suit, lather him up with oil and then slowly and erotically shave his face. You don’t need to use a straight razor or anything – a plastic razor will do, but you might want to set the scene first. Some bubbles in the bath, some candles, wash cloths and maybe even a few toys. After he is silky smooth, he can shave you. After you too are smooth as silk you can luxuriate and make love in the warm bath.
  3. Nipple play. Ever teased a man’s nipples? Ever had a man tease yours. This is a fun sexual fetish, because it has to do with teasing the nipples – one of the most arousing parts of the body. However, nipple fetishists take it one step further. They enjoy the pain of having their nipples pinched, pulled and clamped. You can even purchase nipple clamps with chains so that you can clamp people up and drag them around the bedroom – depending on how dirty and dangerous you want to get. You can even get nipple clamps that vibrate and shock. Talk about being a bad, bad boy.
  4. Food fetish. Ever want to eat an apple pie off your partner’s ass? People who enjoy food fetishes combine two of life’s greatest pleasures: food and sex. You can drip chocolate on your partner and slowly lick it off his body. You can put whip cream on the very tip of your cock and he will lick it right off. Whatever food fantasy you have, chances are, you can make it happen with a delish fetish.
  5. Gender play. This is a fun one, both if you like to dress up as a woman and if you like to dress your partner up as a woman. This is also one of those sexual fetishes that straight people don’t get. “So you’re gay, but you are attracted to guys dressed as women?” It might be unexplainable, but then again so is sexual attraction if you think about it. Maybe if you try it, you might get a little turned on. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to find out if you look good as a woman, which can be pretty fun to find out. Maybe there’s a beautiful girl under your manly visage.

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There are a lot of fetishes in the gay fetish drawer, but these are certainly the most accessible. If you start to go further down the rabbit hole, you’ll start to discover some pretty extreme sexual fetishes that only get more and more extreme. Maybe we’ll save those for another article. In the meantime, see if any of the above five gay fetishes rock your world.

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The Gay Frat Reviews: Erotic Nipple Chain

The Gay Frat Reviews Erotic Nipple Chain

There is a general area on a man’s body that can do a lot of stimulation. And no, I am not talking about the penis, or anus, though they both do indeed incite a flurry of stimulation… I am talking about the nipples.

But there is a big issue that those with sensitive nipples face. No matter how much you enjoy teasing yourself, or getting your nipples… bitten, sucked, or pulled on… it requires a bit of work to jack off and pinch both nipples.

So what do you do?

Buy nipple clams of course!

Any nipple clams? Are they safe? Which clamp is right for me!

So there are a lot of nipple clams on the market nowadays, and for those that like a nice pinch on their nipples during the dirty act, rather than much of a tug, the nipple clamp I am about to tell you about is the one for you!

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The clamps on The Erotic Nipple Chain have been designed in a way that allows the upmost comfort for use. This will not loose it’s firm grip after a few minutes of use, and will not fall off under motion. Wear it while bottoming, topping, giving oral, receiving oral, getting fisted, jacking off… even while at work. The Erotic Nipple Chain is the nipple chain for just about anybody and everybody that finds themselves looking for a little nipple play in the moment.

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