The Gay Frat Reviews: All American Dildo

The Gay Frat Reviews All American Dildo

So a lot of people have been asking me about my personal favorite product that AdamandEve sells. This question is particularly tricky since I use such a vast array of products each week.

You could call me the sex toy queen. I use/have used more than you can probably imagine, so finding the right dick is an issue within itself, some vibrate, some don’t.

Personally, my philosophy on dildos is as follows: if my dildo can do more than a regular dick can, then it’s a good dildo.

Needless to say, I prefer the vibrating function; one a regular dick is simply without.

Unfortunately, choosing a dick that vibrates only narrows about half of the competition out. A lot of the dildo’s sold have a vibrating feature.

So my next criteria for finding a dildo would have to be curvature. I like a dick that curves, it holds a bit more excitement than a straight shooter, and often stimulate parts of me that a straight dick simply can’t reach.

So since I have yet to find a dick that curves any direction other than ‘up.’ I usually end up choosing ‘upward curving’ product.

So my personal favorite upward curving, vibrating cock would have to be the All American Whopper Dildo. At 6.5 inches, the size, curvature and veined texture feels like the real thing, but with vibration. It is the super dildo.

The dildo is not only great, but also very easy to clean. The wire to the control is waterproof, and the texture of the dildo is very soap friendly and allows for a very quick and easy clean.

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