10 Common Misconceptions About College Gays and Gay Sex

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Gay misconceptions are widely held, even among some gay people.

A lot of myths and falsehoods float around our society and color people’s judgement. If you’re a young gay guy who will be a freshman in college, or if you’re just interested in knowing some things about college gay life, please take time and read these common misconceptions.

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college gays, gay sex, college gay sex, sex misconceptions

  1. A gay man who hasn’t tried sex with a woman, can’t claim he is gay. The logic behind this boggles the mind. No one asks straight men to sleep with a man to prove he’s not gay. You are who you are.
  2. Gay men are effeminate, flamboyant and promiscuous. Gay men come in all shades of masculinity. From flirty, fun, flamers to butch, muscle studs. Like straight people, there are many ways to express your individuality.
  3. College gays will try and trick straight guys into having sex. I’m sure this has happened in a few instances. But, the vast majority of gay guys just want to get off with other guys. If a straight guy sends the wrong signals or they gay misreads. Be cool. Move on. Trust, most gay guys aren’t obsessing over your D.
  4. All gay men have anal sex. This gay misconception is a big one. Not all gay men have anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay men do not have anal sex. Opting for oral sex or even a classy handjob, is just as nice.
  5. Gay men are only looking for sex, not a relationship. Nope. Although a lot of young gay men are looking to play the field in college, there are some who are looking for a meaningful relationships.
  6. All gay men are sluts and have tons of sex. Gay sex is incredible. So, can’t judge a guy who has a bunch of it. However, not all gay men are promiscuous. Some are even prudes!
  7. Gay sex is dirty. Our puritanical society tries to keep this one going. The logic is that ALL sex is dirty to begin with, and gay sex (a taboo) is even dirtier. There’s nothing dirty or wrong about it. And if people base this argument on the assumption that anal sex is gross, they’re ignorant.
  8. Gay men are obsessed with sex. What college student isn’t? You will find a lot of gay men thinking about sex a lot. But, so does everyone else. Gays think no more or less about sex than the average person.
  9. Gay men love drama. Like most college students, gay men just want to have fun and earn their degrees. The stereotypical drama queen, gay guy isn’t all gay guys. Some gay men may have an affinity for the theatrical, but an equal number prefer things chill.
  10. All the gay guys on campus know one another. There is no secret Coven of gay men. They don’t all know one another. More activist gays are going to know way more gay people because of networking and organizing. But, your average run-of-the-mill gay will not be able to name the entire 10% of the student body who is queer.

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There you have it! The most common misconceptions of gay college men and gay sex.

Real talk though, if you generalize about any community you’re being reductive. The gay community on campus will be diverse, with varied views. All communities that are marginalized benefit from open conversation and discourse. Open your mind. Forget what you thought you knew and live it from a first-hand perspective. You’ll navigate gay campus life just fine.

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