Must Try Gay Sex Positions For Gay Men

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Hello boys! I’m here to discuss my favorite thing on earth, gay sex!

Straight sex is so boring and so vanilla. When it comes to sex, the gays do it best! Getting tired of being in the same old sex positions? Wanting some new ideas for ways to have more pleasurable sex? I’ve got the gay sex positions that will tie you in knots, my friends. From the classic ‘69’ to ‘Bumper Cars,’ I’ve got some positions you’ve probably heard of that are tried and true and some fresh ones that’ll be new to you. You and your booty will thank me.

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  1. 69 – Oh, 69. You lovely, lovely gay sex position. We’ve all heard of this classic. It involves you performing oral sex while receiving oral. For mutual satisfaction, you really can’t beat this position. But, there are a variety of variations on this position that you can perform to switch it up! The gold standard 69 involves you straddling your man’s face and you leaning down to blow him. Now, this can go a couple of different ways! You both can perform blow jobs on one another either by laying side by side or one on top of the other. You can ask him to give you a rim job while you suck him off or vise a versa. But, if you’re on a bed my all time favorite 69 sex position is the double rim job. You sit on his face and then pull his legs back exposing his beautiful bum to you. You can both eat each other out at the same time. And, once you try it, you’ll never 69 any other way. There is a reason the 69 has remained in the gay sex position cannon for so long. If you’ve never tried any of these variations, time to start!
  2. Bent Spoons – Okay, bent spoons is an awesome sex position for you to get your hole thoroughly filled. It is a weird name, but I promise you this gay sex position will be one of your go-to’s. For the purposes of explanation, let’s assume that you are the bottom. What you do is start out in Reverse Cowboy so that you’re on top, but facing away from your partner. Once he’s deep inside you, bend your knees up toward your chest and then place your feet on his thighs. That will be fun for a few thrusts, but the natural progression will lead to your partner grabbing your legs behind the knees and lifting you up a bit. This will allow him to drill you deeper and you’ll be really bouncy. You can kick your legs in the air and feel weightless as you’re being screwed. Also, if you’d like to get a good look at your partner, you can lean back into his chest and turn to give him a nice smooch. This gay sex position sounds weird, but trust me, it’s fabulous! I love this position.
  3. The Bully – This gay sex position requires some upper body strength and some stamina. The Bully is really great if you’re with a smaller guy that you can pick up. Let’s assume for explanation purposes you’re the top this time around. To get into this sex position, I recommend starting out on a couch or chair. Have your partner face away from you as you penetrate him. Make sure he stays on his knees and doesn’t collapse forward or anything like that. Give him a big bear hug around his chest, making sure your arms go under his. Then, like the name implies, you want to pick him up! Make sure you stay deep inside him as you stabilize your stance. Then, you just lift your partner up and let gravity do the rest. You’ll love the feeling of him sliding back down onto you. Not only will this hit your partner’s prostate like crazy, you’ll also get the added benefit of watching his penis flop up and down as you lift and lower him. In addition to all that bully fun, you’ll also get a heck of a work out in your core, your arms and your thighs! If you ever wondered what sex positions are great for your physique, this one’s a real exercise! This is a power top’s dream sex position so if you like to feel dominant, this position is just the one for you.
  4. Deep Impact – Okay, you’ve been having awesome gay sex. If you’re a top, you know that the highest compliment you can receive during sex is to make your partner orgasm without the use of his or your hands. When you see that hands-free orgasm, you know you’ve really done an excellent job. If you’re a bottom, you too know that the most awesome orgasms come from intense p-spot stimulation. If you want to provide the best prostate stimulation possible, here is the perfect gay sex position for it. Deep Impact kind of gives this sex position away, the description is in the name! This sex position allows for the deepest, most intense anal penetration and prostate pounding. Let’s assume that your a top again, just to make the explanation easier. You can do this on a couch or on a bed. If you’re on a bed, stand up off of the bed and position yourself close to it with your legs at shoulders length apart. Grab your partner’s legs and pull him to the edge of the bed. Make sure he is on his back and facing you. Now, lift him up by his thighs and press them back towards his face. His knees should be next to his ears, if you’ve got him folded up just right. Now, insert your penis into him at angle so that it hits his spot. Usually, this is achieved by pressing down at the base of your penis so that your penis isn’t poking him at a direct right angle. This position causes your partner’s bottom to spread letting you go really deep. You’ll both be pleased, but this sex position really benefits the bottom.
  5. Drumroll… I’ve saved the best for last, BUMPER CARS! Yes, bumper cars is my all time favorite sex position. I just love all that bouncing fun this sex position lets you have. Okay, so to achieve this position, you and your partner will both need to be laying face down and away from one another. Let’s assume you’re the top again, lay down on top of your partner with your hips on top of his. Like I said, face down and away from one another. If you’ve done this right, you should be looking at the back of his legs and feet and he should be seeing the same. Now, spread your man’s cheeks beneath you and insert yourself. Let the bumping begin! You’ll be giving him a lot of direct prostate stimulation as you bounce up and down. And, if your partner has a bubble butt, you can just bounce of that booty for days! This is a really fun sex position that is great to get things started as you won’t be penetrating as deep as other sex positions like deep impact or the bully.

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There you have my friends! The best gay sex positions I’ve ever tried.

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Please leave me some comments and let me know your thoughts and any favorites you might have! Happy humping!

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The Best Gay Sex Positions

The Best Gay Sex Positions

Many people think that we gays only have one sex position: hands on waist, doggy style. However, the truth is that we have many positions. Some of these positions are too hard to imagine for straight people, because they just can’t fathom the different ways our bodies can actually bend and move. While some positions are more pro than others – meaning you need to have been butt fucking for a long time – some are actually quite easy, fun and can make sex feel incredible. I wish I could list 100 gay sex positions, but I thought for the sake of your Internet attention span I’ll cut the list down to five.

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So, here they are, the best – or should I say my favorite – gay sex positions

  • The Crab. This is a unique position if the bottom really wants their prostate pounded good. In this position the bottom lies flat down his back and then the top – facing the bottom – lifts up the bottom’s leg and then inserts his cock. Basically, you want the bottom’s legs to look like two big crab legs on the attack. Perhaps saying anything about crabs is not a good reference, but that’s what it looks like. To make this position really feel amazing, the top has to hold up the bottom’s leg for a long time and the bottom has to be able to be comfortable with his leg in the air for a while – don’t worry you can switch legs once and a while.
  • The Bull. The bull is a pretty wild position because it’s going to take a lot of strength for both partners to pull it off. Also, this is one of the only positions where the bottom is on the top – if that makes any sense. Basically, you’ve got the top on the floor and the bottom sort of crouching into the top’s cock. The bottom is holding himself up with the strength of his arms while the top – who is lying down – is doing the thrusting. Basically, if you are trying to imagine this position on a straight couple – think of the cowgirl – I guess that was simple enough to say.
  • The Dog. I know this is the most classic anal sex position, but it is just so god darn good. This position is a little bit like the fast food of gay sex positions. It’s just so easy and quick. And anatomically it does make the most sense out of any other position. Plus, it feels good – both as a top and a bottom. I mean as a bottom you really get that good old prostate feeling you love and as a top it feels good to be on your knees with your cock inside of another man. It’s just magic.
  • The Mirror. This position is only to be tried by the toughest of sexual thrill seekers. It doesn’t hurt to be extremely flexible as well. This position is interesting, because the bottom is basically doing a crouch headstand of sorts while the top – standing up – does a pile drive with his cock into the bottom. Basically, whatever the top is doing is mirrored exactly by the bottom – hence the reason why they call it “the mirror.” This position is great for deep penetration – and I mean deep.
  • Missionary. This position is just so much fun to do when it comes to anal sex. For one, you get to be face to face with your partner. Secondly, you get to rub testicles together – I love being able to do that. Missionary is one of those positions most people don’t even think about when it comes to gay sex. They automatically think that this position is reserved for straight couples. I guess for most people it’s like seeing two lions have sex face to face – it’s weird because they’ve never even thought about it before. More than anything, though, this is a great position if you want to get intimate with your partner and express your love. With this position you get to do a lot of leg hugging and close kissing contact. I guess this is the perfect position for gay lovebirds.

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So there you have, all the best sex positions. There are, of course, hundreds more – maybe even thousands. There is even a Kama Sutra of gay sex positions. At the end of the day, however, it is important to find something that works for you and maybe that’s just good old fashion doggy style.

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