Why We Love Gay Sex (And You Should, Too!)

gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

We at The Gay Frat love gay sex. Gay sex is better than straight sex because we know how to get down and dirty. Unlike our straight counterparts, we are more likely to embrace kinky sex or engage in a fetish. This openness to new and exciting opportunities in the sack, makes gay sex less traditional and vanilla. Screw that! We don’t want that boring-ass stuff! Life’s too short to not make the most of the sex we have. The gays understand this and incorporate all sorts of fun stuff into their sexy time.

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gay sex, love gay sex, sex with gay

Here’s our top three reasons to love gay sex.

  1. Fetishes: Oh hey, feet! Oh hi, butt! Hi there, tickles! As far as gay fetishes go, there’s something for everyone. From enjoying multiple facials to engaging in some tickle torture, gay sex has always incorporated a variety of fetishes. When the straight people are blah! The gays are ah-ha! We don’t shy away from engaging in the fetishes that truly get us off. There are clubs, community groups and online forums exploring and fostering all of our deepest desires. Our most newly discovered fetish is wedgies. Yes, there are tons of gay men that love giving and getting wedgies. And, more power to them! Most gays aren’t going to discourage any of it. That’s just how we roll when it comes to gay sex.
  2. Kinky Sex: We love kinky gay sex! The more deviant the sex, the better. Although it’s not for everyone, it’s fun to explore how deep you want to go. Gay kinks can be as innocent as a slap on the ass while having sex or venture into some darker desires. BDSM, bondage, anonymous sex are all aspects of the gay sex experience and you can find safe ways to engage in all. Gay guys aren’t afraid to explore their wild side and let their freak flags fly. Leather bars, glory holes, as well as a myriad of apps to choose from, all allow you to explore the fringes of gay sex.
  3. Gay Sex Toys: We didn’t want to lump sex toys in with kinks or fetishes. They deserve a category all their own. Most of the sex toys marketed to straight people are based on gender. Meaning, this sex toy is for men OR this sex toy is for women. Because sex is between two men (usually), sex toys for gay men tend to be more fluid and allow for a completely different experience. We get the butt plugs, the prostate milkers, the anal beads, the cockring/anal plug duo! The gays are winning at gay sex toys. And, gay men are more likely than straight ones to purchase a sex toy. Open minds and bums, keep that gay sex game on point!

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We love gay sex! And, not just for functionality. We could have talked about how good men are at giving a blowjob or how great anal sex is. We could have gushed about how much better a hand job from another guy feels. Instead, we decided to focus a bit on the queerer aspects of gay sex. The acts and products that are operating a bit out of the mainstream. The “weirder” aspects of gay sex are what make it so lovely and so different. We at The Gay Frat get turned on by our kinky brothers, get wet for a fetish and thirst for gay sex toys.

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