The Sexy Spring Break: Tips To Make Your Break Bro-Tastic

‘Sup Pledges! It’s that time of year and you deserve a break. Got plans for this year’s spring break? You bet your balls you do! Whether you’re getting some sun in Cancun or maxin’ and relaxin’ at home, I’ve got some tips to make your break bro-tastic.

Hit and Run in Some Place Fun

Alright, there’s no better time to have a quickie in a new locale. Maybe you’ve found yourself in a dark parking lot, a bathroom stall, under a boardwalk, under a bridge, under the moon, under anything really. Be sure to bring a friend and make the most of the experience. You can’t beat having sex in a public place and being a bit voyeuristic. If you haven’t done it before, use this spring break to cross it off of your bucket list.

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spring break
Flag Swimsuit Brief

Bring a Friend

Let’s face it, friends with benefits are the best friends. Be sure to invite your favorite along for the vacation. Choose the right guy, you don’t want a needy-Nick all up in your business for a week. Establish the terms before the trip and make sure you’re on the same page. This way, if you don’t score a guy one night you’ll always have a fall back. It sounds cold, but I’m being real. You’ll want to have your cake and eat it too.

Grab Some Gear

If you’re going to go swimming, you’re most definitely going to need a hot, new swimsuit. Here’s my favorite – Flag Swimsuit Brief. America, the beautiful – amiright? Suit up and lure those boys your way. No one’s gonna be able to resist your cute little butt in a pair like this.

Perfect Your Playlist

Jammy-jams! Crank that noise. Whether you’re driving to the beach or taking it easy poolside, you’ll want to stock your phone with all of the best party anthems. Setting the tone for your day or night is easy. Popular dance hits and frat favorites are a must. Anything with a solid beat will do. The sexier the better! Get your bros going wild with the perfect playlist. Oh, and you if you have some time, go ahead and dance to them in front of the mirror. You’re going to want to look your best out there. Bring them boys to the yard!

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Safari Survival Kit, condom, condoms
Safari Survival Kit

Stock Essentials

So, you’re going to be catching a lot of dicks this spring break. Trust me! You’ll want to be prepared. That means packing a stockpile of condoms and lube. Here’s a great collection you can share with your bros – Safari Survival Kit. Always remember to play safe! Further, you’re gonna want to keep a little lube around. With all the partying and mischief you’re getting into you might not have time to make it to your bedroom. This is a smaller size bottle that will fit in your pocket – A&E Anal Lube 1 oz. Brilliant, I know.

There you have it my frat bros! Some tips and tricks to keep it #SexyAF this spring break. No need to leave your frat house or campus, you can exercise these tips anywhere! I hope you have all the fun this SB! Party safely my pledges!

Attention gay frats! Here’s something that would make your spring break even more bro-tastic.

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