Some Things You Need To Know About Gay Cruising

Gay cruising originated as a code word for looking for sex. In the old days, gay people had to use code words for everything, like gay sex was some kind of spy organization. Today, a cruising spot is essentially a place where guys go to hook up with men. Traditionally, the usual place for this was in a park or forest, like the famous ‘meat rack’ in Fire Island. When it comes to gay cruising spots, this place was a mecca – you could literally whip out your cock and have it sucked right then and there.

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Here are some things you need to know about gay cruising.

  1. The first thing you need to know is that gay cruising can be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with the spot. When it comes down to it, gay cruising must be done in a place that you feel familiar in. If you aren’t familiar with the location, you may want to get out of there. In this day and age, gay cruise spots must be well lit and safe.
  2. Also, you need to bring protection with you at all time. If you don’t have a condom – or five – with you, you may as well stay home. Gay cruising is all about the sex, so if you go there without a condom, you are basically risking your life and your wellbeing. It is not so hard to visit a liquor store and pick up some condoms on your way to a gay cruise spot.
  3. You can leave whenever you feel uncomfortable – just use your words. When you are at a gay cruise spot, you want to own it. What this means is that you need to feel comfortable. If you don’t, you may want to leave. If you are with a guy at a gay cruise spot and you get a weird vibe, it is perfectly okay to say that you want to leave and don’t feel comfort. To not make it awkward, you want to be polite and say that something came up.

    Smiling Gay Couple Lying on Bed Looking at Each Other
    Smiling gay couple lying on bed looking at each other
  4. Be comfortable and be yourself – you are there to explore your sexuality. When you are checking out different gay cruising spots, you want to be sure that you don’t pretend to be someone else. This is not the 50s – you don’t need to hide. If you feel insecure, you may want to figure out why and try to work it out. If the gay cruising thing is new to you, that may be the reason. Just remember: you are there to get some dick or to get dicked, so it will be fun if you let it be.
  5. Never take any substances that may make your judgment impaired. On top of everything, you also want to stay away from any substances that may impair your judgment. If you are someplace new and strange, you don’t want to have anything clouding your ability to make smart decisions. In the end, visiting a gay cruising spot is all about being clear headed.

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