Tips and Toys to Milk that Prostate: Pleasuring Your Prostate Through Prostate Massage

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Tips and Toys to Milk that Prostate: Pleasuring Your Prostate Through Prostate Massage

Hi my bros! This post is a tad bit technical, but I aim to inform you of the pleasures of prostate massage. Never heard of the prostate? That’s fine. If you understand the mechanics of anal sex (getting screwed) then you already have a heads-up, pardon the pun. The prostate is a gland that can be massaged with your hand or with a toy. There are two main types of massage: internal and external. In my opinion, the best way to pleasure your prostate is through anal penetration.

Proven ways on how to do prostate massage.

Anal Penetration: Getting Started

prostate massage, prostateThe key to anal play is relaxation. Take a warm shower and try to release the tension from your muscles. Get your cock hard and then rub the outside of your hole. You want to make sure you do not force anything. It may feel awkward at first, but slow and steady wins the race here. Only when you’re aroused and relax should you attempt to penetrate yourself. Lube is your friend here. It will help you easily slide your fingers or a toy in and out of yourself. A great water based lube I recommend is Colt Slick Lubricant 8.9 Oz. It is slick and does a great job. If you plan on playing in the shower, silicon based lube works best. Try Wet Platinum Lube 8.9 oz. Lube your hole and fingers up if it is your first time. And slowly press your middle finger into your anus. Once inside, curl your finger up towards your cock and balls. You’ll find a soft, sensitive spot that feels a little bit like a marshmallow. That’s your prostate! Feels good, right? Massage that baby as you jerk off and you’re on your way to on hell of a cum shot.

Next Steps: Toys

Toys! Toys! Toys! YASSSS! I love toy play especially when it comes to anal. Butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and more are sometimes better than getting plowed by your favorite friend-with-benefits. Being new to toys can be a bit freaky, but I am here to empower you. You can do it! Pleasure your bottom with this guy: Aneros Mgx Prostate Stimulator. This toy is both easy to use and extremely effective. You’ll have powerful long-lasting orgasms that will make your eyes roll. SWOON! I love this toy because it has a grip and is fairly soft. It’s less than four inches long so you won’t feel like you’re playing with a donkey dong. It’s so good at hitting that special spot, I don’t even need to use my hands to cum.

prostate toy, prostate massage

Next, I love this vibrating wand with a bulb tip: Adammale P-Spot Intensity. Lube that puppy up and crank on the vibrating action. It will take you to new p-spot heights as it tickles and buzzes. Whenever I use it, I feel like I’m on a foreign planet. It really takes me out of my day and helps me relax. It is waterproof. Let your imagination stew on that for a moment. It is a bit longer than the aneros, and is a great way to take your play deeper. It makes for an intense orgasm.

Friends, I am here to tell you about the wonders of the classic butt plug. There’s nothing else like it. You may have wondered why these toys are so incredibly popular. Whenever your hole stretches over the widest girth of the toy and then relaxes at the base under it. It feels like you climbed a mountain. Plugs are wider and more substantial than the previous toys listed, but man; let me tell you it is so worth it. There is a great set you can get with different sizes like the Booty Boot Camp Training Kit. You can train that booty with this ‘booty boot camp.’ You start small and go bigger with each toy. You’ll love the anticipation of going bigger and bigger. So hot!

Oh, classic dildo (takes moment of silence). You old pal. This was the first sex toy I ever owned: Beginner Ding Dong. It will rock your world. Pumping this baby in and out is an act every man should experience. It will give you deep penetration and you can slide it in and out more quickly than a plug (at first). Not many men are this luckily endowed and this toy will let you the experience the joys of a huge dick ramming your p-spot. There are other toys that feel more life-like than this one, 6″ Ultraskin Realistic. But, I’m a fan of the silicon. You see, I’m a bit of a speed demon when it comes to my anal play. The silicon is smooth and enters and exits at rapid speeds.

Finally, the crème de la crème (so many puns, #CantStopWontStop), the best of the best, the one and only: 3 Point Prostate Massager. This bad boy has it all and will take care of you inside and out. It specifically designed to get your p-spot from the inside and tickle your perineum (that sweet area between your balls and anus) from outside. It has different functions and vibration patterns that will surprise and delight. I cannot say enough good things about this toy. The silicon material is slick and the design is uber smart. It hits you in all your favorite, naughty places. I cum the hardest and longest with this toy. Get yourself this multi-tasking toy and let it take you to new p-spot milking heights!

Okay dudes, I hope I’ve given you some information and inspiration. I’ve framed this little article on solo masturbation, but don’t limit yourself to that. Play with a friend. Convert a bro to the wonders and pleasures of anal play. They’ll be sure to thank you! Happy milking! Oh snap, I almost forgot: Here is a coupon code that can get you 50% OFF almost any single item at Say what!? HALF OFF!? That’s right bro. And, if you spend $20 or more, you’ll get FREE Shipping on your entire order. What a fucking deal! That coupon code is 50FRAT at! Yeah boy!


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I’m Blake. I’m a member of Sigma Pi and study Industrial Design at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. I like my boys, booze, and bros. I’m openly gay and my brothers are all cool with it I still play with toys… Sex toys that is. I love trying new ones and experiencing all-the-feels. I’m fluent in brocabulary and look forward to schooling you on it. Take a sip of this brotien shake!
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