Various Types Of Gay Guys You’ll Meet On The Scene

When you are out in the wild (that’s gay talk for when you are out clubbing and cruising for dudes) you are going to meet and see a lot of different types of gay guys. Sometimes, going out on a Thursday (that’s every gay man’s secret party night) and Friday night can feel a little bit like stepping out on to the Yellow Brick Road. Except this road isn’t yellow, it’s rainbow – and instead of lions and tigers and bears, it’s twinks, wolfs and bears…oh my! Why is it important to know what types of gay men are out there? – Mainly because you want to know what you are working with when you are horny and looking for some dick.

Here are the various types of gay guys you will meet on the scene.

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Wolves. When it comes to all the types of gay people out there, wolves are often the sexiest and most sexual. What is a wolf? A wolf is sort of like a bear, except not as big and intimidating. They always have some chest hair and a little facial hair and they are usually ripped. Not like Hulk ripped, but toned and strong and hot. Be careful with wolves, because when they are hungry – you may just get your head bitten off.

Bears. Out of all the gay guys out there, you’ll see a lot of bears on a Friday night – they are usually fishing for hot young guys to hook up with. A bear is physically intimidating, but when you get them in bed, they are serious cuddle bunnies. Plus, they will be able to ensconce your entire body with their bear bodies. When it comes down to it, bears can be hot and they can be confident, but you shouldn’t be looking for a relationship with a bear – they aren’t looking either.

Cubs. Cubs are somewhere in between a wolf and a bear. Out of all the types of gay men that you will meet in the wild, cubs tend to be the cutest. They usually have some form of facial hair and they have a lot of body hair. Plus, they aren’t that fat or toned – they really are cute little cubs. Cubs are also really fun to cuddle with, especially on a Saturday morning after a hot one-night stand.

Chub. Out of all the gay guys out there, chubs often have it the hardest. Plus, you aren’t likely to see a chub out in the wild – mostly because they are too self-conscious about their weight. Although there are a few brave and beautiful chubs that will come out and they can be really fun to party with – you have to have a taste for excess to look like that. Plus, there is a whole community of guys that are really into chubs – they people are, of course, called chub chasers or chubby chasers. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s someone’s cup of tea, so don’t hate!

Twunks. A twunk is sort of like a twink – they could almost be the same category – but a twunk is a guy who is youngish, slightly toned, but totally hairless. These guys can be hot, because their soft bodies are so supple and delicious. Probably the most famous twunk out there is Justin Bieber – although he ebbs and flows between a twunk and a twink. If you meet a gay guy who is a twunk and he is in to you, you are in luck, because twunks are amazing in bed – they really know how to move.

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As you can see, there are a lot of gay guys on the scene. If you are out in the wild, it can help to know what all the different types of gay guys are…

As a connoisseur of the erotic and nightlife and fun, I found that knowing how to spot the differences between gay guys can really help. Not only can it give you something to expect, but also it makes it easier to know what to say. The next time you go out, be sure to keep your eye open, because there is a good chance that you’ll run into one or more of the above types of gay guys.

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