[Video] Chris Conrad On Buying The Best Personal Lubricant

If there’s one thing you don’t wanna hear from a guy, is by the pillow and coming in dry. Hey there! I’m Chris Conrad and the folks from Adam Male sent me free products to review and I have here the A & E Personal Lubricant that you might wanna try.

Oil based lubricants can stain fabrics and sheets and will be really tough to get out. Also, it can degrade latex and potentially ruin your sex toys overtime and at the same time, it cannot be used on latex condoms for obvious reasons.

Water based lubricants such as the A & E Personal Lubricant will help keep your toys intact and it’s generally easy to wash.

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If you’re browsing or grabbing some toys at AdamMale.com, do yourself a favor by grabbing some water based lubricant such as the A & E Personal Lubricant. This lubricant will make your playtime wet, easy and more satisfying.

If you want to know more about the A & E Personal Lubricant, check out my video below, like, comment and subscribe too.

Grab your favorite gay products now at AdamMale.com including the A & E Personal Lubricant for up to 50% OFF on almost any single item plus, if you spend $20 or more, you will get Free Discreet Shipping on your entire order! How, just simply put in the offer code GAYFRAT at checkout.

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