[Video] Chris Conrad On The Best Selling Anal Plug Kit: Colt Anal Trainer Kit

Hello everyone my name is Chris Conrad and I want to talk about something that make me blush…and that is SEX TOYS! I’ve got lots of interesting reviews for you guys, for now I’m gonna share to you one of the greatest anal plug kit that Adam Male sent to me. The Colt Anal Trainer Kit.

If you hadn’t tried anal sex before, you know that you have to work out for it or else its gonna hurt.
Hence, the Colt Anal Trainer Kit was made to help you prepare for your anal play adventures. It comes with different sizes so you can work your way out. Made of soft and solid rubber, this butt plug, anal plug, or whatever you wish to call it is very easy to use.

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Check out my video below to find out what more can the Colt Anal Trainer Kit do for you!

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