When Two Guys Ask You To Blow Them At The Same Time

Getting blown by one guy can be hot as hell, especially if he has the bod to match – just watching that perfectly sculpted, chiseled jaw get to work is enough to make me explode just writing this. However, getting blown by two guys can be one of the most enlightening. Imagine that – two hot Middle Eastern dudes in the middle of the desert going down on you in the hot sand?

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My double blowjob story started off on a rather inconspicuous night…

First of all, I am always horny – always thinking about dick. It’s usually in the context of its entering some orifice of my body. One night I was getting a little bit too horny for my own pants. You ever have one of those nights? Where you just want to walk around with a giant erection hoping it will enter some kind of hole – any kind of hole? Anyways, I decide to go to my local hang out. I usually find a few cute guys there – usually looking for the same thing I’m looking for. That’s what’s so great about the gay lifestyle – if you are feeling a little randy you can easily head down to the local watering hole and find at least someone to sleep with.

However, on this particular night it was completely dead. I wasn’t getting any action at all. I was thinking of heading back to my place when I meet these two guys. Two ridiculously hot guys. One was a model and the other was his friend – who should have been a model as well. They weren’t otter-skinny models either, but totally macho, hairy chest kind of models. Both of these boys couldn’t have been younger than 30, because they didn’t have that unconfident boyish look that can be a turnoff after being on the gay dating circuit for a while. All of a sudden I am chatting up these boys. Low and behold, I actually think they think I’m kind of cute, so my confidence shoots through the roof.

That is when I decided to make the amazing decision to bring them both back to my house. I asked them if they would be interested and they both agreed that my idea was the best idea. So we all pack into a cab and head back to my house. They seemed a little nervous in the car, but that is when I got another confidence injection and put my arms around both of them – I didn’t sit in the middle of the back seat for no reason at all. I also started touching their necks, which is a little bit like an instant way to tame an overly nervous guy.

When we get back to the house, we all head straight for the bedroom. These boys got naked almost immediately. Their bodies were absolutely gorgeous – Adonis style bodies with a golden hue that only the finest tanning booth in all the land can give you. Also, they both had a little patch of light hair on their chests – my favorite. In this instance I didn’t know if we were all going to fuck each other and then fall into a sleeping pile together or what. I didn’t even know if that was what I wanted. Yet, what happened next was even better than what I expected. They both ripped off my pants and told me all they wanted to do was blow me until I shot my wad over both of them. Was this the luckiest day of my life? So I did just that – they blew me nine ways to Sunday and I shot my wad perfectly. I could see the little ropes of my juice tangled in their chest hair. After that we took a shower and then to bed. In the morning I made them both breakfast. After they left I never saw them again.

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