When Your Straight Friend Comes Out To You

Being gay is a funny thing. I guess that’s why they call it being “queer.” Not because homosexuality is wrong, but because gay guys are so fucking awkward and weird. After what happened last night I can barely trust that anyone is straight. I’m pretty sure that we men are so desperate for a connection and a hole to put our dicks in that we are willing to do almost anything – even if it takes sleeping with a best friend. Anyways, I had this friend – let’s call him Steve – and I’ve known him since my first year of college. He was the jock in the movie, sleeping with multiple women every week, plays sports and loves drinking beer while watching more sports. He is the typical guys guy – maybe even the ultimate guy.

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Over the years we became closer and closer, despite the fact that I am a raging homo and he is a straight male. At first I thought it was because he was using me to get women – like I was some kind of pet to attract the hottest women at the party or the club. At least I always thought this in college, because he did bang a lot of my closest friends – who happen to be girls. However over a few years we started to grow a close camaraderie.  Despite his manliness, for some reason I was the person he would cry to if he got into a fight with a girlfriend or lost his job. It was sort of like I was his confession booth – Steve would tell me everything and anything. He knew I wouldn’t tell a soul.

After college we ended up moving to the same city. He got a job in finance and I did my thing. We didn’t talk or spend as a much time with each other as we did before. Maybe it was because we grew apart or maybe he didn’t want to be so closely associated with a gay man. After all, in the macho world of finance, having a gay friend can be misconstrued. In college you can be friends with anyone you want. However, we still had dinner once and a while. He would introduce me to his girlfriends and I would introduce him to my boyfriend du jour. There were a few times when I would even go shopping with Steve’s lady friends. It was almost like I was bonding with Steve again, but by proxy.

That is when the unexpected happened. Steve looked straight into my eyes – just his gaze alone punched me in the gut with nervous butterflies – and told me: “I love you and I’ve loved you since the moment we met. I’ve never been so in love with anyone before and I need you.” It was a shocker, but it wasn’t entirely surprising. There were hints, like the time he massaged my back in the dorms or the time I was convinced that he was checking out my butt. Now I knew for certain. After he told me I started crying uncontrollably. But the reason why I was crying was a little different. I loved him too, but I wasn’t harboring such a burdensome secret. I also knew that things between Steve and I would never work out. He needed to spend multiple years exploring himself and coming out of the closet – that is a long process that you can’t do in your first relationship with a man. Coming out of the closet is like discovering Atlantis – you visit the whole lost city before you move on.

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After Steve told me his dark secret, I held him in my arms. We then took a bath together – naked. It felt good to hold his naked trembling body in my arms. I’ve never seen him so vulnerable, but now his shell was gone – perhaps forever. That night we made love – all night long. It was a beautiful experience, because I felt multiple years of repressed passion in every single one of his thrusts. Afterwards we lay there naked for hours. I told him how much I love him, but that we couldn’t be together, because he needed to explore Atlantis. He was confused at first, but understood exactly what I meant. We spooned for a little while and in the morning he was gone. I haven’t spoken with him since.

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