Why Anal Sex Kits Rule

Anal sex can be one of those things you dread sometimes – not because it doesn’t feel good, but because your asshole can be so damn tight that the thought of having anything inserted inside it seems like trying to get a watermelon through a straw. Even the old ‘just the tip’ feels like torture. This is why I love anal sex kits so much – especially when I haven’t gotten any in a while and I need a little something extra to get my poop chute loose enough for a little sexual play time. Also, anal sex kits can be great for people who have never had anal sex, but to make sure their first time doesn’t hurt as much. A little pain can be fun, but too much can be not so much fun.

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Here is why anal sex kits rule…

You can think of many of these anal sex kits like training kits for anal sex. Like I mentioned before, they are like barbells or weights that come in different sizes so that you can not only make it more comfortable for you when you do have anal sex, but it also makes it easier for the guy, because he won’t have to struggle as much when getting his dick inside. Anyways, you’ve probably seen, or used, butt plugs before – this is what anal sex kits are, but the plugs come in different sizes so that you can start working your way up.

Most anal sex kits – besides all the extras – come with about three or four different plugs. First, you start off with the smallest one and then you work your way up to the biggest one. Doing this gradually is a little bit like coming down from antidepressants. However, with anal sex kits you aren’t constantly crying or having emotional breakdowns every time the barista at your local coffee shop puts whole milk in your latte as opposed to soymilk. Anyways, you get the point – the objective is to get your butthole more and more comfortable to the point where you can insert a large object into it without biting down on something. Because who knows when you are going to meet that guy with the monster dong at your local watering hole.

One of my favorite anal kits is called the Colt Anal Trainer Kit. The trainer kit is perfect because it comes with three perfectly sized anal sex toys – the smallest one is about four inches long with a one inch width, the second one is about four and a half inches long with a 1 and a half inch width, and the third one weighs in at about five and a half inches long with a two inch width. Basically, with the first one you’ll be ready for Brad and then by the time you’re done, you’ll be more than ready for Tyrone, if you know what I mean.

Why Anal Sex Kits Rule

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Lastly, anal sex toy kits are amazing fun. More than that, anal sex toy kits rule because they feel good. Guys, listen, you have a little magic organ in your butthole that when pressed, touched, stimulated or rammed up against will make you cum – why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Sex toy kits also rule because it can be nice to get some real bang for your buck, instead of the other way around. If I’m buying an erotic toy I like to know that I’m getting a good deal and that I’ll be satisfied. With an anal kit I always am.

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