Why Extra Large Dildos Rule

Dongs, dongs, dongs – the bigger they are, the better off you’ll be. However, sometimes it can be hard to find a man with an extra large member. A member that will make you drop your jaw – or unhinge your jaw – and say wow. This is why they make extra large dildos and this is why extra large dildos rule. If you haven’t been rammed in the asshole with anything larger than nine inches, you haven’t lived. The largest cock in the world is 13 inches – hard. Perhaps the world hasn’t been blessed yet with a mold of that guy’s cock yet, but it doesn’t matter – there are a lot of other extra large dildos to choose from. Dildos with the power to give you one of those orgasms that make you believe in a higher being.

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Here are a few nine-inch dildos that will rock your world. Warning: these dildos are not for the faint of heart or inexperienced…

The Great American Challenge – This ginormous cock is both the perfect length and perfect width for some promising anal destruction. This giant cock is a challenge indeed – but a worthwhile one. Sure, you could say that this is a giant, purple 12-inch cock that will give you one mind melting orgasm after the other, but it is so much more. Made out of a really unique jelly material, this gift is the perfect dildo for those power bottoms that need to be rocked in order to get off. It is also versatile: you can use it solo or you can use it with a partner in bed during foreplay. Just make sure, though, that you use plenty of lubrication, because this monster dong is wide and has twelve insertable inches – this is not a toy for anal newbies.

Incapacitator 9” Dong – With this monster dong, the title says it all – you will be incapacitated with pleasure. With over two and a half inches of width and a nine-inch shaft, this amazing silicone cock weighs a shocking 2 pounds. That is two pounds of incredible pleasure – ramming you in the asshole. Best of all, it is by far the most realistic of all the extra large dildos. Not only is this monster dong a nice fleshy color, but you’ve also got the massive bulging veins and a delicious pair of balls. Not only that, but you’ve got a nice suction cup so you can slap this baby down onto anything and get it on like donkey kong. However, it also makes a great foreplay tool as well – just be sure to use plenty of lube and kick up your bravery a few notches.

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Why does extra large dildos rule? Because they are an adventure, they are a challenge and they feel fucking amazing. If you feel like you are up for a challenge, try one of the above monster dongs. Not only can you enlighten your masturbatory experiences, but you can also open up your world during foreplay too. Yet, monster dongs aren’t for everyone – you need plenty of experience in this department and you need to be ready for paralyzing pleasure and orgasms that will take you off your feet.

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